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Aug. 1st, 2012 10:11 pm
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 [Because Lucy made me do it Because it's a tradition Because this is what he has been doing all monthThe communicator turns to life and it's just pitch darkness for a few seconds before a muttered swear cuts in. There's light as Daimon stands up and throws the communicator onto the coffee table where it lands on a . He sits back down on the sofa, a bowl of cereal in his lap. He's not wearing a shirt (let's face it, he never wears a shirt), but at least he remembered to put on sweat pants before turning the communicator on by accident with his butt.

For another hour, if anyone bothered to watch that long, Daimon is eating cereal, walking around, doing the dishes, watching TV, laughing at Friends, and picking his fingernails. When he finally picks up the communicator, he notices it is on, but doesn't think that a video is broadcasting on the Network

I hate you.

[The communicator is finally turned off.]

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  [For a second, it’s just fire until a pair of red eyes and white sharp teeth come into focus. Whoever this is, he looks like the devil ready to smite some mortals. When he speaks, it’s an angry growl.]

Is this it? Is this all you’ve got? A machine? Why don’t you show your face, you half-brained coward.

You think you can fuck with the SON OF SATAN? The Son of Satan?! I’m not here to play your games, asshole. Show yourself before I start firing up this whole city, you son of a--

[The flames flicker as something comes over him.]

What...that...it’s not possible. How are they--

FUCK you AND your fucking magic. You think you can hide Hell from me? I am Hell, baby.I will find you and I will light your ass on fire so hot you’ll be smelling burnt flesh for the rest of your fucking life.

[The flames recede, revealing a man with pointy ears and sharp teeth and amber eyes. A pentagram is flashing hot on his chest.]

Glad we had this talk.


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