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[ good morning, network. except it is not very good because here is a very large threatening man with a very large ax swinging it at whoever is closest to him bellowing HAVE AT THEE! while destroying whatever furniture happens to be in his path. simultaneously there is a scary green man in a scary green leotard who is going to summon your worst fears, so enjoy that. he's also laughing evilly 'cause that's what super villains do.

the appropriate response, of course, is to scream. abby (still dressed in her hello kitty pjs) dodges that very large ax by diving behind the couch, so excuse the shakey and nausea inducing video feed.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. What. Is. Happening. Somebody help--


OOC cut: and then the god of war and the demon lord of nightmares ruined everyone's lives. )

Hey, Miss Headcase, now would be a great time to get your cloud on.

R-Roger that! [ NOT ENOUGH BULLETS FOR ALL THESE TENTACLES AND ZOMBIES FUUusfaklj she grabs alex by the arm as she runs by, slinging her rifle over her shoulder by the strap and pulling him with her to the window. she only lets go to jump out onto a waiting cloud. ] Come on! Hurry!

[ dude you don't got to tell tommy twice. he's totally grabbing and throwing terry over his shoulder before booking it out the window-

but manages to notice the comm in all this chaos, snag it, and give it a look ("Seriously?") before shutting it off.

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[ the lighting is dim but you can see that there's a large stack of xbox games that the camera is mainly focused on. in the background, the room itself looks rather large but very empty with the exception of an xbox 360 and a tv.

a hand grabs the first game on the stack, Skyrim, underneath it is Gears of War 3.

I might have outdone myself this time.

[ a small sigh, barely audible, as he lightly tosses the game back on to the pile ]

They were fun while they lasted.

[ video cuts ]
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[ pretty obvious that a kid is the one talking, a mature sounding one ]

Finding myself back here in the City is strange...more so considering the circumstances prior to my arrival. After being ported out, I never expected to return nor did I have any intention to. Fate didn't seem to have it in the cards for me and yet here I am.

[ a small pause ]

According to the newspapers, I've been gone for two years even though for me it hasn't even been one. That being said, I can't assume that the same people are here from the last time since the city is like a revolving door. So maybe it would be best to treat this as if I were a newcomer I might as well be anyway. Keep it simple, yeah?


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