May. 24th, 2012 08:41 pm
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[oh no it's a dreaded accidental video. the camera's propped up on a table, Chell's sitting in a blue sports bra hunched over a sudoku puzzle (and hot damn there are a decent amount of scars on her body, the girl's decked out with remnants of bullet wounds).  a raven hops into frame from behind the communicator and nudges its head next to Chell as though to look at the puzzle she's working on.

and since ravens are smart little buggers this is actually not an accidental video because it totally intentionally turned the feed on. why, exactly?

well, because there's background music playing from no identifiable source.

the video feed continues even as the music stops.

after that that is nothing but the sound of silence. and a pen scratching against paper.


May. 17th, 2012 10:53 pm
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haven't heard from Her.

so it's common then, coming and going. wonder if i'll go back.

[AND THEN THERE'S A BREAK FROM THAT TEXT. the next one pops up a few minutes later.]

i hope not.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:26 pm
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[see Chell.

see Chell looking like a dirty hobo having been living in the parks of the City on-and-off for a little over a week or so. she looks tanner, her hair is a bit of a mess, and there's a smudge of dirt on her forehead.

she's inside what looks to be her apartment now, and from the looks of it, she didn't exactly mean to turn on her communicator, as she's looking away for the moment at something at the far end of the room. she's in a sports bra and from the distant sound of water running she was probably prepping for a shower or something.

Hey ugly!

[it's a masculine-sounding voice, and considering Chell is both a girl and her lips aren't moving, it can't be her voice. there's a certain "off-ness" to it, but it sounds human enough...]

ooc cut )
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[the image comes on and it's obviously being handled by someone who has a vague knowledge as to how technology works, but isn't entirely confident in using a communication device. it's dark, the image shows a person from the nose down to the upper half of her chest where the words APERTURE can be seen on a white tank top.

she hasn't left the porter building. in fact, from the looks of how her breathing is soft and stilled, it appears as though she's...hiding.

this image remains for about another minute or so, and there's a frown and 
a frustrated chewing of the lower lip. the camera pans up as she continues to examine the device. there are tired blue eyes

a clicking sound, and then there's text.

that wasn't Her Voice.

[for whatever reason, this seems to concern the stranger, and her jaw sets. she must have this device for a reason. there must be someone reading what she's typing.

if not, then at least now she could have something to bide her time when she waits for...something. anything. she doesn't know what.


is anyone there?


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