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Jun. 10th, 2013 07:58 pm
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[ She's ignoring how every instinct tells her to never talk to a whole network full of people, and especially not about this, and hoping that three-year-old rediscovered memories aren't failing her. So there's just a huge pause at first, complete with some hitching, uneven breathing.

] Anyone near the Porter building? I could— 

[ She's cut off by a muffled, quiet groan, takes a second, and comes back like nothing happened. Man, if only she could see straight, this would definitely be in text. ]

...I could use a hand. Thanks.
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[Hello network! This is a bird's eye view of a pretty disheveled looking living room in a pretty mundane looking apartment. There's a ratty couch and an armchair, off to one side, a hallway that probably leads to some bedrooms. Overall, it's not much to look at. Well, not on its own, anyway.

Strung up from the ceiling fan is this guy. Terrifying, right? Truly the stuff nightmares are made of. Anyway, underneath him it is a crowbar with an attached note that reads "use me". The general area of the floor around these things is covered with one of those recycle-able blue tarps. You know, like the kind they use for pools in the winter? Completely water (and everything else proof).

So there you have the set up for scenery. The video continues on this peaceful image for about three minutes. In that time, a shaggy German shepherd walks through and barks once at the pinata. It probably deserves to be barked at, really. Finally, there's the sound of a key turning in a deadbolt, and someone shoving what's probably a very heavy front door open.

Within another minute, none other than the Red Hood enters the room, but only still half dressed in his typical Red Hood getup. He doesn't seem to notice the head floating in the air at first, and makes it about three paces into the small room before looking up, yelping the post manly of yelps, and jumping back to the very edge of the camera's view.]

Holy fucking shit!

[And with that, Jason shoots the piñata three times, just to be safe. From the portion of him still visible to the, his body language is defensive, as if he's expecting the thing to spring to life and come after him. Look, it's a pretty legitimate concern. When it just sort of... Oozes, he advances, finally spotting the crowbar and the note. His brow is furrowed and he refuses to take his eyes off the floating head as he picks it up and reads the note. There's another minute or so of him surveying the oozing, bullet ridden head, and hefting the crowbar from arm to arm, presumably considering whether or not he should follow the instructions.

Eventually, he shrugs and goes with it. It only takes two good swings to drop the pinata, but the second one sends a glob of red something or another flying at the comm's lens, obscuring the image. The feed cuts out pretty soon after that.]

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Apr. 13th, 2012 08:44 pm
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I need space-worthy gear and an air supply, stat.

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Mar. 18th, 2012 12:50 am
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[ The comm switches on to the sounds of a scuffle, and the view of… not much. Is that a couch cushion, or just a big dark blur? ]

—eah, no, because the last thing I need is everyone on the whole Network associating me with the name Greengopher.

[ The scuffling stops, and Redbird is sounding way too smug. ] It's a great name. For a nemesis to Redbird — right? Someone back me up, here.

[ Defeated sigh. ] It's great if you want us to look like freakin' Christmas.

So make it a dark green. Dark green cape, white suit, green — I dunno, goggles. [ She could be biased. ] Complimentary colors. Can't go wrong. Perfect look for the dread Greengopher.

[ Groan. ] Did you really just use the words "dread" and "Greengopher" in the same sentence?

[ Snerk. And Redbird's finally pulling the comm out from its safe haven between the couch and her back, but only to grin into it — leaning to squeeze a thoroughly miserable Terry into the frame, too. ] I'm gonna need a tailor, loads of green fabric, 'n a team of persuasive speakers. We got a supervillain to make.

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Feb. 19th, 2012 10:58 pm
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[ here are a bucketful of blindly-typed off-comm text messages, all shoved here for conveniency's sake!!! ]

[ Jason Todd: ]
can you do the dishes with your tentacels/
i mean you don"t have to but maybe its been a week if you need the popcorn bowl you could finding nemo she might like that
feed table

[ Terry Ward: ]
sorry table didnt get a butt too
can you even fear awkward dates/
do you need a new microwave or should i just buy miho some socks
she never has any

[ Kanaya Maryam: ]
its ok jasons got me were out of gel
and aleisn
hey come to the shosptal ok
was that kanyaa

[ Tavros Nitram: ]
i think that was probably the wrong laien
were out of crickets tho
thats what i meant
sirry but yiour eyes are whiter

[ back to Kanaya Maryam: ]

[ a while later, to Jason Todd again: ]
its like the thai food
i tink i lost some toes

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Sep. 14th, 2011 11:19 am
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[ There's kind of an... awkward shuffling when the video turns on. It's pointed down at some anonymous rooftop, and a pair of black boots are all of interest in sight. ]

So... figure most people what know me around here know me as "Robin"...

[ A long pause, with mostly just the sounds of the City. What lovely ambiance. Okay now get on with it, Carrie. B( The view swings up face-ward, and HEY LOOK AN ACTUAL MASK, NOT JUST BIG DARK SHADES. Oh right and an entirely different outfit too, all reds and blacks with a nice big blank spot where that yellow R used to be. She offers a tiny smile. ]

It's Redbird now. Just thought I'd say.

Encrypted to Tim Drake )

Encrypted to Jason Todd )
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So... anyone free tonight? Around, say, 8:00?

Free food at the Tower, all you gotta do is show up and act like you like Tim.

[[ooc; BREAKS HIATUS replies might be kind of slow. ;; but TIM BIRTHDAY. log or handwave, anyone care??]]
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Anyone see any Robins around lately? Misplaced a couple of 'em. Uh. If seen, call this number, reward offered's probably a sandwich.

...And for the record, I'm talking cape-wearing, not worm-eating.
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[ Robin is fumbling with Miho’s comm when it turns on, looking a little ragged. Miho can be seen in the background, leaning heavily against the wall of an alley, looking decidedly worse. Surrounding them are the fallen bodies of half a dozen men, those in turn covered with the mutilated bodies of rats. A severed hand is lying rather conspicuously about three feet away from Carrie. On the bright side, it does appear that all human bodies present are breathing. ]

So, uh. How many healers we got around here? [ A quick look over her shoulder back at Miho. ] The rats got violent, we could use a hand.

[ A sudden burst of energy from Miho has a small throwing knife embedding itself in the wall next to Robin’s head. Someone is clearly not up to their usual form. ]

Uh. [ EYING THAT KNIFE... then back at the comm. ] No matter what she says.

Or, y’know, doesn’t.

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Apr. 21st, 2011 11:22 pm
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[ When the feed cuts on there is a DESPERATE CHASE SCENE IN THE DARK. She meant to use voice, but it's hard to pick your buttons when you're in a dark room and crowded by raging wildlife. So she's scrambling for the door she just closed behind her, and there's a few totally un-Robinly muffled squeaks of alarm. ]

Imp--ow! Impulse! You put them in my room?! Not what I had in mind! I-- frag--

[ Look, she's capable of not sounding totally chill and relaxed! What a marvelous development. And she's managed to fight her way back out of her room, slam the door behind her, and now looks down into the communicator with the most dejected of faces. ]

Terry, I wanna come over. My stuff's covered in birds, rats, and poop.

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Mar. 26th, 2011 03:02 pm
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[Oh look, a scene smack-dab in the middle of Victorian England! It's focused on the people wandering around, because suddenly the Robin uniform is looking way too frilly and dress-like, and there's no way she's showing that off. That just won't fly. :|

Anyway, these people! None of them are looking camera-wards. Almost pointedly not looking camera-wards, no matter how many sweeps and bobs the camera's holder takes to get in their path.]

Like the whole deal isn't weird enough, all these spuds've gone billy. In the opposite direction than spuds usually go billy, too. What are they, all zen masters?

[She starts tailing one guy in particular, and a FRILLY CUFF OF A SLEEVE AND DAINTY GREEN GLOVE AUGH THIS IS AWFUL reaches out to give his back a shove. He stumbles forward, pauses, and then continues like nothing happened, not even looking back to see who was so gosh darn rude.]

What gives?

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Mar. 14th, 2011 05:45 pm
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Failed my first English test today. [THE HEAVIEST OF SIGHS.] Some book I didn't read enough of. Figure like I used to be good at English too, back home. All those extra curricular activities must be catching up. Reading comprehension goes down when you do most the book on a stakeout.

[a pause, the tapping as of a pen on a table]

Someone told me school's important, and I figure I'll buy it. But... how much do grades really matter, anyway? Long term, I'm talking.

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Feb. 15th, 2011 02:06 am
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Figure the City's only gone a little more billy'n usual. Parr for the course on a major holiday though, right?


[Private to Abby] )

[Private to Bat!Terry] )

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Feb. 13th, 2011 03:39 am
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[ The room is pre-dawn-dark when the feed cuts in, but the communicator is obviously on the move. Toward the dim shape of a bed, it looks like. Cue a low, whispering voice, using a passable (but obviously faked) Australian accent— ]

Here we are, in the natural environment of the Terrius Wardicus...

[ A light flicks on somewhere. On the mattress, with his awkwardly long teen boy-limbs stretched out in all directions, is Terry -- apparently mimicking a starfish in his sleep, mouth slightly open (is that a bit of drool?), and face almost unrecognizably peaceful except for just a tiny hint of a frown. ]

Daylight hours find this one a right nasty beast. One of nature's fiercest! [ The “camera” creeps nearer, to the edge of the bed. ] His natural weapon's sarcasm, but he's safe enough to approach when he's asleep. We can even poke around in his den— [ the camera swings away, taking in a pretty typical teenage-boy-room ] —see if our big fella's got—

[ There's stirring on the bed and a muffled noise, groggy and not really conscious at all, which makes the camera swing back to the bed again — then, abruptly, Terry jerks awake with a confused little exclamation: ]

Wha... What the hell.

He's stirring! [ The view goes for a wide sweep around, backing up a few paces. ] Gotta watch out, make sure he doesn't get any limbs.

[ A pillow comes flying at the comm camera, which jerks and fumbles, going black. In the background: ]

Why can't you knock like a normal person?

Our Terrius Wardicus's awake, and he's in a mood. Gotta watch out when they get like this, they're just as likely to snap off a hand as—

[ A frustrated huff of breath, and someone jostles the camera before turning it off. ]

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Feb. 1st, 2011 12:56 am
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i said there could be radioactive bears out there

didn't punch any of them though.

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Jan. 28th, 2011 03:12 am
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So... camping. I figure it should be a pretty straightforward deal, only then I remember that this isn't exactly home. Anyone know if I'm likely to run into... any radioactive bears out there? Sentient trees? Mysterious island nations, maybe? Last I heard none of 'em floated over here, but I guess you can't be too sure.

It'd be kinda nice to manage it without much more an adventure than accidentally grilling 'dogs wrong. So, you got any forewarning, I'm all ears.

[Private to Miho] )

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Dec. 24th, 2010 12:58 am
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[There's a general scrabbling and scruffing noise already in progress when the audio feed clicks on, a jangle that sounds a whole lot like a dog collar worn by a dog that's not interesting in sitting still.]

Hey, spud -- quit it. Not edible.

[a little louder, now-]
What's a good name for a dog that used to be a table?

Not Woody. Already thought of that one.
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So... you wouldn't happen to have any, uh, fear toxin inoculations lying around. Would you?

No real reason.
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[When the feed cuts in it's the obscenely late hours of the night/early hours of the morning, and she's sitting... somewhere high and windy. As Bats do. There's just enough city-light glow to make out a pretty thoughtful looking frown.]

I could so be Batman when I grow up, if I wanted. [YEAH, TERRY, SHE'S STILL THINKING ABOUT THIS. SHE'S NOT GONNA LET IT REST.] Figure I'll aim for Batman by age 25. Nice, round number.

[a thoughtful silence goes here, then...] Yeah. It's a plan.
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Figure I should say, for the record, I'm good.

And, uh, sorry.

[Encrypted to Danny Rand]
Can we make it twice a week?

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Aug. 21st, 2010 11:38 pm
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[She's perched on some high point somewhere when the feed turns on, the background of night sky and a few generic roofs carefully picked out not to have many distinguishing features. The camera is angled just so, to best show off the big yellow R on her chest and that distinctive yellow cape.]

So... just how many of you spuds out there are from Gotham? Or a world with a Gotham? It's a little hard figuring out which capes're supposed to be from my world, and which ones're from a whole different one.
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[[backdated about a week, sob]]

So, uh, I was thinking. Figure maybe we started on the wrong foot.

03; voice

Jul. 11th, 2010 02:38 am
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So, hey. There any dragons around here? Or anything that wasn't human before it showed up, really.

Just figured I'd ask.
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Hey. You in the City? I'm thinking I worked out the power I ended up with, over here.

01; video

Jun. 16th, 2010 10:54 pm
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[There's a quiet fumbling on a darkened scene, where just a few twinkling lights suggest a nighttime cityscape. It doesn't take the fumbler long to figure out the controls of the device, though. It never does. It turns, eventually, and settles on the ledge of a rooftop to point straight toward that dark view. The voice that sounds over the faint clashes and calls of the city below belongs either to a girl or an even younger boy.]

Saw a couple muggings and an attempted robbery on my way here. None of them were too successful. [the speaker might sound just a little smug here] Figure it feels just like home around here though, so points on that. You spuds really know how to make a kid feel welcome, huh? Dig the handheld, anyway, even if it's a little fossilized.

So anyway, if anyone feels like pointing the way to the next train for Gotham, that'd be just keen. Figure I'm about ready for a checkout. One crime-riddled city's just about enough for me.

[A green glove dips for just a second in front of the lens. The device spins fast, too fast, and catches just half a yellow blur before it's shut off.]


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