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Katsuragi Yako | 桂木 弥子 ([personal profile] topslug) wrote in [community profile] capeandcowl2014-01-11 09:27 am

006: [video]

[ The video doesn't start focused on Yako; rather, it's trained on what appears to be a section of road that simply drops off, like a cliff's edge. Beyond it, stars and planets pinwheel lazily past. ]

Pretty amazing view, isn't it? The laws of physics obviously don't mean much here. I don't think I even recognize any of these...

[ She trails off, as something else comes into view, closer to the camera -- wait, do your eyes deceive you, or does that look like a city made of pastry? ... Yeah, that's exactly what it is. The camera jerks as Yako leans forward. ]

Hey, look at that! Do you think that's all edi--aaaahhHH!

[ Aaand the feed cuts off rather abruptly as Yako slips off the edge of the City's landmass. Welp. ]

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