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Holy Moly.

[Cap's face fills the screen; he's grinning (a tad sheepishly) and breathless as his cape whips behind him in the wind.]

Gosh, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this sure is bad timing. I hope Adam doesn't mind that I'm taking a break from his wedding. That's usually considered pretty rude... [He reaches up to rub the back of his neck, glancing around to all the places that are off-camera.] It took me a little while to remember... but I think I was here before. Awhile ago? It looks like fall now... But I'm pretty sure that it wasn't, before. --Golly! I didn't miss Halloween, did I?

[He makes a move to cut the feed before remembering!!] Oh! Um, hi everyone. I'm Captain Marvel. [Beaming properly this time.] Is there anybody that needs help?
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[ Captain Marvel looks a bit harried, but relieved. He hasn't been home since the riots started, busying himself through the night and into the day with trying to help people pick up and be safely on their way after the effects of the gas have worn off. ]

That was terrible. [ He huffs distractedly. ] I've never been called so many rude things in my life. Is everyone from the Network okay? What happened?

[ He looks like he's done and ready to hang up, until he suddenly blurts: ] ... There's nothing wrong with my costume, is there? It's classic.
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[The video focuses in one one Captain Marvel, his cape blowing super dramatically in the wind. The blue sky and cityscape in the background make it clear he's hovering high up in the air.]

Golly - if anyone wanted my help, all they had to do was ask. There's no need to kidnap anybody, for pete's sake. I try to be an approachable fella... but this is just getting out of hand!


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