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"In other news, we've received reports of a missing child - a young boy named Jacob Schofield. Jacob, along with his friends, were playing at the Spuyten Duyvil Shorefront Park when his mother Erin noticed that he wasn't among the other children; the following search proved fruitless, and authorities were notified. So far, there haven't been any leads; there've been no reports of him walking off with another adult, and search dogs haven't been able to pick up a scent.

"Jacob's mother, Erin Schofield, is begging anyone who's seen her son to say something."

[insert some footage of a teary woman pleading with those watching to help her search, how good a boy Jacob is/was, and Jacob, if you can hear her, she just wants to know that you're safe ectectect]

"Jacob's friends have also added their hopes that he's found safe and sound."

[more footage. this of a preteen boy, who's awkward on camera but clearly distraught. 'we were just playing tag, and we were all running, and then we couldn't find him...']

"Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact..."

((OOC; Related to this plot.))
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[The imPorts may start to notice at some time around midnight, a video is starting to go viral in the area of the City. Untitled and clearly shot unprofessionally, the grainy feed displays a dark figure sitting in a chair. For a minute, there's the sounds of shuffling and murmurs until a light clicks on. The camera becomes unsteady in someone's hands before it focuses on the figure in the chair again.

Outfitted in his Phantasm disguise, Sherlock slumps in the chair and the only thing that keeps him from falling are the ropes holding him in place. Though it isn't immediately obvious who he is, one clear thing is that he's injured quite badly. One of his eyes is swollen and purple, while blood trickles down his chin from his split lips. It's a struggle for him to stay conscious, though his captors aren't letting him pass out, either.

A paper is shoved under his face from off camera, someone instructing him to read, but a defiant red grin slowly spreads across his face. Without a word, he spits a bloody gob onto it with a wet smack. The reaction is loud and immediate, shouting followed by the camera dropping to a concrete floor and the sounds of fists against flesh. It cuts there abruptly, but the feed returns with several costumed people standing around the now toppled chair that pinned a heavily breathing Sherlock to the ground.]

Cityzens, this is your ever loyal Phantasm, and tonight, we reveal a traitor in our midst. [The man speaks calmly, clearly the leader of the small group of men and women alike.]

You may have heard whispers about the Red Death, and the danger their powers pose to ordinary people like us. We've done you all a favor and caught one, hiding right under your noses and you didn't even realize. Sneaking through the shadows and trying to bring down all of our hard work to stop the madness in this town. The gall of that-- to take advantage of all of you in our colors. [He steps closer to the camera, a disingenuously imploring look on his face.]

Today, we're giving the power back to you, Cityzens. Rest assured that this fake will be punished. By the end of the week, we'll carry out whatever fate you decide for him. We're just proud to clean our streets of trash like this.

[The feed cuts a final time, leaving only a standby message with polling instructions for viewers. Every few hours, the feed returns, without sound, only showing Sherlock being rather unsuccessfully interrogated only to be beaten down again.]

((MINI PHANTASM PLOT IS GO. I'll the log for Sherlock's rescue up this weekend, but for now, everyone is free to discuss the ominous post, whether they recognize him or not!))
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We are Reckoning. We have seized the Norman Osborn Hospital for Psychiatric Evaluation. Every person still alive in the facility is either our hostage or soon will be. We have taken control of the security systems. All Import powers in the hospital are being neutralized. We have fortified the building.

There are many of us. We are heavily armed. We are willing to kill and die for our cause. Blood has already been shed. More will die if our demands are not met. More will die if there is any interference in our mission.

cut for manifesto )

Anyone who has ever assisted Jack Bauer in his illegal actions must surrender themselves to us at NOHoPE. You have 48 hours. If we have no prisoners by then, hostages will begin to be executed. If there is any attempt to storm the building, hostages will die.

That is all.

[ooc: since this is being posted from a communicator as well, it will be possible for characters to respond and talk to Reckoning here.]
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[Blond junior news anchor Carl Morton is behind the desk tonight, his composure visibly wavering a bit after the sudden bombshell that just got dropped on the international community.]

Dramatic new developments in the controversy surrounding the ImBargo Act today, as we have confirmed reports that an official in the English government has been revealed as a Skrull agent- an alien shapeshifter that impersonates other people. Craig Williamson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, was attending a diplomatic meeting this weekend with ImPorts associated with the Department of Integration.

cut for length: tl;dr dead Skrull mission accomplished )

The revelation that a Skrull has apparently been backing the ImBargo for an unknown amount of time raises new questions about whether other Skrulls may be present in governments around the world, and just what link there is between them, the ImBargo Act, and Vulcanus. England has previously been criticized by other governments for its continued membership in the ImBargo, and is likely to come under fresh pressure in the wake of this scandal.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

[ooc: Feel free to have your character react and discuss with others in the comments, if applicable!]


Jan. 1st, 2013 01:57 pm
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[ this clip has been showing up on the internet and featured on the news. it's the same clip every time. it starts at a distance at first, lost in a crowd of people-- black bandanas, black flags all marked with the arabic word "kusoof", and the mismatched gear of an army in a struggling country-- before it zooms towards a figure at the head of the crowd.ooc cut for length. )

it looks like she has a message. ]

My name is Jennifer Quantum. I'm a lot of fucking things, and I've done a lot of fucking things-- but the things that'll matter to most of the assholes out there is first, I'm an ImPort, and second, Southwest Phoenicia is now mine. Its people, its resources, and its military belong to me.

If that fucking scares you, it should. You thought it was bad when ImPorts were playing heroes and villains in a single fucking city? You don't know the half of what we're capable of. And you have my official fucking invitation to come and find out. Join me, and you can see what good powers like mine can do.

Hunt me, and I will crush you.

[ with that, she gestures and the feed cuts. ]

(OOC: Plot reference post here! Also, replies will be sporadic since it's a news post, but for interaction's sake, Jenny will probably reply to people she knows or messages encrypted/privated to her most consistently.)
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[The program resumes from a commercial break by flashing an animated logo of the broadcast network. At a standard newsdesk are three very attractive new anchors. They seem concerned in that very purposeful, television news anchor sort of way. Their brows are all perfectly furrowed, and one of them is shuffling papers in an effort to appear busy, or as though she's carefully studying some report. The camera focuses on one, in particular, a blond man in his mid-thirties.]

If you're just joining us, we've been discussing the closure of several blocks in Midtown. The cause of the conflict is, at this time, unknown. However, since around two in the morning, there have been reports of what witnesses have described as human-sized robots blocking people from entering or leaving the area. No terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the incident thus far.

[The camera zooms out, and an animated chart appears in the left corner, highlighting the blocks effected. From off camera, a woman's voice is heard. She's presumably the lady who was ruffling through papers earlier.]

If you'll pardon the interruption, Bart, more concerning I think is the actual geographical location of the lockdown, as some law enforcement officials are calling it. The center of the effected area seems to be the UN Building, and, as we know, there were some questions about how business day resolved itself for them yesterday.

Thank you, Dianne, that's a valid point, but at present, there's no way to determine if this is an actual attack on the UN, or of it's merely a coincidence. Again, there has been no group officially claiming responsibility for the incident, and the City PD has thus far declined comment is well. All they will officially state is that officers are "working on it", and attempted to maintain control of the area around the lockdown.

[Again, the camera switches angles, showing the newsdesk and it's three anchors again. The next speaker is a man in a blue suit. He has the same calculated concern as the other two.]

Well, Bart, I think it's a little naive to even suggest that the UN building being scooped up by this is a mere coincidence. Further, we've been dancing over the issue of import involvement all night. The fact is that we live in a city of unknown superpowered entities and people of extreme intelligence, not to mention the technology that they can bring with them from their respective worlds. Rather than expecting a statement from terrorists, I think we ought to be looking more locally.

Well said, Tom.

On a more practical level, the MTA has suspended service on the 7 train in Manhattan until such time as a resolution can be reached. If you have to venture into midtown at all, it's recommended that you avoid anything east of Lexington.

And if you have any theories on this mysterious incident, please contact us via twitter @ NY1, or by commenting on our blog. We'd love to hear from you.

[And with that, the camera zooms out and they go to another commercial break.]
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[On screen- the aftermath of a destroyed block. Several shots of destroyed cars, shattered glass, and a convenient store that has been burnt to the ground. All in all a disaster zone, that looks like a tornado hit. It's taped off from the public. A reporter voices over these images.]

This was the scene from last Thursday, the 6th. What you don't see are the eighteen injured and one local small business owner in critical condition. Witnesses give several colorful descriptions regarding the incident. Most, involving a large, red monster with wings. Major concerns include the reconstruction of this block faced with disaster, and finding the cause of it all. Security footage from the burnt convenience store is unsalvageable.

An investigation is underway, though information is sparse.

[Video feed cuts to the reporter speaking, standing in front of the D.O.I. building]

The mayhem happening so close, we have assistant director of the D.O.I, Robert Flint here for a little insight on the situation. Mr. Flint, what do you take on this recent destruction?

[The camera pans to include, sure enough, Callie's assistant]

Erratic and destructive behaviors seemed to have erupted in various points of the City. Some were contained, others as you can see- were not. Of those injured, Miss Callie Maggotbone was among them. While I would find it insensitive to bother her now with details of these events, she had instructed me to personally speak to the others injured and to send an in-depth report to the authorities. Until we can focus on the cause, talks of reconstruction and retribution will have to be on hold.

Rumors have it that this was caused by an Import influence. Thoughts?

Nothing has been verified. As tense relations are between Import and Natives, it can be speculated that this recent activity could have very well been caused by an Anti-Meta group. Our goal here at the D.O.I. is to ensure safety and equality. Immediately shifting blame to Imports is irresponsible.

Thank you, Mr. Flint. Any words you want to leave with our viewers back home?

Yes. While Miss Maggotbone is recuperating, I will handle any business on the D.O.I. front. We are here to support you, and to help our citizens feel safe. Do not hesitate to visit our offices.
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[ Max is standing outside Stark Tower -- no, not the Porter Stark Tower, the other Stark Tower -- as some reporters encircle him. He's smiling broadly, though he looks a little sleep-deprived. ]

Mr. Lord, as manager to the Avengers you must know that two members were caught visiting Argentina yesterday in direct violation of the ImBargo Act. How do you explain this?

It's an incredible misunderstanding. First of all, you have to understand the people you're accusing having a spotless history here of charity, philanthropy, and some of the best organized heroics you can find. These accusations of terrorism are founded on absolutely nothing more than baseless fear-mongering and more attempts to scapegoat the City and any Imports therein. With the greatest respect to President Agata Alvarez, what evidence do you have of this suspected terrorism?

Yes, but Mr. Lord, that doesn't--

--And with that in mind, of course, our very existence is controversial not just to this city, or our country, but the entire world. Just imagine that for a moment. All right: but in all seriousness. I'm not criticizing the law, and I'm not claiming we're above the law, but like I said, it's a misunderstanding. Why were two of the Avengers in Argentina? I'm a diplomat, I'm more than happy to exercise my immunity to travel to Argentina and explain myself that there was no harm meant. It might just be simpler to drop the issue. We'll see.

The fact of the matter is they were spotted--

--Furthermore, you have to understand something. They weren't there to steal information, or break the law; none of that. I'm sorry, but this isn't the 50s. Let's use our heads a little more. Do you think I have that little control over the group I manage? This wasn't a coup. I wanted to speak the press, personally, because the situation has been blown completely out of proportion. Some of it's my fault. I was going to travel to Brazil myself to discuss their stance on this new law, and how the City and myself can help assuage their concerns. A very neutral, diplomatic conversation. I got sick at the last moment and asked if they would go in my stead as representatives, and, well, regretfully a mistake was made. I emphasized urgency and they overshot, which is a mistake that will not be repeated. Part of why I volunteered to manage the Avengers was to organize them more cohesively as a group, and under my direction I can guarantee there will be no further power mishaps. Under my direction, I want the world to take note how the Avengers are symbols of hope and charity and control, not reckless endangerment. Here to help, and that extends to anyone that needs it, and whose borders are open to us. Some of you might be thinking we're a time bomb set to explode, but if we wanted to invade Argentina we have enough manpower not to need subtlety to do it. You can see this is about peace, not power.

[ Max goes quiet for a minute, then looks at the cameras. ]

Still, to the people of Argentina, we apologize sincerely. No one is happy about this mishap, but I hope you can accept this was not a hostile act. Now that the fear has died down, I hope you can look at this situation with logic and understanding and see that--

[ He frowns a little, then speaks faster. ]

--It's something we can all put behind us.

[ He pulls a handkerchief from his pocket to put to his face. Any blood from his face is not visible on the cameras, caught it in time. The reporter he was talking to looks mildly out of sorts, but comes out of his daze after Max re-pockets his handkerchief. ]

Thank you. No further questions, please.

Oh... uh... thank you for your time, Mr. Lord. We... this has been Maxwell Lord, on behalf of the Avengers. Once again, we can only wait and hope that any government response will not regard this "mishap" as an act of terrorism in its own right. We'll be right back with the weather forecast.

( Responses are ICly delayed a couple of hours. For reference: Brazil will corroborate Max's statements if asked, but Argentina accepting his apology is a whole separate matter. :| )
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[The feed cuts in mid-broadcast with dashing news anchor Bart Clinton reporting live from outside the Avengers Mansion.]

-- Argentine press has reported that two imPorts were caught on surveillance quote "mounting a hostile invasion into Argentine territory". The imPorts in question were identified as Barbara Morse and Pietro Maximoff, both known widely as members of the imPort superhero team The Avengers, Mockingbird and Quicksilver. Argentine officials claim that the pair were picked up by surveillance cameras outside of La Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires.

Earlier this evening, I was able to speak to Dr. Morse and Mr. Maximoff regarding these allegations.

[Roll footage of Pietro and Bobbi outside the Mansion from earlier this evening. It would appear that the pair were attempting to enter through the front gate when the reporter and cameraman catch up to them.]

Dr. Morse! Mr. Maximoff! What do you have to say about the allegations that you were in Argentina this morning?

[Bobbi looks surprisingly unfazed by this, giving the camera a brief but charming smile. Pietro looks annoyed as ever.]

Oh, that. . . See, what had happened was, my buddy and I decided to take a little trip down to Rio, to take in the sights and sounds and flavors and whatnot, and he overshot the landing just a smidge. Totally unintentional, and you can imagine our shock when we came to a full stop and realized the people around us were speaking Spanish, not Portuguese. [She gives an airy laugh.] Our bad! No harm meant!

And what of the allegations that you and Mr. Maximoff were engaged in acts of espionage during your accidental trip into Argentine territory?

That is just utter nonsense! All I wanted was authentic Bobó de camarão! This was an honest mistake, a navigational error and nothing more.

You do realize that this is a violation of the ImBargo Act, a law prohibiting imPorts from entering Argentina's borders.

Our lawyer would probably advise us not to answer that, hon.

[Bart thrusts the microphone into Pietro's scowling face.]

And your response to President Agata Alvarez's earlier statements regarding your links to terrorist organizations in your world? She's implied that you, sir, are a threat to Argentina's national security!

The idea that I have any interest in performing acts of terrorism against Argentina, of all places, are as ridiculous as they are ludacris. I have worked for the entirety of my adult life to rid myself of that-- [Bobbi cuts him off from what is guaranteed to be a long and impassioned speech.]

I really have apologize for him, Bart. Pietro's English is not so good. Hahaha.

[Pietro raises a hand to his temple, feigning a headache.]

Oh, Bobbi Morse, do shut up.

[The scene ends before Pietro's entire sentence can be uttered, and it's back to the live scene of Bart Clinton again.]

As you saw, Morse and Maximoff claim this was simply a case of accidental tourism. Argentina claims otherwise. A formal response from the government is expected later this week. This has been Bart Clinton, reporting live from the Avengers Mansion.

[ooc: Blue is Bobbi, green is Pietro.]
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[It's TV host/comedian Stuart Johnson sitting at his desk, blathering on to his loyal audience, as usual. Let us watch with great interest!]

Stuart Johnson: My guest tonight: Dr. Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, has a new paper out on the benefits of using Skrull DNA in medical procedures! With her business partner, Dr. Victor von Doom, she hopes to revolutionize the treatment of burn victims and those who have suffered severe disfigurement. Which seems legit since she's working with Dr. Doom. I'm not saying it looks like burnt hamburger under that mask, I just... Don't see why you would wear a proverbial bag over your face if it wasn't really that bad. On an entirely unrelated note, I'd like to make it clear that I mean no disrespect to the great nation of Latveria and in fact have enormous respect for its accomplishments in the sciences, despite its questionable... Shall we say, fictional status. Steven Flaubert's the one with the Captain America shield, not me. Anyway, please welcome to the program, Dr. Susan Storm!

Interview under cut! )
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[The news is busy lately- the ImBargo Act, the controversy surrounding it, and apparently one of the countries sponsoring the Act has one of its islands aflame. The program intersperses cuts between the anchor and snippets of a Dolvanian press conference with the statement being given.]

Late Wednesday night strange images appeared on satellite of what looked like an enormous explosion on the Dolvanian island of Iron Crown. Now the Dolvanian government has released a statement condemning 'foreign acts of terrorist aggression' against their government and people and promised what they call ‘an unrelenting response’ against those responsible.

Cut for length )

We will bring you more on this story as details emerge. Meanwhile, Dolvania continues to be a firm supporter of the ImBargo Act, despite condemnation from the ImPort Mayor of the City...
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[For those of you just tuning in, Bart Clinton sits at a very important looking desk appearing very grim.]

-- the ImBargo Act was ratified just eighteen hours ago.

Prime Minister Cameron Davidson representing England, Queen Vera Sokoll of Dolvania, Chancellor Sofie Bohm of Germany and President Agata Alvarez of Argentina have uniformly passed and enacted the legislation, which bans all identified imPorts from their respective country's borders. The international technological research and development venture company Vulcanus has pledged groundbreaking detection devices called "corporal signature scans" to detect and identify any physical presence of imPorts in violation of the ImBargo Act. We don't yet understand the extent of the scanners, but Vulcanus has recently released a mission statement that seeks to cover the entirety of the involved countries. Channel Four will continue coverage after... This...

On to you, Blitz.

This is really long. )
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[Good morning, City! Welcome to another episode of the Early Show! Settle in, grab your coffee and prepare to tune most of the fluff pieces out. There's nothing super remarkable about this particular broadcast, but people paying attention might notice this tacked onto the business section.]

And lastly, we're joined by Tom Tucker of the City's weekly news with a special report on Import businesses. In particular, the formation of a new venture and the potential it has to help the community in the wake of its recent tragedy... Tom? )
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[Hey look it's one of those sad, 3am news shows. The anchor is looking very tired and seems to be very unimpressed by this story.]

And lastly tonight; it's being hailed as the next leap forward in the field of prosthetics, and it comes from a rather unlikely source.

[The news report begins in earnest, with a perkier looking reporter in a lab beside what appears to be a very lifelike mannequin.]
Some are calling it a miracle of modern biotech. Others are calling this new synthetic skin an immoral abomination. But either way, this new technology has set the medical world and the blogosphere abuzz. )
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[ It’s a newsfeed! That one handsome anchor is raising all of the eyebrows, seriously. ]

-- Reports state that there was a break in, or rather, a break out at Central Park early this morning as several animals escaped. These animals reportedly include penguins, a snow leopard, and a polar bear, among other escapees. Witnesses report that a cloaked man at the scene, though he has yet to be identified. Whether or not the supposed perpetrator is an imPort is unknown, but suspected given the unnatural behaviour of the animals.

Citizens are advised that while these animals have not been witnessed outside Central Park, all attempts to recapture them have failed. There have been multiple injuries. The zoo has stressed that these animals are highly dangerous and any sightings should be reported immediately --

(( SEE ALSO ))
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--Witnesses to the incident claim the victim suddenly seized up and froze, almost like a statue, before she just fell over in the middle of the street. The woman seems to be otherwise unharmed, but paramedics have been unsuccessful in waking her or moving her in any way out of the position she had been in at the time of the incident.

So far, there seems to be no explanation for what looks to be nothing more than a bewildering accident, as none of the witnesses claim to have seen any sort of strange activity in the vicinity at the time.

I've been told that authorities have identified the woman and they've contacted her immediate family members--
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[whichever is your favorite late-night newscast, that's where you hear the story first]

...could not be reached for comment.

We have some breaking news to report. There has been some kind of explosion at a high-rise apartment building in Brooklyn. Witnesses report that approximately one hour ago, at the Garden Heights apartments, there was an explosion on the tenth floor. So far, no flames or fire has been reported, but it seems that a corner of the tenth floor has been damaged. We've got a crew en route and will bring you pictures as we get them. If you have information or eyewitness video of the incident, our Hot News Contact Line is.....

[ooc: such is Alastair's reaction to Kiryu's departure. Damage is contained to only the 3-bedroom apartment they shared and portions of the hallway and roof; the Mancave and the 9th floor are fine (no damage to Pink's flat!). Anyone who recognizes "Garden Heights" as the proper name of Hell Towers is welcome to check up on Alastair, but he's not going to be responding to the comm at all. Or going to work for the next week :3 ]
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This just in - there appears to have been a break in at the Museum of Modern Art. Bart Clinton is at the scene.

[the feed cuts to dashingly handsome news anchor Bart Clinton!! playing backdrop is the entrance to MOMA, swarmed with police doing various law enforcement type things. Bart looks suitably grim for the occasion.]

Thank you, Sandra. [a beat.] In a normal city, a museum would be considered a less than hectic place to spend your evening. Our city isn't like most, but the Museum of Modern Art has managed to stand tall through riots, plagues, bombings, and all manner of threats.

[he starts walking, showcasing more activity and even more going on inside the building itself.]

But early Monday morning a daring robbery was carried out, leaving at least one museum personnel with minor injuries and one notable missing piece: The Persistence of Memory, a work by Salvador Dali.

[a picture of the piece flashes briefly on screen.]

The police, amid scandal of their own, are currently reporting no suspects - time will only tell if the thief is apprehended, and the museum restored to its former glory.

[annnnd it cuts to interviews with the head of security and the aforementioned guard, with an ice pack on the back of his head.]
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[Carl Morton is on the evening newsdesk tonight! He looks visibly pleased with this opportunity to move up in the media world.]

...with no arrests in the restaurant massacre so far.

This just in, the City Police Department has released a statement confirming that Import Captain Jack Bauer- now former Captain Jack Bauer- has officially been fired and taken into custody. Mister Bauer has been under investigation for the past two weeks due to charges of police misconduct during a raid. The investigation was ordered by City Hall, and in a controversial move was recently put under the authority of reformed criminal turned lawyer Harvey Dent.

[A file photo of Jack glaring at the camera appears next to Carl's head, along with one of Harvey Dent looking good with his latex half-mask.]

More allegations against Mister Bauer have come to light since the scandal broke. The charges against him now range from evidence tampering and excessive force to illegal surveillance and launching a private war outside of the country. The Department's statement publicly denounces Bauer's methods and describes him as a, quote, 'disgrace to the force and his uniform,' end quote, and promises to re-examine all cases he worked on while an officer. During his two-year career with the force, Bauer led or participated in a wide range of hostage rescues, bomb disposals, and responses to other high-risk crisis. According to the statement, he will be held at the so-called 'Superjail' for superhuman prisoners until his trial.

The investigation remains ongoing and also involves charges of police corruption, bribery and terrorism revolving around Detective James Stiles. Stiles remains in the hospital due to a gunshot wound sustained during a raid commanded by Jack Bauer. The scandal has come at a time when many are questioning the role and actions of Imports like Mister Bauer, and their effect on the City. It remains to be seen what effect these revelations will have on criticism of Imports.

[The file photos disappear as Carl wraps up the report and prepares to move on to the next horror of the week.]

Anyone with further information pertaining to this investigation is urged to share it with the authorities.
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[It is the perennially handsome news anchor Bart Clinton reporting tonight. He flashes a perfect bright smile before becoming appropriately serious for the material.]

Tragedy struck a restaurant today when three men were brutally murdered in cold blood. Two employees and a customer were killed during lunchtime in what some locals are calling "a gory massacre".

[He pauses, letting the words sink in.]

While the motive behind the murders is unclear, one terrified witness described the scene as something out of a movie and that the killers went from eating their lunch in one moment to stabbing their waiter in the next, but not before one of the killers plucked out his eye.

[Another rehearsed pause.]

The two suspects are described as white males between the ages of 20-40, one in a three piece suit, the other in a jacket and a fedora hat. The suspect in the fedora allegedly used a sai to kill a customer. Anyone with information regarding the murders and suspects is urged to contact the police.

[ooc: in reference to this!]
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[The Making An imPact site has the usual coverage of the City PD mess -- but a little piece from Roxanne Ritchi, cross-posted to the network, eventually appears with remarkably little hub-bub on Tuesday morning; except when it's swiftly linked to and cross posted about a billion other places.]

[Jack Bauer is hot news.]

[And none of it is good news.]

Don Henley Dirty Laundry Lyrics go here. )
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[Although sporting identically-dashing blond hair, the morning news anchor Carl Morton is somewhat younger, less experienced, and more dramatic than the usual Bart Clinton. It shows in his reporting.]

Still more bloodshed erupted in the City last night, when a police raid turned into a deadly shootout. Details are still emerging regarding Friday’s events, but it seems that a plot to destroy City Police Headquarters was only barely averted during a violent firefight.

[The screen shows shaky camera footage of a one-storey building. The sign identifies it as ‘Laughin’ Larry’s ‘Lectronics.]

Cut for length and nasty details )

[ooc: This plot]
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Shocking new details have emerged on a string of murders that authorities are calling vengeance killings, likely perpetrated by an import. More from Maria.

Thank you, James. Some might say that the month of March has been relatively quiet for the citizens of the City, especially on the heels of the import-committed atrocities late last month in Times Square. However, in the city that never sleeps, crime never sleeps either, a fact that is only amplified in the face of our off-world visitors.

Three murders. Three murderers. A fourth murderer who takes gruesome, creative revenge against them literally minutes after their crimes. Tonight we believe there has been a fourth instance of these vengeance killings, this time with illuminating video evidence.

gruesome murders )
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[As reported by the dashingly handsome young anchor Bart Clinton!]

Multiple homicides occurred earlier tonight in an undisclosed warehouse in the Bronx. At least six are dead after gunshots alerted locals. Police arrived on scene to discover the aftermath of what several witnesses have called "a slaughter without rhyme or reason". We can't show you any footage, but one witness, who wished to remain anonymous, described it as "something out of a horror movie".

Alleged mob boss Roman Sionis, alias Black Mask, has been identified among the dead, despite the brutalized state of his body.

There are currently no suspects.

[ooc: Black Mask is now dead thanks, Midnighter.]
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[Cameras come to focus on the square-- 'Nill' fallen, as bait, and a load of imports falling for the trap. Whoops.]

[A voice, hushed and recognizable as Roxanne Ritchi, imPort on-site correspondant and probably nuts to be even anywhere near this place because hello Skrull battle.]

The last two days have seen some of the most pitched fight, emotional reactions. imPort against imPort, brawls at City Hall, and divide and conquer techniques applied to the local imPort population now come to this final act of violence.

Last night, the 6 Train was sabotaged and detonated in an act of Skrull terrorism, while earlier this morning the Museum of Modern Art was the site of another vicious attack. Now, sparked by an apparant traitor in their midst, the Skrulls seem set to make their last stand here. Armed, with implications from the Skrulls themselves that Vulcanus has provided them with weaponry, violence is imminent.

This is live and uncut! Viewers, please exercise caution in viewing.

[Futher reports will be in comments:]


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