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Hey, what's the big idea, here? I was just about to teach that brat a lesson!

I don't remember askin' for a return ticket, either. I've got enough to deal with when there's just two worlds to keep track of, forget about this one!

Alright, alright. Lemme see if I remember the gist, here... Fritzy communicator? Dumb superhero spiel? Turned into a disgusting human? Check, check, and check. Definitely not the digital world, or Shibuya.

You know what? At least the digimon Sovereign let me stay a digimon. This is just getting insultin'!

[there's a pause as he sighs, apparently looking around the labs. a short burst of confused and agitated sounding yelling follows.] Hey! And where the heck is my bike?
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Alright, alright. Look, much as it pains me to do this, I'm startin' to think I don't got no other choice! Halfa what you nerds say to each other on this thing are gobbledygook to me.

See, uh, I ain't so hot at the readin' thing. Never had much of a chance to learn it back home, and good thing, too! Never had much of a chance to need it, either! [impmon, that didn't make any sense, no, nooh okay you're still babbling...]

And I'll be honest here, you humans? Make it awful hard for one of youse to get around if they can't read your fancy scribbles!

So, erh... I guess what I'm sayin' here is, where should an intrepid young digimon start on the path to readin'?
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Aaaaalright, I gots a question for all of you. Think of it as a casual poll, I guess.

I still seem to be the only one around these parts that's ever even heard of digimon, which is a cryin' shame! But embarrassing as that might be for you folks, more importantly, it leaves another big 'ole question to be answered. Seein' as none of the rest of you were digimon, and plenty of the rest of you obviously weren't human, what exactly were ya? Some of you still ain't human, after all!

I mean, some of youse are grey! That just ain't normal, if you ask me.
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[hello, network. have you seen a kid, looks to be around in his preteen years? short and not particularly well kempt, with, uh... dark purple hair? welp, now you have. he's grinning like a maniac, and setting the communicator down on a stone ledge. it looks like he's on the edge of central park, maybe.] Hey, maybe this joint ain't so bad after all! Get a load of this, huh?

[he backs up a few steps, enough so that most of him is within frame. planting one hand on his hip and holding the other at about eye level in front of him, he grins, and--]

[fwoosh. yes, that is a flame, about the size of a baseball, hovering about an inch above his index finger.]
Baboom! Aaaaw, yeah, Impmon's still got it! I've still got the same tricks, even if I don't got the sleeves.

Now, I just gotta find some poor sucker to test this baby on, and I am good to go! Baddaboom!
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Hey, hey, hey! What's the big idea here, huh? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?

'Cause it sure ain't funny! I can barely stand talkin' to these idiot humans without makin myself sick, you can't possibly expect me to go around lookin' like on of 'em! This is cruel and unusual punishment, that's what this is!

Sheesh, what's a digimon gotta do around here just to look like his gorgeous self? Seems simple enough to me! You don't fix what ain't broken, capiche?


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