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[Cass is staring into the camera, looking a bit bewildered.]

Does anyone, um... like Steven Seagal movies?

[The camera pans over to an open box full of every single Steven Seagal film--even those immensely terrible direct-to-DVD ones that no one's heard of. Lying on top is a note that reads:

To my biggest fan:

I hope you'll accept this peace offering and that we can put all that unpleasantness behind us.

Your hero,

Steven Seagal


Jan. 16th, 2012 04:04 pm
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[Cass is standing outside of the porter building, still wearing the gaudy Christmas sweater that she was last seen in. She looks more than slightly bewildered.]

Um... what happened?


Sep. 16th, 2011 06:31 pm
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[Cass is pulling the rubber band off of a rolled-up piece of paper as she glances into the camera.]

My movie is out today.

[She unrolls the paper and holds up the poster for Under Siege 3: The Assassin Strain. It depicts a (heavily Photoshopped) Steven Seagal, gun in hand and a grim look of determination (or... some kind of emotion) on his face, running away from a giant explosion in what appears to be China. There is one of those giant floating heads that are always on posters in the background, and it might be Cass, though it's difficult to tell with all the Photoshop filters and the orange/blue color scheme. The tagline reads: "A lost nuclear weapon. A mysterious Chinese artifact. A deadly Triad assassin. A dinosaur. Only one man stands in the way."]

Private to Tank Girl )

Private to Reilly Tyne )
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[The camera is pointed toward a handful of kids, probably around thirteen years old, dressed in karate uniforms and copious amounts of pads. Two are sparring on the matted floors--which some mike recognize belong to the School of Thunder. One kid moves swiftly, lashing out with moves from a variety of styles and never seeming to stand still for more than a moment. The other kid, however, stands her ground, letting the punches and kicks slam into her padded body but turning the moves against her opponent. The first kid launches a quick kick that slams into her opponent's side, but the second girl quickly grabs the leg and hurls her surprised sparring partner to the ground.

Off to the side stand Cass and Laura, observing their students. Cass seems to have something stuck in her eye. It's definitely not a tear of pride or anything. Her children just grow up so fast. Laura looks less emotional than Cass, though mostly because she looks slightly cross.]

not an ic cut due to length )

((purple = Laura
blue = Cass))


Jun. 5th, 2011 02:07 pm
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Movie got, uh... interrupted by dinosaurs. Think they added a scene where I punch one. Said it was a... free special effect.

Seagal hid in his trailer... the whole time.

[Private to Mia Dearden]

There is a... jacuzzi. But Seagal just sits in it. And eats cheeseburgers.

[Private to Steph and Charlie]

Going on a, um... road trip with Tank Girl... after prom. Want to come?


May. 17th, 2011 08:06 pm
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[Cass is staring at a script in her hands with something between disgust and anger. She can't read it, but she's staring at it with such intensity that maybe she's hoping that she'll discover that the porter gave her eye lasers to burn straight through it.]

I'm the bad guy.


Apr. 14th, 2011 01:20 pm
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I was training... in the park. A guy saw me. Said he, um, wanted me to be in... a movie. With, uh...

[She holds up a business card to the camera, which says "Robert Jones, Casting Director for Untitled Film starring Steven Seagal."]

Never, um, acted. Not sure I should.

[Private & Encrypted to Ted Kord]

Um. Hi. I, uh... have a question. About the Birds of Prey.
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[When she speaks, it's in a kind of forced calm, but there's clearly a lot of emotion she's trying to suppress.]

My dad is here.

...Be careful.


Nov. 12th, 2010 09:54 pm
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[Attempted private to Tank Girl, but actually completely public because Cass is technologically inept and forgot to close her parentheses or something]

Um. What are you, uh, supposed to do... on a date?
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Steph is here. Can she, uh... live with us?

[Don't mind the big, round puppy dog eyes looking into the camera.]
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[The sound of an electric razor can be heard, with Tank Girl and Cassandra speaking over it.]

Haha, oh man, I was just joking when I said that! But I guess y'must've gotten real fixated on the look... not that I'm complaining, this is gonna look GREAT on you...

Saw a, um... picture. Looked cool.

It does look cool. It's rad as hell. And you've got a good headshape for it, too. Girls get all the encouragement to do whatever with their hair, but they almost never really actually try something that really stands out. This is classic-different. If that makes sense.

Uh... I guess...

[The razor is turned off.]

I'm talking too much again, aren't I? Heh. Just excited. Only people's hair I get to cut are my own and Booga's. Anyway! That is - just - about - it! Just gotta stick the stuff in what's left to get it to stand up proper and.... there we go!


[The video flips on, showing Cass sporting a brand-new mohawk hairstyle, with Tank Girl reflected in the mirror, holding the camera and admiring her handiwork.]

green = Tank Girl
blue = Cass


Jun. 20th, 2010 01:44 pm
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[Cassandra is sitting at her desk with her head resting on her elbow. The camera is positioned to look over her shoulder, and in the background, a punching bag with a huge gash in the side hangs limply from the ceiling. She holds a dart in her hand, and tosses it toward a calendar on the opposite wall, effortlessly striking today's date. She repeats the task with a throwing star.]

I... hate Father's Day.

[She turns glumly toward the camera. Maybe someone would want to spar or go out and beat people up to make her feel better?]


Jun. 8th, 2010 08:04 am
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Stay away from Black Mask. Uh. Guy with a... black skull for a face. Likes to, um, torture and kill. Don't know his power. Could be... even worse.

[Private & Encrypted to Jason Todd]

Need to talk.


May. 25th, 2010 07:53 am
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[The distinct thumping sound of a fist slamming into something heavy is heard before anything is seen on the video feed. The camera finally comes into focus, showing a girl, familiar to some, assaulting a punching bag with such force that it flies up and almost touches the ceiling with each blow. Every now and then it smacks into something metallic off-screen. She pauses momentarily and wipes sweat from her forehead.]

Am back here. Not sure why.

[A strong, sudden kick sends the bag flying, and this time it actually does touch the ceiling with a thud. She resumes her attack, and with each blow of her fist or elbow, one imagines that it feels like earthquake tremors in the room above.

With one final elbow strike, the bag tears open, spilling sand across the floor. She stares at it with mixed emotions. On one hand, she managed to destroy a bag in record time. On the other, Babs is probably growing tired of buying punching bags that last about two days. After a couple seconds of thought, a cup of tea appears in her hand and she takes a sip.]

Do they make, um... concrete punching bags?

[Private to Barbara]

I'm back. Need to talk.

And why is there... a motorcycle in my room?

[She spins the camera around to show the mysterious object that her punching bag was banging against: Misfit's motorcycle, sitting right in the middle of the room.]
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[The camera seems to be haphazardly placed overlooking a street illuminated by a single streetlight. A gang of five large, menacing-looking men are backing a smaller man against the side of a building.

As the victim fumbles for his wallet in his back pocket, another figure drops down from the rooftop and lands between him and the muggers. In a blur of motion, the purple-costumed girl throws a kick that strikes one of the men in the side of the neck, sending him immediately to the ground. Another throws a haymaker at her, which she easily dodges and counters with a palm to his jaw.

The remaining three frantically pull their guns. The girl responds by producing two long swords, which she immediately uses to slice the barrels off two of the guns with incredibly swift and precise strikes. The third manages to pull the trigger, but as he does so, she smacks his hand downward with the blunt end of one of her swords, causing him to shoot one of his friends in the foot. With two strikes from the hilts of her swords and a final kick, the fight is over.

The intended victim scrambles away, and his costumed rescuer scales the side of the building before picking up the camera. She glances around for a moment before staring at the communicator with eyes completely obscured by red lenses.]

Don't recognize this city.

((Cass is undercover, see this for details.))


Feb. 28th, 2010 02:20 pm
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[Batgirl is sitting up in what appears to be a hospital bed. Her mask is on, but the rest of her costume has been discarded in favor of bandages that cover her chest and stomach. Her arms have various scars as well, but none of the injuries are fresh. She turns her body in order to pull herself out of the bed, but lets out a grunt and falls back against the pillow.]

This sucks.

[A hospital table is wheeled in front of her with her lunch. It seems to be some sort of... blob of meat loaf. She perks up a bit as she partially rolls up her mask and gets a big fork full of the mystery meat to shove into her mouth. She chews eagerly at first, but gets slower and slower until she finally forces herself to swallow.]

This... sucks.


Jan. 24th, 2010 04:12 pm
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[Cass, in costume but sans-cape, is locked in mortal combat with a punching bag. Her blows are swift and hard, causing the bag to rattle around noisily, probably to Babs's chagrin.]

Want to... [punch punch kick] ... know about... [slam chop thrust] ...your fighting styles.

[She strikes forward, fingers together like a spear, and puts her hand through the side of the punching bag. Sand begins to pour out, and she hangs her head. They just don't make 'em Cass-proof.]

...Need a, um, training partner.

Private to Barbara )

((ooc: I'll assume that all potential sparring will be handwaved, unless you really want to do a scene. Let me know!))


Jan. 15th, 2010 02:41 pm
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[The video feed switches on, showing a completely masked face staring into the camera. There's some commotion in the background, followed by a gruff male voice shouting "Get her!"]

Um. Is this--

[A pipe swings at her head and barely misses as she shifts a fraction of an inch to the side. The assailant stumbles behind her. Without removing her gaze from the camera, she delivers a quick elbow to the back of his neck with her free arm. A loud thud punctuates his disappearance from the screen.]

Not Bludhaven.

[There's a growl from off-camera, causing her to look away for a moment.]

Hold on.

[The screen is a blur of motion, and finally unceremoniously hits the ground face-up. A thug steps over the screen, swinging at someone off-camera. A gloved hand catches the fist, and two extended fingers strike his forearm with pinpoint precision and lightning speed. He lets out a brief cry of pain as the costumed girl moves forward to strike. She pulls back her arm and clenches her fist and poof! There is suddenly what looks like a teacup in her hand. She pauses ever-so-briefly, and then smashes the cup into her target's face. She steps back and picks up the communicator, staring into it inquisitively.]

Where... am I?

Uh... [There's a brief pause, and another cup of tea appears in her free hand.] ...huh.


Sep. 13th, 2009 07:40 pm
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[Batgirl's holding the communicator out in front of her, dressed in her costume, cowl and all]

Hi? Recording? [she pauses, tilts the communicator, and then seems satisfied] Okay, good.

Voice... not helpful. Don't know city. Not Gotham.

Shouldn't be outside.

Need... help? Heroes? Don't mind helping. Fought crime before. Just—confused.

+ooc )
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How do you talk to a friend about... a personal issue? Sensitive one? ... Weight. (Theirs.)

(Ice cream.)
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Known areas under attack:

Monsters have exhibited powers such as energy blasts, flight, super strength, and being able to shrug off bullets. Move in groups. Do not fight alone. Use this post to find others near you and join forces.

Safe areas for healers and other helpers to set up:

These areas will need guards as well.

And please remember we have an emergency response team.

EDIT: Backup Needed
- the Initiative at the porter
- #16878346 and #18742908 at [location]
- #16949780 at [location] (guns ineffective)
- Booster Gold and Skeets at [location]
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As a note: Moon Knight is gone.

I will deal with anything that needs to be dealt with after Robin III is found.
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Hello, newcomers. Enclosed is a list of teams and people active in the City. If you have decided to patrol, you may not want to do so alone due to an anti-mutant aggressor's known tendency to abduct younger heroes.

Any news on the Godzilla front? (Please don't make Blue Beetle do everything.)

team rosters - please check to make sure I have everything correct, as it has been a while )
Thank you to Robin III for helping me write this.

Private :: Catwoman )
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Are all the centipedes gone?

Is there anything else to kill?

[ooc: this post is traceable to yanagi's comm that she left behind. batgirl is undercover, shh.]
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For those of you forming teams, please let me know who you are so I can add you to the rosters. A name and a leader would be helpful, but aren't necessary. Also, here are some people looking for teams:
  • Silk Spectre II
  • Green Arrow
  • Spider-Woman
  • Captain Keyblade
  • Takezo Kensai
For already existent teams, noting your preferred patrol areas of the city would be helpful. Please see that some individual operatives have chosen areas as well.

Juston suggested we create a concrete list for known villains. Please make sure I haven't... missed anyone.
  • Carnage
  • Bullseye
  • Shriek
  • edit: Dr. Horrible

Private :: Spider-Man [older] )
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He is tall, wields a huge knife, and has a pyramid for a head. Violent, dangerous, inhuman, and capable of altering the nearby environment through possibly supernatural means. Do not engage - leave the area immediately and alert the community with his last known whereabouts. His presence disrupts communicator frequencies, and may interfere with other technology. You must leave the area and contact the community immediately.
— disappearance of civilians and students over December
— giant ... insects?

standard organizational stuff - the rosters, etc. SOME OF THIS WAS WRITTEN BY ROBIN, CAN YOU TELL )

Private :: Alphonse )
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Please look at these team rosters and correct any inaccurate information.

the rosters )

Feel free to continue signing up. We'll try to organize people into the group that suits them best, and/or create new groups. If independent, list your preferred area of patrol (if any). DISCLAIMER: we are only organizers, not authorities.

Thank you to Robin for helping me write this.

((OOC: Sorry if I got anyone's name/alias wrong, or have a name/alias that Batgirl shouldn't know. Just poke me in the eye and I'll fix it. ♥))


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