Feb. 28th, 2013 02:46 pm
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Soooooooo...that was pretty crazy, huh? I mean, whole city of robots and trapping all their nature in those little bubbles and all those really cool buildings...

And the skrulls of course. Man. I was really hoping we were done with the skrull thing.

[Bad memories all around with those stupid aliens.]

So you guys think this is gonna be like, a thing now? I mean, us randomly getting dropped in other universes then brought back home? Here-home not...you know, wherever we originally came from.

This is gonna get confusing isn't it? We'll have to start like...numbering them or something. I wonder if we'll go to other people's universes? Not just robot universe but like...mine or like, some other imports?

That'd be sort of neat, as long as we came back...

[Charlie might be relieved to be back and rambling at this point.]

So, uh...everyone back in one piece and stuff? Other than the screaming naked Rin, I mean, though I guess she's 'alright.' Sort of.

We're just not missing anybody right? I bet it'd suck to get stuck in robot world forever..
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[Charlie is standing in the center of the screen in her apartment when she appears, in a blue blouse and black skirt, and she waves, smiling brightly.]

Hey guys! This is kind of a ...public service announcement sort of thing but not really about something totally important! See this is-

[She frowns off screen.]

You have to actually be in view Kat!

[There's a groan off screen.] I guess I kind of have to, don't I...

[And then a girl with dark skin and blonde hair sidles into the frame, one arm reaching across her stomach to idly grab at the other arm. She seems uncomfortable, but manages a nervous-looking smile at the camera.]
H-hi there!

Right, great. This is Kat! [Charlie throws a hand out as if to indicate her.]

She's awesome and cool and everyone should want to be her friend. And she's pretty, and she has this really neat gravity powers.

But! And you may not believe this, she has never been on a date before! Ever!

[She whispers a bit too loudly.] You didn't have to be so blunt about it--

[And then she just looks at the camera and waves a bit awkwardly.]

Well how else was I going to put it?

[She rolls her eyes and looks back at the camera.]

Anyway! She's awesome and cool and needs a date? So who's interested?

[A beat.]

Oh right! We're pretty sure she's eighteen or so, so kinda around there's the age we're looking for here, and...uh, don't be a creeper. Or evil. Evil's a big turn off, okay?

Yeah, if I could avoid anyone evil that'd be really great.

[She takes a deep breath for courage and looks at the camera, her smile growing more genuine if no less nervous.] I like cats and stuffed animals and like high-up places with nice views, and taking long baths and reading magazines, and think that--

[Oops. She timed that wrong. The feed shuts off.]

[ooc: Blue is Charlie, Red is Kat, they'll both be answering this!]


Sep. 3rd, 2012 04:11 pm
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[Charlie is sitting on a bench outside of one of the buildings for City University, her phone cradled in a text book she is supposed to be reading. She looks somewhere between tired and annoyed and puzzled, with recent announcements of deaths weighing on her, but she's trying to go through things like normal.]

So I started college last week.

[She says this the way someone else might say 'So I contracted polio' last week, and probably thinks about it the same way.]

It's all core classes and junk now and I guess they're alright? English 101 and Psych 101 and...some other crap nobody cares about but you have to take before you take the classes you want, right? Not that I know what those are...

But like...a third of my classmates don't show up? I know I don't have the best record ever for school attendance...uh...by miles...but people are paying a fortune to go to this school shouldn't they want to...I don't know...be there?

[Poor kid from a poor life, wasting that much money is genuinely insulting to her.]

It seems like a total waste.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 02:09 pm
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[Charlie is moving through the apartment, frowning at a spot just out of frame. After a second her eyes flick to the screen.]

Has anyone seen Cassandra Cain? She's this kick ass Asian girl who doesn't talk much? You know her from all the awesome?

I can't find her anywhere.

[And she doesn't want to admit the obvious, it would seem.]

Filtered to Reilly )


Mar. 15th, 2012 09:08 pm
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Okay, so...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to like, ask this or just muddle through and hope I don't screw it up or anything cause that would suck, but...

It's just, Babs isn't here and Helena isn't here and...none of the adults I know back home are here and I'd usually ask them probably but I can't and I'm not sure who here to ask so I figure I'd just ask everybody cause somebody has to know, right?

[There's a little pause where she remembers to breath and collects her thoughts.]

Okay. So. At the end of the month is my birthday, right? Only it's not just like any birthday cause, cause I'm turning eighteen which is like WOAH Milestone kind of a big deal thing and I've never done it before, I mean, obviously, sort of a once in a lifetime moment and I don't wanna like, mess it up or do the wrong thing or miss something or...

I mean I haven't even gotten a driver's license yet!

[Another breath. Someone's a tad nervous. Hence the rambling.]

Uhm. Right. Anyway, uhm. What I mean is, is there anything I have to do? When I turn eighteen?

You know. Important stuff. Earth shattering stuff. When you turn eighteen THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD EXPECTS OF YOU sort of stuff.

'cause I dunno what that stuff would be...


Dec. 26th, 2011 07:54 pm
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[Charlie is in an absolute panic when she appears on the screen. Despite it being late afternoon, she's still in her pajamas, and she looks...frazzled. Hair's messed up, eyes swollen from crying. She's standing in the middle of batgirl house, and she rubs at her eyes before she manages to talk.]

I...I looked everywhere, I mean, everywhere, everywhere she goes, everywhere she could be...I, her phone is here, it's in her...in her room and I just...she's not here!

[She looks around as if expecting something to change. Cass has been the only real constant for Charlie since she arrived. Babs left, all the Bats bounced in and out constantly, Josh disappeared, even May had vanished for a bit. But Cass was always there. And now...now she wasn't.]

Has anyone...I mean...[Charlie is back to looking at the camera.] Has anyone seen Cass? Cassandra Cain? I just...I mean, I can find people. I don't mean to find people I just...I can. And I can't. She's...

[She lets out a sudden breath and seems to wilt, and it looks like she's probably about to start crying again.]

...I think she's gone.

[Before she can start to cry her hand darts out to shut off the phone.]


Dec. 19th, 2011 02:40 pm
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[Charlie is curled up on the couch in her pajamas, with a bowl of cereal. She frowns at the phone, which seems to be sitting on her knee.]

Babs is gone. Uh. Barbara. Gordon, I mean. If anyone...she wasn't here long this time, I don't know how many people talked to her anything but she's...gone. Again. Of course.

Great Christmas present, right?

[The teen looks like she might say something else, but after a few seconds she just shakes her head, sighs and reaches out to turn the feed off.]

[Filtered to Bat-Family (yes Carrie you're still on this) a few minutes later. Charlie's back in Oracle's computer room now, curled up in the desk chair and lit by the monitors glowing around her.]

I guess I'm back on computer duty till she comes back. If she comes back. So let me know what you need and junk.


Sep. 16th, 2011 12:40 pm
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[Charlie is perched on a stool in the kitchen at Batgirl House, absently looking through a recipe book when she turns her phone on. She gives a little grin and a wave at the screen.]

So, I have this really random urge to cook something I've never, ever cooked before. And I know people here are from like, everywhere and everywhen and other crazy things so I am looking for suggestions! And recipes.

[She pauses for a second.]

But not anything gross! ...Like no bugs. Or fish. Or cauliflower. Not-gross stuff only, please!


No lima beans either.

[Encrypted to the GODDAMN BATMAN.]

...Hey I've got that information you wanted.
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[Charlie is in her pajamas as she appears on the screen, with a cereal spoon in her mouth, her eyes looking at something on a nearby screen. Judging from the light and the room, she's in Oracle's old command center, poking at her computers.]

hny nuys...

[She stops and tugs the spoon out of her mouth, dropping it in her cereal bowl off-screen, and then smiles faintly.]

Sorry, hey guys. Uhm. I'm not really sure what it means, but O's computers are telling me...something...

[She leans forward as if she's trying to work something out, frowning at the screen.]

I think...it's like, the system thinks somebody is listening to our calls? Even the private stuff. But...not the encrypted stuff...maybe?

[More frowning, and the tapping of some keys as she reads through whatever it was the machines had told her when she'd woken up.]

I'm not sure, but that's what it looks like. If anybody wants to take a look at it and check, you can. But I guess maybe we should use encryptions for a while instead of just private calls?

At least until whatever is going on is found. I think the computer is trying to track it down, no luck so far...

[She shrugs and waves.]

That's it. Later!



May. 17th, 2011 09:06 pm
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[Charlie looks a bit mopey, curled up on her bed, staring at the camera.]

So! Who wants to skip the stupid prom with me? We could like, go to the movies or sit around eating junk food and playing video games or like...anything else really. Just not going to the stupid prom!

[Yeah. Certainly a bit mopey.]
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[Charlie looks rather worried when she appears on the screen. She's standing in the kitchen of Oracle house, not in her costume.]

Has anyone seen, uhm...a tiny Asian girl and a tiny blonde girl? Steph and Cass, uh...kid Cass and kid Steph, I mean, they uh...


kinda escaped. After destroying half of steph's wardrobe, actually...I think they made costumes.

Anybody? Please? I've been looking everywhere.

Private to Selina )


Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:19 pm
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[Charlie is sitting on the floor in a bedroom that is not her own, but Josh's. She's leaning her back against the edge of his bed, and she looks...dissheveled, like she has been crying but has managed to wipe away most of the traces of it. She's holding something in her hand, another network phone, turning it over and over as she talks.]

Uhm. ...Has anybody seen Josh? I...we were supposed to meet for breakfast and he didn't show up and he didn't answer his phone and, and I've been looking everywhere, I can usually find anybody, I just...I go where they are but he's...

[She sucks in a breath, her eyes a bit wide and glassy, her face going flush for a moment.]

I don't know where he is! Someone must have seen him? He...doesn't have his phone with him...I...

[She rubs at her eyes to try and clear them again.]

I'm getting kind of worried...


Feb. 16th, 2011 05:26 pm
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[Charlie looks a little distant as she considers the phone. It's the first time she's done anything besides comment on other people's since she got shot, and she's not sure if she should say anything about it. Instead she just...doesn't. She waves faintly.]

Is anyone here really good at drawing? I mean really good? With pencils. I mean like...if I described someone, could you get every little detail?


Feb. 7th, 2011 07:02 pm
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Okay, this whole walking thing everybody else has to do? I don't know how you can stand it. I mean, seriously, getting places takes forever! It's a ten minute walk just to get a cheeseburger. And it's not even a very good cheeseburger. Seriously.

[Charlie is walking along a street in the early evening as she talks, a paper bag tucked under one arm and her phone held out in front of her in the other. She looks annoyed, but not in any serious way...just not being able to bounce whenever she wants without sneezing has made her rather grumpy.]

How do you guys deal with it? I can't imagine having to wait twenty minutes just to get to class in the morning. Ooh, shortcut.

[She turns off the street, heading down a narrow sidestreet that's probably mostly an alleyway, and then out into an empty lot between several tall buildings, talking all the way.]

I guess it's not so bad when I get to ride my motorcycle, you know? But it seems kinda lame to drag it out just to go like, eight blocks. And walking isn't really that bad, it just takes forever and-


[The sound seemed echoed off the walls, and was followed by the quiet, buzzing hiss of something moving incredibly fast and incredibly close to the phone. Charlie's eyes go wide and the screen fills with pink as she bounces. A few seconds later it fades back in to show her standing behind a poll, on the far side of the parking lot, still holding her bag of food. Running far away has never really been one of her strong suits.]

Dude, somebody just shot at me! I think the-


OOC-Cut for violence. )

[ooc: Charlie will not be responding to this for at least two hours, game-time. Feel free to panic.]


Feb. 3rd, 2011 09:02 pm
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[Charlie looks completely miserable. She's sprawled out on her bed, in her pajamas, with a box of tissues next to her, an empty box of tissues a bit further down the bed, and a trashcan full of tissues on the floor. Her nose is red, her hair is messed up, and her eyes have that slightly glassy look that comes with too much sneezing.]

Sneezing SUCKS.

[She declares this quiet firmly as she stares at her phone.]

I can't stop. I've been sneezing for hours. Every couple minutes I just...it just...it won't stop.

Whoever is doing this, this magic, this field...whatever thing...I think I hate you.

[Her eyes flare for a second and she ducks her head off screen, and after a moment there's a loud sneeze, followed by a sigh. Without saying anything else she reaches out to turn the phone off.]


Jan. 16th, 2011 08:38 pm
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[The phone clicks on to show a relatively normal looking stretch of mountainous desert and a little unidentifiable town. It shifts a bit as the hold points it around, showing features here and there, and then finally it turns to show Charlie, in a jacket, sitting on a rock on the side of a rugged hill.]

So I know I'm totally not the best student ever when it comes to stuff like history and geography but...like...

They said this is Southwestern Phoenicia. There's almost a million people here! But it so wasn't here like, a week ago. I had to learn about African countries last semester and I am absolutely sure it wasn't here.

So...what the heck?

[She turns the camera back and shows a bit more of the area before she clicks it off.]
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[Charlie is bouncing in place and waving. It looks like she's somewhere in the stacks in the library at the institute.]

I was thinking, cause there's like, so MANY of us here. You know what we need? A CHRISTMAS PARTY!

An awesome Christmas Party. Like, a family party, right? With all the bat...people. Bat associates. Batsociates? Bat-Family!

Hey that kinda works...

I've been thinking about it ALL DAY while I was supposed to be doing that project for school and I think I figured out everybody we'd have to invite? It's like, like...eleven people or something. Maybe? But some of it's gonna be tricky! Or...like, involve trickery...

Cause like, the four of us, right? And then Babs of course, and Dick, and Carrie, cause she's cool and a Robin. And that Jason guy, 'cause he used to be Robin but I don't know if he'd come? And Catwoman...just, cause! And Helena cause I mean like, she's not from our world but she's still Huntress plus like, the whole parent thing...

And that Future bat! Does anybody know him? I only talked to him once but I mean, he should count, right?

But...there's a hitch. 'cause...

....I have absolutely no idea how to get Batman to show up. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. At all. Cass and Tim, you guys could maybe trick him into coming, right? 'cause you're like, kids to him... Does he have a favorite pie? I can totally learn how to bake it...

[And now there's more grinning.]

So! You're with me, right? This'll be great!


Nov. 6th, 2010 11:13 am
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[Charlie's phone is sitting on a table or chair in her little vampire lair, and she's standing in the middle of the room, still in her dress and cloak, though both are a bit wrinkled now. There's a big smile on the pale teen's face, and she turns and hurries across the room suddenly, over to one of the windows she had covered in heavy curtains, and she reaches up and yanks them down.]

[The morning sun bursts into the room, and she smiles brightly, standing in it. It also apparently wakes up Josh, who was asleep in a pile of blankets on the couch.]

Whoops. Sorry Josh!
But hey, not a vampire anymore!

[This is addressed towards the camera as much as towards her boyfriend, and her smile gets wider, if that's possible. Her skin is back to its normal paleness, and she just seems...better.]

I woke up this way this morning...not sure when I fell asleep last night...But I feel...me again. It's great! I'm not sure why...and it's just me...

[Her smile fades.]

I went to check on May, she's still all..vampirey so I let her go back to sleep. Uh. I'm not sure what happened, but...sorry to the people I freaked out and stuff...

[ooc: Charlie's healing factor FINALLY kicked in. So she's getting better a day or two ahead of everybody else. This is posted Saturday morning, in case I'm late.]


Nov. 5th, 2010 06:42 pm
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[When Charlie appears on the screen, she's out of costume...sort of. She's actually in a completely different costume, which is apparently a long black cloak ontop of a rather fetching black dress. Her skin is very pale, even for her usual red-headed self, and the dim lights where she is only accentuates it. And she's wearing make-up! Mostly just red lipstick and purple eyeshadow, but still.]

[In fact, wherever she is, she's covered all the windows with black curtains...though it's light outside because the curtains seem to glow faintly from the sun outside. There are candles scattered about, all lit, and several rather-in-bad-taste gothic type pictures hanging on the wall. There's quiet, dreary piano music in the background, setting the mood presumably. Charlie herself is perched on the edge of a chair, smiling pleasantly. Charlie can do vampire, but apparently she can't do emo.]

Greetings City. Would anyone care to...come and visit this evening? I'm feeling quite...peckish.

[Yes, she said that in a not-quite-awful fake transylvanian accent. For her friends and family, nobody has actually seen Charlie in around 48 hours, and she hasn't been home or at school. If they called her, she answered evasively and hung up, saying she was busy. Apparently, she was creating a lair somewhere.]


Oct. 21st, 2010 02:53 pm
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So, like, all these people who have been turned into animals...that is what's going on, right? I mean, they're using their own phone things and they can type and stuff...

Should we find them? I mean, what if they're stuck like this? They can't open fridges or stop people from hurting them and stuff...if we rounded them up and kept them somewhere safe we could figure out how to fix them without having to worry....
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So, uh. What do you if you saw someone doing something, right? And it like, totally hurt to see and you got real angry about it, and totally freaked out and maybe yelled at them a little bit and then...like...

It turned out it was something else? It just really, really looked like what you thought it was? Except...it wasn't...

Like...uh. I guess I need to...say I'm sorry? Or can I just buy them a candy bar or something?
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[It's twenty minutes to a half an hour after this post. When the screen flicks to life, Misfit is standing in pretty much the same spot the Joker was. She's in-costume, and has a rapidly healing bruise on her left cheek.]

[Behind her, two thugs can be seen lying on the floor, and the women that Joker had kidnapped are all still sitting in the same chairs as before, though they aren't tied up anymore. They look pretty shook up, a couple of them are crying, but they seem to as unharmed as they were when Joker left.]

[Misfit grins at the screen and waves.]

Hey! Uhm. I freed those woman that the Joker was ranting at, he only left a couple useless thugs and I totally unleashed a ton of Dark Vengeance on them.

[She points her phone at the unconscious thugs, and then at the women.]

But they're like, way shaken up and everything so I need some cops and I guess some ambulences? Or like...a shrink. Do Shrink's go to crime scenes? Uhm.

[She turns the camera back to herself.]

I'm at -location- and I'll wait till someone else gets here. And like...some backup might be nice, you know...In case he comes back...

[Private to Oracle]

I'm sorry! I couldn't just leave them like that! I totally waited for Joker to leave though!


Jul. 10th, 2010 12:23 am
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[Charlie is bumming around Oracle's tower, now that Babs is back and the building has stopped trying to eat them. She has an absent smile on her face, and she waves at the camera.]

Does anybody have a space suit I could borrow? You know, the whole astronaut 'thing' with the oxygen supply and the big mirror-helmet and the really white poofy arms and legs and stuff?

Or really, any space suit, I'm not picky!
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[This is filtered to Charlie, May, Ema, Anya, Cassandra and Dinah. Teenage girls, unite!]

[Charlie waves at the screen when it comes on. She's sitting in the living room of Oracle's Decoy House, and behind her May can be seen lounging in one of the chairs watching the television.]

Hey guys! If you can see this you are totally invited to the slumber party we're having on Wednesday night! It's just the six of us right now, and yes Cass, you're coming whether you like it or not. [Charlie smirks.]

We were thinking, if anyone wanted to invite any other girls around our age, that'd be cool? But let us know first! And like...no villains or anything that would probably be pretty awkward.

But yeah! We're gonna, you know, stay up and eat crap and watch bad movies and play games and...uh. Other stuff? I'm sure there's other stuff! So like...let us know if you're coming and everything or if you've got any ideas or stuff, you know? Or if you wanna bring something!

If you want someone to come too, lemmie know and I'll add them to the filter so they can see this, kay?

[She waves again and closes the connection.]


Jun. 27th, 2010 03:55 pm
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[Charlie is sitting in her room, messing with her computer, and has her phone resting on the desk next to her so it shows a bit of her but mostly the ceiling. She leans over to wave at it.]

I have a question. Does anyone have any like...game suggestions for a slumber party? You know, fun stuff! Silly, goofy, but totally awesome stuff!

And you pervs I know are out there don't need to answer.
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[When the video flickers to life, it shows Misfit standing on a street in the city, peering up at a nearby building. Her eyes are wide, and her face is a mixture of wonder and confusion.]

Huh. Helena is so going to yell at me...

[The video rotated as she turned in a circle...and then suddenly there's a flash of pink light and when the image steadies it shows Misfit again, but now it's cloud's and the sky above her head. Another spin, and a frown, and then another flash of light.]

[This time she's standing in a park, and then there's another flash and she's standing on the median of a highway. Another flash and she's in the desert, in front of the Sphinx, though the image is a bit grainy.]


[Bounce! And now she's on a street where the signs are neon colors and covered in Japanese words. A rather surprised looking man in a corner is staring at her, and she waves at him.][Flash, and now she's back on the street where she had started, frowning at the screen again.]

Okay, so, uh. I'm Misfit? And, uh...they said this is an alternate dimension or...something, I'm not really sure...but, uh...what am I supposed to do now? 'Cause I was supposed to go to school tomorrow...

[There's a little pause, and she actually grins faintly.]

Ooh, I guess 'alternate dimension' is a good reason to skip...


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