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[ Her voice sounds broken, and it's obvious she has been crying. You really don't want the video feed to see just how bad she looks. ]

Carol Danvers is gone.

[ There is about thirty seconds before she talks again. ]

I- I think she got ported out, and as far as I can tell most of her stuff is gone so. So. I thought people should know.

[ She's getting teary again. ]

People s-should know.
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Well, after checking a world map in detail, I guess I really didn't lose too many vacation spots.

Ha ha, vacation.

But anyway, how is this new measure going to affect you guys? Like, I can understand if some business like people are going to have to stop going places (or go places without making much noise), but how is the everyday ImPort going to get affected by this?

And I know none of us are really "everyday" material, but yeah, some of us? Definitely more than others.

This is Anya with the allegedly deep question today.
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[ For the first ten seconds or so there's just the sound of machines, traffic and people screaming stuff at each other. Then Anya's voice comes in. ]

Dios mío, I had forgotten how things got after you get your city trashed. I guess I got a bit too comfortable with City.

[ Someone has been doing some extra hours looking for survivors and generally checking weak buildings, and it shows in her voice. ]

I haven't checked the network in a while. Who's still around? Any Spider-themed good guys out there?
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So um.

Do you still need a secretary?

I got Ported Out, but I got better.

So, yeah.

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[ Blankets Shuffling.

every day she's shufflin'

And then a grunt.



I feel like I just slept for a week.

[ A beat. She's checking her phone. Another wow can be heard. ]

Scratch that, almost two weeks? I'm never going to that Chinese place again.

So, um, what's going on everyone?
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Spider-Man )

Jessica )



[ Have an Anya quietly facedesking between pillars of paper. At least she doesn't have to prepare coffee for the entire floor...right now. ]

Come to the City Hall, they said. It's fun and free work, they said.
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[ Well hello...City. Let us get over your completely anticlimactic name and get on with the video. It's a lovely night, with clear skies, the Moon peeking over some clouds and bad guys webbed to the walls. And Spider-Girl, hanging upside down a string all spider-like. ]

So, um. Hi guys.

[ Have an awkward little smile. ]

I've been thinking about this for a while and...well, how do I put it. Do you guys have something like, I don't know, a superhero time table? Like, Iron Man takes this side of the city on Sundays, and Ms. Marvel is over Central Park twice a week at three o'clock in the afternoon. Something like that. I know that some people might be...territorial so the last thing I would want to do is bust somebody else's bad guys.

[ She needs her own bad guys, she knows this. But truth to be told, Anya is glad the Sisterhood of the Wast is not around. They are pretty lame villains all in all. ]

Then there's that thing when weird hits the island and I don't I jump in? Maybe I shouldn't jump in, I mean there's some sort of coordination going on...? I'm totally over-thinking this aren't I.

So, uh, let me know? Spider-Girl the more recent one out~
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So I'll probably regret asking this later but anybody has any pointers for the night life in the city?

First one to suggest the movie theater gets a punch to the face.
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Oh, did I-

[ The camera turns on, showing a girl dressed like a female Venom, I kid you not. standing somewhere high. Looks like a rooftop. A particularly high rooftop. ] Ah-hah, I did.


[ Well, someone isn't much of a public speaker, huh? ]

So if I'm getting this right, I got sucked out of world to do heroics over here? Uh, rude? You have to wonder, there is a computer like thing advanced enough to bring people over here and it can't make its own heroes. Or you know, probably mess with the ridiculously powerful heroes so they end whatever is going on here quickly.

[ Awkward silence~ ]

So- well! Hi? [ Even more awkward hand wave! ] I'm Spider-Girl. I mean, obviously. [ Jeez, is she supposed to out herself or she keeps her secret identity? Wait, she didn't have much of a secret identity back there, what with registering and everything. Not to mention everyone that shouldn't have found out did find out pretty damn fast.

Stupid tweets.

Damn, I'm a bit confused over here. I think I need to go back and check that pamflet. I should probably try to find people that I know over here.

Ms. Marvel? Iron Man? Any and all Avengers?

Spidey? If I'm stuck here, you should totally have to have arrived first. [ Your luck is worse than hers, man. ]


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