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[ uncle sam, of course, isn't in the city―he's sitting on the capitol steps in dc, hat off his head and placed beside him; the world goes by behind him. this time, when he speaks, his voice sounds different to whoever's listening. likely, better. ]

I call upon all of you, imPorts of the City, ta set aside yer differences and unite against our common threat, the one that I'm sure yer all familiar with by now: Vulcanus. I beg ya to not stand idly by as each of yer friends, colleagues and the people you love disappear one by one, as the nation―and the world―buckles under the insidious power that the group holds and cultivates! Passivity would only be an invite. We would not go down so quietly!

Citizens of this grand land, I ask that you do all ya can. Use all yer resources, make sacrifices because you can. Before taking action, we gotta be informed. If ya know somethin'. [ he points, authoritative. ] Don't keep it to yourself. This ain't the kinda thing that "loose lips sink ships" applies to. If ya don't know somethin', find something to know. No unmoving feet.

We're gonna best this. The only way we can allow outside forces to injure our spirit is if we let them!

[ encrypted to mitchell. ]
I can't expect ya not to help me.
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[Encrypted to Uncle Sam]
Right. We've both seen her post, and you're more polite than I am.

We need to get to work.

[Encrypted to Vic Sage]
How busy are you?

[Encrypted to Ghost]


Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:40 pm
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A lot of people are getting really excited for the Chinese New Year, aren't they? 

Back home we always had big celebrations for the new year, though we'd have ours on the first it was a lot like what's going on now. We'd have a banquet and every year two people would perform a dance. This year it would have been me and Ha'ri. It's of weird knowing I didn't do it this year. 

Anyway are any of you guys celebrating the new year? What are you doing? 
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I'm running low, and it's one of the few ways of keeping me from getting right back into workaholism. Or, at least, distracting me briefly.

And I'm going to need a lot more.

Please remember: I am entirely too old for Harlequin crap. Or a lot of crap in general.

Non-fiction appreciated.
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[Nathan's up in his gym gear, toweling off - his watch beeps, and he clicks it a couple of times, eying it, before looking back to the communicator.]

-Right. I have about... an hour or so open in my schedule, in between this and my next little project that I am just itching to show all of you, so, I thought I'd get to talking about a topic that has been on my mind!


Which man has the best one on the network, do you think? Mmm?

I'm rather partial to Spider-Man's, but I'm open for discussion!
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starting a metal band, as of now

applicants welcome

anybody who likes nickelback can get the fuck out

i know they have nothing to do with metal, but i felt it important to say


Jan. 9th, 2012 07:08 pm
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[It appears to be night time. You'd be forgiven for thinking it's an audio post, except for the fact that there were a pair of dog tags dangling in front of the camera and catching just enough light to be visible as they dangled back and forth.]

Hero, huh? [The voice sounded surprisingly calm about this whole 'transdimensional abduction' thing. Bored, almost.] Not interested.

[The dog tags suddenly fly off into the night, chased a few moments later by a large fireball. A brief flash of light, a glimpse of an open stairwell, but no sign of the speaker.]

Titles like that are just words and, ultimately, meaningless. I already have a goal...no, more like a purpose. And I won't just abandon it on the say-so of somebody who leaves recordings to do his dirty work. If you knew anything about me at all, you really should have known that before you took me anywhere.

[The communicator swings around suddenly and, though the speaker's face is still cast in shadow, two faintly-glowing red eyes can be seen. Each iris has three comma-like marks around the pupil.]

So, since you've so thoughtfully left me a 'communicator'...let's communicate. Who are you, and what do you really want? Think very carefully about your answer. [This said in a rather cold tone, but after a moment the eyes disappear and the voice continues in something slightly above 'arctic':] Hebi. If any of you guys can hear my voice, report in. We have work to do.

As for the rest of you: indulge me. Itachi Uchiha. Does that name mean anything to you?
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[ hey, it’s uncle sam peering into the video from the porter room, looking like he had a mildly shitty day—hair all mussed, bowtie draped around his neck, a sour expression on his face. he’s not exactly looking as graceful as he usually does. ]

Now, I don’t want to create a big ruckus for something that ain’t anybody’s fault, but would it really hurt for whoever created that machine ta program some apology? I’m not unfamiliar with this kind a’ shenanigans, but it’s not precisely nice for somebody to get plucked from whatever stuff they’re doin’. Could be even downright vital stuff for some of us, I’d wager.

Anyway. [ he puts the effort into brightening up a bit, giving a little wink. ] Heya. Nice City you got there.

Can’t wait to make a difference in it, since you were callin’ for heroes and all. I think we’d be th’ perfect fit.


Jan. 7th, 2012 09:33 pm
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[Hey tank is on screen instead of just typing in all lowercase for once! What's the occasion?]

If you've been waiting to see a tosser kangaroo around, whether to buy your old Buck Rogers toys, or to get drunk with and talk about masturbating to Mamie Van Doren, I'll save you the trouble.

Booga's gone home.


I'm going to need all your beer and cigarettes and drugs.
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[Nathan, in his trademark pink, red, white, and FLUFF, is on screen. Chipper as ever! He's got an idea brewing in his head.]

Good causes, charities, and groups. I'd like to hear some!

Keep in mind, I will be checking them! It's awfully easy for a group to say they're doing the right thing.
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Define 'old'.

I know I am, but I can't get the thought of my head of how everyone else feels about it.

Especially when I start to thinking about how long some people have been here.
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Hullo, the City.

[Behold, one Sirius Black! He's in a shaggy, scruffy phase, but otherwise looks well put-together in a blazer, shirt and vest. He's behind a counter, surrounded by books, and those who frequent Sandust will easily identify the setting. The camera zooms back a bit, revealing a large book of Modernist poetry balanced jauntily on his head. Old habits die hard, apparently.]

So. This bookshop. Many of you like it. I like it. Gloriously full of books, and often customers, a tidy set up that I would like to preserve. I find, however, that I am only good at balancing books in the most literal sense, which is sadly not as useful as one would think in the day-to-day functioning of a business.

Therefore, we are hiring! Position the first is for Manager, by which I mean someone to make the shop go. Position the second is Procurer, by which I mean someone to go out in the world with the purpose of bringing more books in, since our customers do keep taking them away, the devils. I'd also like to take on a few more General Staff members, for stocking and selling purposes.

[He stands and the camera follows him out from behind the counter and over to the window, where the Mockingbird Coffee Shop can be seen.]

Interviews will be held at the cafe across the street, starting more or less now. Oh, and if you've ever felt as if your non-flying mode of transport should go in the air, feel free to stop by. I need a new project and motorbikes aren't the only things I can make fly.

[Logs post is here!]

one - video

Jan. 4th, 2012 03:46 pm
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[The video clicks on to a very confused Sam.]

Al? Can you hear me, Al? Look, I've got no idea where I am or what I'm supposed to do. The machine said 'be a hero', but that's really all the specifics I've got. I mean, I think I'm in Manhattan, at least it looks like Manhattan, but I don't even know what time it is. I just-

[Sam suddenly stops talking, as the communicator clatters to the floor. You can see that, from where he's standing, Sam is looking in a shop window, looking at his reflection in the glass. When he speaks, his voice is panicked slightly.]

Oh boy
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[Hello City, today you are treated to the sight of a dark-haired, blue-eyed man in a stained overcoat who, all in all, looks rather unassuming. However, what might stand out most is the fact that he's wet. Very wet. The I-just-went-swimming-with-my-clothes-on sort of wet. Though the figure doesn't look that bothered by it, he seems to be too occupied with peering into the camera, his brows furrowed and his head tilted slightly to one side in mild confusion.]

I was told this communication device reaches a network of some sort. [If his expression is anything to go by, Castiel doesn't quite understand though. But instead of asking, he's falling silent for a good moment as he looks away. When he speaks again, his eyes are still focused on something off-screen.]

A second chance is a very rare thing, much less a third. I suppose one would consider a fourth chance to be impossible. Yet here I am. [Another, smaller pause.] It is not for me to question it. As... nice as it would be to be in my own reality to make up for what I've done wrong, I'll no longer question His will.

[He finally returns his gaze to the communicator.]

If this reality needs my help, so be it. How can I be of assistance?
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I can't find my assistant, Julia, anywhere! Called her and called her, checked her home, talked to people who know her...

I'm thinking she got sent home.


Well, I suppose she'll probably be happier there. I shouldn't go and mope about it, but still! A girl worries, you know?

You get attached to all these people you'd never have met if you hadn't been pulled away from home, and yet, you're pulled just as much by the things you miss that are so close, but so far away...

It truly is heart wrenching.

To think, will we all be sent home someday...?
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[ sometime around 10:30, dick and damian both got an encrypted text message with a time (11:40pm) and coordinates for where bruce is shooting this video.

what's the video of? well, it's of the clouds. there's nothing but darkness and clouds until a click is heard and then suddenly.


the video is just that for a few moments before it turns off. for anyone resourceful/paranoid/with stalking tendencies, the comm number is the one bruce has been using to post text messages under the name "Doyle" on the network.

have fun with that, city. ]

02 (video)

Dec. 24th, 2011 02:05 pm
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[The camera is filming at a weird angle half facing the ceiling and wall but, it should clear Rita is in a kitchen. Even without Astor and Cody she can't help going overboard today. To her credit she sounds pretty cheerful despite the absence of her children.]

Merry Christmas everyone! I know it's just the night before but, that's just as exciting I think. [There's the sound of an oven door closing. Rita picks up the comm and points it at a ridiculous amount of cookies. Keep in mind she is well on her way to adding more to this pile.]

That's what I want to talk to you about- I sort of made- I think I went overboard. The kids and Dexter usually inhale these- we're... I mean we don't have-

[Rita exhales and tries again.] Would anyone staying in the MAC like cookies? They're just sugar and chocolate chip. No nuts or cinnamon if you're allergic! 

[She laughs and drops her voice down to a whisper.] I'm afraid Dexter will eat them all if I don't get rid of some so you'd be doing us a big favor.
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[ Gloved fingers tilt the comm sideways once the feed clicks on, and that’s definitely Batman grinning a little too close and broad to let in much of the scenery. Wherever he is, the stark, snowy whiteness surrounding him sure is dramatic. ]

How do you say Merry Christmas to the city that has everything?

Well you got a healthy sense of humor, Wing-a-ling, I'll give you that. Definitely wasn't learned from your dear daddy.

[ The comm shifts down a little and oh hey look there’s the Joker down underneath the side of one big, black, batboot; gift-wrapped Christmas present style in bright red ribbon. So classy. ]

Hey, squirt, do your old pal a favor, won't you? The ribbon chafes. [ that comment’s directed somewhere off screen, but Batman’s pretty quick to tilt the viewer again before it can catch more than a cursory view of Houston; sitting up back there but pretty visibly injured. Oops. He says something a little too faint for the comm to pick up on, and Batman laughs. ]

Yeah, um. About that...

[ the boot moves off Joker and Batman takes the opportunity to monopolize a little more facetime instead. Someone’s pretty damn proud of his bad self. ]

Give us a few hours and we’ll have him down at headquarters. Ready for booking just in the time for the holidays. [ aaand, a borderline glance down at the new prisoner: ]

You know you’re gonna make some bored intern’s winter break...

Oooh, sounds fun!


Dec. 22nd, 2011 10:43 pm
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Bakura, Himuro,  are you doing anything for Christmas at the Towers? On the holiday specials they show people having family dinners and stuff, I think we should do that. If you want to.

Everyone else, I hope you liked your gifts!

Cut for gift list, not IC )
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[Oh hey City guess who? It's Kuranosuke, all dressed up and perched on a bench outside a crowded Rockefeller Center. There's the big tree in the background and it all looks very seasonal.]

You know what? Christmas is definitely the best holiday.

Decorations! Romance! Presents! Okay, I'm not getting any presents this year, but Christmas is still pretty great. Plus, winter is an awesome time of year, right?

It just kind of sucks being here. I mean, I don't even have a girlfriend right now, and being alone on Christmas sucks so much! My family isn't even around- not that my dad does much for Christmas, but my uncle and bro always-

[He pauses, then flashes a charming grin at the comm.]

Okay, sorry, I'm totally rambling aren't I? What I want to ask, is what are you guys doing for the holiday? Any parties? Big super hero bashes? Or do you guys save it all for New Year's, cuz I know New York does a huge crazy party every year...actually, crazy New Year's party sounds way cooler, screw hunting for last-minute Christmas parties. I can totally handle a lonely Christmas day.

Totally. Yeah.


Dec. 20th, 2011 04:04 pm
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[Someone doesn't sound very thrilled.] If anyone was wondering, pretty sure Superman's officially left the building. Or city in this case. It's been awhile and he hasn't come back yet so I don't think he's going to be any time soon. One less present to get, I guess.

[There's a small unhappy whine of a dog in the background.] Looks like it's just you and me now, Krypto. We've gotta do our best to make sure the S-shield keeps on getting a good rep.

[Krypto gives a bark of agreement before Conner shuts off the comm.]
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let's talk music

or, more accurately, you tell me what you're listening to and i shove new stuff down your earholes

i ain't got shit else to do, it's fucking cold and dark and miserable out there

all surrounding myself with 8 space heaters and a poster of australia and pretending i'm buck naked in the outback again
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[The video switches on, and it's a moment or two before Percy actually realises this fact]

Is that -- what's with the -- Oh, it's on!

[He blinks for a moment or two, then its like he remembers what it was that he was going to say]

Oh! Yeah! Christmas! That thing... So, it's coming up, and I'm like, well I haven't done anything. I was thinking earlier that I guess I should start shopping and everything and, well, yeah. That. But I was wondering, like, what do people do? I mean, what are you guys doing? For the whole holidays thing?

[OOC: Sorry if replies are slow! Studying for an upcoming exam but will do my best to be prompt!]
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[When the video comes on, there's the view of an ocean or a lake or some body of water. There's a sniffling sound and then the camera turns to reveal Erin, her face pink, though it's unknown whether it's from the cold wind whipping around her or the fact that she's crying.]

I don't know where I am, or how I got here.

[She shakes her head miserably.]

I need help.

[The camera moves to her right, the camera's left, to reveal a sign.]

Does anyone know where this is? And what this is?

[Her finger pokes the fourth letter.]

It's like they're making stuff up.

[A pause.]

Andy? Michael? Can you help me get back? It's really cold and I can't understand the people here.


Dec. 10th, 2011 03:13 pm
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[There's the sound of wind blowing and ragged coughing. The screen is filled with static, then there's a bump and a shaky image of Joker appears, grinning down at the camera. His hair is peppered with snow.]


Guess the Grinning Gizmo can't take a joke, eh?

Well, maybe y'all deserved a vacation, hahah.

[ooc: At the moment, Joker is not jamming the signal. He is on Bouvet Island.]

V. [video]

Dec. 10th, 2011 09:51 am
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[Veronica appears to be covered in glitter. And is wearing some kind of slinky strapless dress]

Okay, I thought New Vegas was sparkly shiny, but Las gets to win hands down. Randomly appear in a casino, have some fun, fall asleep, wake up 2,500 miles back in the City--anything really can happen in Vegas.

Also, I knew the Kings were a religious cult, but I didn't know they used to perform wedding ceremonies in their temples. That's awesome.

On a completely different note--pay attention now--

How many of you out there are good at tech? Electronic, mechanical, hardware, software. I've run into a number of you are pretty damn good, and I'm thinking, maybe we should set up some kind of standing communications between us. A think tank as it were.

There's a lot of problems around here that need a programmer or engineer or greasemonkey's eye. The more of us to throw our unique perspectives on tech, the more likely we find a solution to the problem.

Maybe even figure out what makes the Porter tick.

What do you think?
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[ oh my god is Alex actually making a video post? yes he is. and he's doing it while standing in front of a large, loud sign, the sounds of amusement coming from all throughout the theme park behind him

this is clearly not how he wanted to spend his saturday

So, either our fateful lady tried to send me home last night and missed, or this is just how she expresses her sick sense of humor.

My money's obviously on the latter, since the really sick part is I'm not even alone on this one.

[ the camera pans over and down, down, down, to show the utterly disdainful face of Hiei ]

Sick is an understatement.

[ and with that, our two grumpykins sign off ]

5 [video]

Dec. 9th, 2011 09:17 pm
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[The video is on, and there's Himuro; but she doesn't say anything right away. She's obviously outside, and though it's late at night where she is, it's obvious that she's not in the City right now. The nearby architecture definitely looks kind of foreign.

Finally, after a minute or two of silence, she glances at her communicator.]

When you've been here for a year, you make a post on the Network, right?

It's been a year now. December, that's when I came back. And I'm still around. It feels weird to leave the City. It's not home, and it's not stable, but it's sort of familiar.

[She looks around herself, like she's just now observing her surroundings.]

I think I'm in Venice.
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Evening, everyone.

[Well. Here's a guy who doesn't use the comms often anymore, much less make open broadcasts. Sirius is sitting on a couch in a black shirt and a somber air. His hair is long enough to be pulled back, and it goes well with his aristocratic features.]

Remus Lupin has, to all appearances, been sent home. Dr. McCoy, the Institute is yours. Sandust will stay open, under new management. Ruka's safe at home, as am I.

How do you give a eulogy for someone who hasn't died? )


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