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[ the first few seconds of this post is utter chaos. there are chickens everywhere. the clucking nearly drowning out the dulcet harmonies of coolio before whoever was filming swears and retreats, slamming the door behind them. clucking can still be heard. it's a few minutes before things come anywhere close to settling into silence.

then there's a breathless chuckle, and the comm gets flipped to show the face of a man in a domino mask. hello, network. ]

Free apartment, they said. Worth a look, they said. But somehow filled with chickens escaped mention. Typical. How else do you get a free apartment in the city?

[ there's a pause. the newcomer scratches the back of his head, then offers up a wide smile to the lens. ]

So, your friendly neighborhood Nightwing's arrived. What exactly calls for a hero around here?

ooc | all replies will come from the nightwing comm.
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[ the feed opens on Dick in pajama pants and not much else, sweeping the remains of what looks like a pile of shattered glass off the kitchen floor and into a dustpan. From what’s visible on the comm the maintenance in the rest of the room is pretty long overdue. ]

For those days when an industrial strength vacuum cleaner just won’t get the job done.

[ yeah he’s looking pretty pleased with himself as he tosses the glass into a larger pile of destroyed beyond repair household debris. He’s on a roll, city. ]

Funny the way a two-week battle with tropical flu changes your perspective on things, but I’ve been thinking more and more about hiring some help around here. Maybe just a couple of days of week, to help with the backlog when I can’t be around in the evenings. Which if I’m honest has been pretty much every night for months now. [ and there’s a thoughtful little frown while he tugs off the rubber gloves he’s wearing. This is serious business. ]

For us I think having somebody else in the house is gonna be a little weird no matter what, just because our experience back home is so unique. But I guess acknowledging that you need the help somebody else used to provide is a way to remember the things they gave you as long as they could.

Or at least I hope he’d see it that way. [ The pause goes on a little long, almost long enough to start edging into awkwardsauce territory before he shakes off the feeling and starts tugging on another set of gloves instead. ]

And actually that reminds me, has anybody heard from Elektra Natchios lately?

encrypted to the Batfam + Kara )
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[ this video opens to an off angle, definitely roofside view of the side of somebody’s black, neatly serrated boot. There’s a tone to the voice that’s speaking too; a little defensive and embarrassed. Oh dear. ]

-ust saying it can’t be that bad. You know the belt’s different for a reason.

[ the voice that answers is hesitant, yet somewhat appeasing. also incredibly awkward. ]

And it's a nice belt. Really. It's terrific. The entire costume looks [ a strained pause ] really good on you…?

[ yup, that totally sounded like a question. ]

How about once more with feeling? [ this is probably the world’s most passive aggressive statement. There’s a shuffle of a cape and the comm shifts just far enough to show Batman perched up bird-style on the narrow ledge of the roof they’re standing on, wearing what looks like a regular old batsuit. He’s already got the batgoggles out and trained on whatever’s down below. Helena, you’re so out of the loop. ] I’m a big boy, Huntress. It’s fine if you don’t like it.

Right, fine. [she sighs, joining him on the ledge in a flutter of purple and blue. you're not making this any better, Dick. gosh.] I never said I didn't like it. It's not what I'm used to, that's all.

I swear the progression makes sense if you can see where it’s been. [ whatever he’ll cling to the impression that it’s the costume she’s weirded out by. And yep he’s starting to move his hips a little back and forth to some offbeat internal rhythm only he seems aware of. ]

But that’s not to say I don’t spend half my time in this thing missing how breathable the old one was. You know how much physicality it takes right out the equation in a fight? [ he’s dropping the goggles down off one eye, but not to look at Helena. ]

And that reminds me of something. sob cut for tl;dr )

[ bold is Helena, unbold is Dick ]
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[ This is a sweeping view of the bay from a roof somewhere. There’s the water, there’s some buildings on the horizon, and there’s the water again. A big, empty, pretty decisively unoccupied space in the water. He zooms in, he zooms out, then stops it again on some seagulls flying through the empty space. ]

...Aand, there we go. Saved for posterity. [ Some suspiciously blue-gloved fingers block the view while the comm settles somewhere more stable, and that’s definitely... not Batman who flips up and over the edge of that conveniently placing railing to perch up on the gutter, there. But the disconnect seems a little lost on him as he offers up a friendly little salute. ‘Sup city. ]

...So, wow. I sure walked right into that one, huh Danny? Nothing like swooping down and seeing... not only the Tower but an entire island missing right of the bay. Personally I think I would have gone the extra mile and set up a few cameras instead of planting a portable one on the punch line, but who knows. Maybe you were betting that I would’ve found ‘ em by now. Thanks, by the way. [ HE’S SO CLEVER. ]

Anyway. Joke’s over. I’m actually in pretty dire need of a bathroom that doesn’t smell like a rendering plant, so I’m afraid I’m gonna need my hideout back before the statue of limitations on hilarious April’s Fools jokes runs out. Or I swear I’m calling your mom again.

...Actually no, scratch that. Donna’s calling your mom. [ there’s a winningly unpleasant smile for the camera. And he’s holding his wrist out while he fiddles with the watch in full view of the comm, apparently to show off some ancient, bright green, garish looking digits. Nine minutes, fifty-seven seconds and counting. ]

...Seriously. Tower’s back before this zeroes out, or you’re sitting in the corner while the rest of us eat ice cream. And I’m throwing the Atari out the window.

[ ooc: so due to Calender Man's April Fool's plot Dick has been canon rewound two and a half decades to his Discowing era! With no city memories intact, since none of that stuff has happened to him yet OH WOE ]
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[ Dick’s cross-legged on the floor in a large and spacious looking office that probably bears more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Wayne’s, for those who’ve been there. There's several open filing cabinets arranged in the foreground and what seems to be a whole lot of loose paper set in piles all around where the comm has been placed. It’s a mess, city. And so is he; all uncombed hair and unprofessional, wrinkled looking T-shirt. ]

So as... Jessica helpfully pointed out this much radio silence is a little excessive even for Tim. And since nobody’s turned up anything in the last two weeks that would give me a reason to worry like I’m probably going to anyway I’m considering the private investigation closed. On Stephanie Brown too.

[ Sigh. He scrubs the one good hand through his hair and then just sort of leaves it there. It’s been a long, long day. ]

...Which I guess actually does make me the- very temporary acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Until Bruce is ready to take the reigns back.

Now admittedly I haven’t kept up with the roster since I left back in... September? So now would be the time to give me a shout-out if you do happen to actually work for me. And if you need a job and you can do... anything [ really really anything ] odds are I’ll take you right now.

So... door’s open. Come by. [ He leans forward to click the feed off, and bing! there’s an address attached. Action threads are a thing that can happen! ]

[private message encrypted to Zatanna] )
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[voice; batfiltered to the Batfam filter] )

[ public ]

...So. Honesty hour.

I'm... not a guy with powers to rely on when it would make the difference. I need facts to make accusations and I can’t let myself draw conclusions based on anecdotal evidence. Which is kind of a long way of saying that I know sometimes that approach leads to a whole lot of shortsightedness. And this... past week would be one those moments.

...But things change. I don’t have much, but what I do have is free. No strings, and no promises. I need help. And I’m betting you do too.

[ batcryption to Spider-Man ] )
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[ Gloved fingers tilt the comm sideways once the feed clicks on, and that’s definitely Batman grinning a little too close and broad to let in much of the scenery. Wherever he is, the stark, snowy whiteness surrounding him sure is dramatic. ]

How do you say Merry Christmas to the city that has everything?

Well you got a healthy sense of humor, Wing-a-ling, I'll give you that. Definitely wasn't learned from your dear daddy.

[ The comm shifts down a little and oh hey look there’s the Joker down underneath the side of one big, black, batboot; gift-wrapped Christmas present style in bright red ribbon. So classy. ]

Hey, squirt, do your old pal a favor, won't you? The ribbon chafes. [ that comment’s directed somewhere off screen, but Batman’s pretty quick to tilt the viewer again before it can catch more than a cursory view of Houston; sitting up back there but pretty visibly injured. Oops. He says something a little too faint for the comm to pick up on, and Batman laughs. ]

Yeah, um. About that...

[ the boot moves off Joker and Batman takes the opportunity to monopolize a little more facetime instead. Someone’s pretty damn proud of his bad self. ]

Give us a few hours and we’ll have him down at headquarters. Ready for booking just in the time for the holidays. [ aaand, a borderline glance down at the new prisoner: ]

You know you’re gonna make some bored intern’s winter break...

Oooh, sounds fun!
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[ Dick’s perched up on the arm of a bench somewhere surrounded by what seems to be a large crowd of milling people, a few of whom are definitely casting some vaguely curious judgmental looks from the background. Maybe because he’s also balancing what’s probably the biggest frozen turkey in the world down on the slats normal people would be sitting on. Seriously, this thing is huge. And cue awkward why me headscratch. ]

...Little late, I know. But if there’s any stragglers in the mood to help me eat, uh- [ hold up, label check ] ...thirty-two point three pounds of fowl, consider this an open invite for Thursday. Aiming for no leftovers, so. [ :c ]

...If anybody's got a killer recipe for a side that takes no prep time, feel free to pass it on.

[text encrypted to the Batfam yes Carrie you too :| ]

You’re in a need of a doctor’s note if you’re not planning on showing.

[text encrypted to Donna Troy, within five minutes ]

just did something stupid

[ filtered from Khisanth, the Joker, Harvey Dent, and the Major ]
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[When the comm turns on, it’s a little shaky at first but then Babs moves it to somewhat settle on her lap. The camera focuses on her and Dick, both laying on the same cot in the emergency clinic set up by Topher. Between the two of them they might have enough energy for an average person, but it’s plain to see that they’re severely lacking in that area. Babs herself still has blood on her shirt and Dick has it dried in streaks across the side of the arm that’s facing the comm. ]

Looks like we’re back right on time. [Babs’ usual snark is right in place as she smiles tamely, most definitely not a smirk.]

Shame we have to call a rain check on the welcome back party already. [ The view shifts a little again, a not-quite subtle movement that goes just far enough for Dick to slide the bloody arm up and out of the frame. ] ...But we thought we should say we’re okay. Little overdone, but, uh-

All in one piece. [Babs interrupts, glancing over at him briefly with a slight tilt of her head.]

What she said. [He’s trying on something like a genuine smile, while simultaneously avoiding that gaze pretty studiously. Oops.] ...Gonna head home and get some things packed pretty soon though, so if anybody wants to clue me in on who’s got Damian now I’d appreciate it.

[Babs honestly doesn’t have the energy to care that he’s avoiding her gaze and just shifts a little to settle against Dick a little more comfortably, leaning against his shoulder and verging on another nap. Still, she knows she needs to stay awake so she blinks a few times. Hopefully “soon” is very soon. Dick takes the cue and reaches cuts the feed. And almost a pause- ] -Thanks.
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120) – 140p

blond e
eatn alive 410am

multiple indgent victims likly

[ and tacked on at the end are some painstakingly precise coordinates leading to the spot where this woman died. There’s no body, but there should be blood and some other scattered evidence of her existence as well as the early part of Dick’s fight with Khisanth. Dick himself is no longer in the area, but his suit is wired to hit any batcomps he’s aware of with separate coordinates to his unmasked, partially eaten corpse the moment his vitals stop. No replies from him, kids. :c ]
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Open Offer of Employment


X Valid driver’s license
X Mechanical skills a plus
X Must do mornings
X Lots of patience
X Business attire
X Spell your own name

To Apply:

X Call
[Dick’s cell]
X Stop by the front desk for an application
X Informal interview at
[Wayne Foundation headquarters] with yours truly may or may not be a requirement

And for those of you who know Damian he’s hitting the big 11 in about forty-five minutes. Chocolate cake’s a little out of the question, but I know he’d appreciate some company sometime during normal waking hours tomorrow.

Just nobody tell him I said that.

[ ooc: Hallie should be putting up an open log for visiting injured Damian sometime tomorrow! In the meantime, those in the know will probably ping on the fact that said description above is actually. Dick's. current. job. D: ]
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( See Damian. See Damian in the doorway of his and Dick’s apartment. See Damian in the doorway of his and Dick’s suspiciously clean apartment. And not just clean, empty—everything is gone, and Damian’s holding a box holding his meager possessions. Someone’s moving out. )

Tt. In case any of you were planning on pestering us at this place anytime soon, don’t. We’re leaving. Grayson found us a new place, and it is mildly more acceptable than this one.

So don’t bother us.
( his expression is suddenly fierce. )

Damian, where did you put the- hey, you didn’t tell me it was face time.

( There’s a disembodied hand to match the new voice. A disembodied hand making an affectionate – verging on tousley - grab for Damian’s hair. Damian just edges away and grimaces. )

Imagine that. Apologies in advance for the mess, but uh- ( the comm’s being lifted up – and presumably dragged right out Damian’s hands – to provide a nice panning shot of the empty room. Hello, boxes. )

We’re hot footing it out of this dump. Which means we’re gonna need a couple of days to get our… four a half whole boxes of crap settled in the new place. But say, Friday-ish we’re gonna want to make up for lost time and celebrate, so consider this an open invitation to grab a dish and come on over. Or if you can’t cook, that’s fine, we’ll have something. Maybe Italian.

I’m not making anything--

( the comm shifts a little again to show Damian. He rolls his eyes in an exaggerated manner and then just cuts the feed. )

( filtered from known villains, red is Damian and blue is Dick, etc. etc. )
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I need to know who's seen Arsenal in the last 72 hours.

[ooc: as of this post and this log, Roy Harper has been off the grid and is presumably missing until further notice. :| OH NOES. ]
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[ Here’s a nice, panning view of the city’s skyline from a suspiciously lofty vantage point. The angle’s a little dizzying while the comm is moving, but oh hey look it’s the harbor down there. And some old, condemned looking buildings far across the water. Hello, pigeon poop. ]

Must be a sign the statute of limitations on similarities is about to expire, but that Laundromat they’re tearing down used to be my apartment. In, uh. New York.

[ The feed lingers on that for a few... verging on awkward seconds of silence before the view shifts again and there’s Dick in the frame suddenly - almost like an afterthought. If he’s looking a little more worn around the edges than he might have on another day, he’s not cognizant enough of the change to avoid the face time. Lucky you. ] Funny the way things sneak up on you. But, uh.

I’ve always thought it was pretty interesting that the list of luckless denizens who came with a few built-in points of comparison doesn’t end with people from my world. So tell me where you see home, when you're here. If there's anywhere you can go to see it at all. [ :| ]

encrypted to the Batfamily )

[ooc: so this would be Dick’s super stealthy CRAP GUYS IT’S BEEN A YEAR post. Replies a little delayed ICly, cause he's in a mood. :c ]
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[Have Dick in a loose T-shirt, standing in the middle of what seems to be the main living area of an extremely poorly furnished apartment. There’s a large and obvious hole in the wall above the sofa, and the remains of a shattered and badly mangled lamp strewn across the cushions. Oh dear.]

I'm in need of some objective thoughts on the school system from anybody falling into the kid-leaning masses. Academics, college track, that kind of thing. Healthy socialization. Anything.

[...POTENTIALLY SHIFTY PAUSE. While he runs a hand through that artfully mussed hair.]

-And maybe also where imports tend to fit in best.

[text encrypted to Damian Wayne] )

[video + text encrypted to Lyra Silvertongue] )

[text encrypted to Stephanie Brown] )
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[There’s an annoying, jazzy elevator jingle playing in the background. Dick’s sitting in a lobby somewhere or his taste in music has recently plummeted to new lows.]

In case anybody’s in need of an obligatory PSA on my behalf, I’m... actually pretty okay. Doesn’t look like I did a lot of damage to anything that wasn’t already mine, but if you know something got lost, stolen, or broken and you can maybe attribute it to some crazy kid in a red sweatervest feel free to let me know. [ < < < kid not actually appearing during this plot. :| But it's an easy lie Dick brushes right on past, straight into this.... awkward, longish silence.]

I’m gonna guess the people who went out of their way to keep me out of trouble know who they are already. But if I don’t get the chance to say it in person, thanks anyway.
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[he sits on the silence for a few seconds before he starts speaking.]

...Helena Kyle’s been ported out.

Sorry to anyone who knew her.

Encrypted to Selina Kyle )

Encrypted to Charlie, Cass, and Steph )

Encrypted to the Titans + Batfamily] )
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[Dick is facing the comm from what's probably the floor, leaning a little away from the screen and conspicuously missing a shirt. He’s up ten pounds of muscle and down an old shaggy haircut, and doing a fairly decent job at working a neutral, friendly expression this time. The comm’s been set at an angle that doesn’t capture much of the room he’s in, but it’s large and unfamiliar and empty.]

...So. Check splitting headache, little nausea, and probably jetlag from hell once I find a clock that works. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was back in the city.

Uh, anyway. I used to be... here, I guess? Just never really got in on the whole network thing, last time. Knowing this place I’m sure there’s some stuff I’m gonna be glad I missed, so- [cue awkward, helpless shrug]

...Yeah. Seemed like an easy way to ask.

[Private text encrypted to Bruce Wayne]

Tell me you're still here.
[identity profile]
Never thought the day would come that I’d stop counting the minutes I spent here.

It’s been six months and a couple of weeks now.

[text; encrypted to the what’s left of the Batfamily. ;_; Separate filter to Helena Kyle]

Tied up for the next few days. Call if you need me.

[text; encrypted to what’s left of the Titans ;_;]

What contingency plans do you have?
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[Encrypted / Batfamily filter + Selina, backdated to 4:30am]

If anybody’s heard from Batman 2.0 in the last forty-eight hours I need to know about it now.
[identity profile]
[Backdated to the wee hours of the 22nd, a while after this thread.]

Tell me who's made this place better than it was before they got here.
[identity profile]
sinCe it looks like i’m not the only one feelng out of it this morning ther must be aa good explanation for why ive lost three days and feel like i Died sometime before then .

good news : finally past that stage of dehdryation where you actually cant stop throwng up no mattr what you put in yo ur stomach

[Private to Terry McGinnis]

you around ?

[ooc: will catch up on tags probably tonight, since I have to run to work in about ten minutes boo :(
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[He wants the words out, but it's hard to say them. He's sounding a little frayed, and his tone is brusque.]

If you've trusted me with any information you'd consider secure, it's time to assume it's been compromised.

That means locations. Passwords. Names. Anything that...

Just anything.

Anyone who hasn't started taking some extra measures to protect themselves needs to.

For Steph )

For Oracle )

For Zatanna )

[ooc: So apparently my notifications kind of aren't working suddenly? So if I'm a little slow with replies today, er. That would be why. :(]
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{{takes place at the end of this log and written by Dick-mun}}

[The screen is black for a few seconds; there’s heavy breathing in the background and then scuffling sounds, like someone’s fumbling with the comm. Some dim light flashes, and then there’s a loud crack as it hits the ground – the comm’s been thrown or someone dropped it.

When the screen clears there’s a figure crumpled in the far left of the frame on what appears to be a rooftop – she’s young and female and visibly bleeding - a few might recognize Stephanie Brown. Standing over her is a man wearing black spandex and a mask that covers most of his face. He crouches and rifles through her clothes with rigid, detached efficiency. His movements quicken after a few seconds; he’s clearly not finding whatever it is he’s looking for. Finally he looks to the left and notices the comm.

The gloved hand covers the screen, and then the video clicks off.]

[03 / Text]

Sep. 4th, 2010 08:59 pm
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Given that it looks like there's more than a few you still voluntarily hanging out in the MAC, I'm going to throw out a guess and assume that not everybody tossed out their tags five minutes after the porter coughed them up.

So. If anyone feels like sharing, I'm really curious.

Tell me why you kept them. Or tell me why you threw them away.


Jul. 27th, 2010 12:45 am
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[There’s traffic somewhere near the device. He’s speaking softly, as if there’s someone nearby he wants to avoid.]

So. I think I figured out that this... actually isn’t New York.

Not my New York, anyway. You guys missed the donut shop on what's... really supposed to be 10th street. It’s not New York without the donuts.

[a pause]

Anyway. I get it, I think. It’s a multiverse thing, and we’ve all been brought here for a reason. The apartment’s a nice touch, by the way. I spent about two hours debugging, and I've got nothing. Pretty impressive.

[The voice stops again, this time for a good ten seconds before it resumes.]

Believe me, I wish I could help. I really, really do.

But... yeah. I’ve got a crime-riddled city of my own back home, and that’s... really enough for now. I know it’s kind of against standard operating procedure for disembodied multiuniversal kidnappers, but it’s gotta be worth a shot. I’m asking nice. Please put me back.


[The device clicks off a little abruptly.]
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I know you all know my name, but this is not a free pass to use it on the board, even if it's under an encryption, and this is not a free pass to tell other people about it.

Yes, this is about you, Red Robin and Blue Beetle.
[identity profile]
[Filtered to the Titans]

I'm leaving the team. [Beat.] Guess that means Red Robin doesn't need to put me back on the filter.

[Filtered to Bruce]

I'm quitting.


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