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[ The video comes on with a boom. ...No, really, there's the sound of a blast and the comm looks to be kind of under a few things - or a pile of them, oops - but you can see a peek of a warehouse-ish ceiling with a fair amount of smoke and there's the sound of a lot of excited/worried barking. ]

Whoa. [ Awkward coughing and the sound of rummaging. ] Okay, that... So maybe that didn't work out as planned. Just-- Go back to the start, recheck the math, calibrate a- What's th-

[ Hey, City - it's Bruce Banner. Who may or may not have (there is no maybe, he totally has) moved into his lab at Xanatos' company. ...That's not a bad thing, right? But yeah, his lab's grown from just scrap but there's a bunch of big honking science looking machines (this is the most technical description you'll get, sorry) and a bunch of bags of kibble by the improvised pug-kennel off to the side. Because you can't move into a lab without bringing your pets. ]

Oh, uh. [ His ears go red and his smile sheepish as he rubs the back of his neck. ] Hi? ...Er, not sure how much got recorded, b-but. Everything's okay here, just. Minor technical difficulties and. Um.

[ Awkward slow nodding before he tries to deflect. ]

So how's everybody's else's day going?
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[ It hadn’t taken much for Han to snag Bruce into helping move. For one: he doesn’t have much to do with X-Club being awk and Jen disappearing again. For two: Han fricking Solo.

So here he is, holding up one end of a chair as they move through the carrier. The vid feed is kind of angled weird from where Han had dropped his onto the darn thing, and - Bruce actually looks like he’s handling it well? And isn’t dying?? Nerdy boy got some beef going on.

So, this is. You weren’t kidding about the space bit, huh.

Shifty, you don’t get it -

[This would be Han Solo practically jumping up and down at the scene of the Millennium Falcon, resting in all her glory in the hangar of the Carrier. Well, its just the hull and the interior is empty, but what does Han care? ]

There she is, the fastest ship in the galaxy. There- my baby- do you see it?

[In case anyone didn’t know that Han had other faces apart from severe judgment. There’s a giant smile on that face.]

Wh- The Falcon is--

[ Bruce cranes his neck around to try and see what has Han going gaga - but as he’s the one going backwards, that’s a bit difficult to do. ]


[ Well, that doesn’t take long. Han drops the chair on him as he goes to race on board like a small child, with absolutely no care that the current shlepping is a definite two person job and without somebody else holding up his end, guess what you get, Network? You get a primo view of Bruce stooping and trying to balance a chair on his own before going and getting pinned under it. Because Han is a douche like that. ]

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[ The feed opens up on a pretty nice shot of ~*~SCOTLAND~*~. It's green. And Scottish. And... I don't know, use your imagination and/or ImageGoogle. Also - there are some sheep by a fence. Baaaaaah. Also possibly ruins of a castle somewhere in the background? I don't know, Bruce doesn't either, just enjoy the pretty landscape. Yeah.


Is this going and recording? Oh.

[ Swinging the camera around to smile at the network. ]

Hey, all. It's going pretty well over here in Scotland, so. Just figured I'd say hello. [ Nodding. ] Hi.

I know I already said I'd get a souvenir for someone, but. Anybody else want something? First time I've really gone somewhere with, uh. The resources to go and offer. [ haaaaa ]
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Sorry to add to the whole string of... You know. But. Jennifer Walters and Lyra are gone. I'm not sure if it's just temporarily, or...

[ Faltering... Then moving on. ]

So. Yeah. There's that.

...Also, er, not really sure who to go and address for this, and I'm sorry it took me until now but. [ So unhappy about this. ] Who exactly should I answer to about the entire. Green thing. That happened last week. [ Awkward cough. ] I haven't really ever been around long enough after, uh, after an episode, so. Um. I don't know if there's any kind of fine or anything that I need to pay for damages, or. I don't know. I mean, needless to say, I'm sorry it happened, it wasn't intentional at all and--

[ hurk ]

...Ahem. Just. Any information about that. It'd be appreciated. ...Thank you.
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[ The video comes on with a loud crack; you've just been high-velocity butt-dialed, C&C. The whole screen is green and blurry, and hopefully none of you Cityzens have motion sickness because shortly after an undignified squeak, there's a booming roar and that's when the scrambling really begins. ]

Oh my god! Ohh my god, oh my god this was a bad idea! [ A giant green hand comes down out of the middle of nowhere, and Miles scurries away from it over one massive shoulder, and it's pretty clear by now to anyone that would recognize him that the new Spider-Man is wall-crawling uselessly all over The Hulk, trying to avoid being grabbed and Smashed. This (and more comical babbling) goes on for like two minutes before finally: ] Why do I, ah!, always do this?

And why am I talking to mysel-- urk!

[ The video abruptly stops bouncing around when Miles gets caught. Suddenly there's a giant puzzled Hulk face taking up the whole screen, sniffing a couple times and then letting out a big wuff of breath. ]

Uhhh. Hi?

[ Aand the feed cuts! Replies will ICly come in an hour or so after the events in Bruce's log here, so he has time to de-Hulk. ]
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[ Hey, boys and girls, it's Mark Hamill!!! Bruce Banner who is currently doing his best impersonation of a drowned rat. He's sitting on a couch - technically on a towel on a couch - with another towel around his neck, and kind of... Soaking wet. For those who'd know, he's in Zatanna's living room, but you'd think a guy would be slightly more pleased to be there, but. Noooooope. ]

There are multiple, varied, and all entirely logical reasons why I do not enjoy going out for "nights on the town". [ yes, he air-quoted that ] Landing in the middle of the East River twice is now also on that list.

Jen, Lyra, I'll-- Sorry, but I'll be home at some p-

[ And cue Zatanna coming from somewhere in a fluffy white robe and pretty much draping herself over the back of the couch and Bruce, who stiffens and sighs once he realizes what's happening. ]

You say "twice," like I didn't get us out of there both times. How ungrateful. [Never mind that she's the one that got them stuck there in the first place.] People might get the wrong idea and think you don't want to be here.

[ Siiiiiiighing again. ]

...I'll get home eventually. This kind of j- It happened. Okay. [ Then to Zee: ] N- You're going to bed, all right?

Yeah, he'll be back eventually. Whenever I'm finished with him. [Now she's just intentionally being a jerk, sliding on over the back of the sofa, somehow managing to gracefully fall into his lap without showing an obscene amount of skin.] I don't know. I might keep this one...

[ FLAILING AUGH OH MY GOD WHAT EVEN ZEE but no first turning this stupid comm off oh my god ]
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Okay, um. So things are seeming quiet enough, at least around on this end, and. Maybe it'll actually stay relatively settled. Hopefully. [ Because if his ghost dad shows up, he has no idea how or even if he'll keep things together. But since it's been a couple hours and no show... Maybe other plans could be a thing. ] Hope that everybody else ends up making it through the day, one way or another.

( flagged to: Lyra, Skaar )

...Hi. Do y- You're, ah. [ Some hemming, less hawing. ] What's up with you two?

( private to Jen Walters | She-Hulk ) )
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Um. Look, I'm sorry to bother anyone, but I was actually-- I had left New York a little while ago, and. I don't think it's the best idea to be back so soon, what with, uh.

[ Yeah, what with breaking Harlem and all that. But that is one of the many, many things filed away under Things Bruce Will Not Discuss and so he'll just. Fidget and move on. He is just that smooth. ]

So yes, if. If at all possible, I'd like to be heading out since obviously I'm in the wrong place - especially with that hero business, that's. [ he shakes his head and huffs a quiet disbelieving laugh. ] I mean. Other than the AI which is impressive, I hadn't known there was tech enough for that, I haven't really seen anyone in charge, and. I'd just like this cleared up so I can go and get out of here and go--

[ An awkward cough as he rubs the back of his neck. ]

Somewhere. Somewhere not here. ...Thank you.

( ooc: feel free to recognize either as ed norton or as bruce banner )


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