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[ There's a pause on the line before there's a hint of a clearing of a throat, and then he begins to speak. ]

An interesting turn of events. A unique opportunity to test this device out -- to ask an incredibly pertinent question.

[ Azazeal cannot help but pause here, perhaps for the additionally melodramatic effect. Yes, this question is that pertinent. ]

We will play a game of favourites. Tarantino. Do you have a favourite Quentin Tarantino film?

[ Before you say no, he'll just insist that you do. Somehow. But you can try to convince him otherwise! ]
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[ Well, here's some guy with Magneto's face turning on his communicator and boring down into the camera with the least-amused expression possible. He's silent for a time, then his voice comes over the line in his displeasure. ]

I still haven't really found anything particularly entertaining about this place. Surely there's something to do here.

If I am going to be stuck here, there's got to be a decent bar. Strip club. Casino. Anything.

And women. There's got to be more women. [ A small smirk, before he's rolling his eyes and there's a final click. ]
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How the f--ah. Ah, well.

This isn't going to take me long, is it? [ There's some rustling as he's handling the device roughly, giving it a good look over from the sound of it. He clears his throat.

This voice is less-than-pleased, that's for sure.

What's this all about, exactly? [ He scoffs vocally. ] Some of us had been... otherwise occupied.

Spare me the longer details. I'd like to know how to get back.

It seems I can't do that myself.

[ Such an angry click, and his voice dissipates. ]


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