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[Dukat is in the apartment he shares with Killface. He's holding the silicone tube that used to be inside of his communicator. Thanks for the heads up, Hank. Dukat owes you one. Smirking, he sets the tube down, expression shifting to something of a sneer.]

You'll have to forgive my skepticism, but I cannot help but wonder why we seem to be assuming that all of the Skrull impostors among us have been rooted out. What evidence has been presented that the altercation in Times Square was the conclusion of this infiltration attempt, or that this was even an isolated incident?

If you'll recall, one of the Skrulls specified that the governments of this world have been -- what was the word she used? -- pumped, yes, pumped full of shapeshifters. She referred to all of this as a mere distraction. That is a very startling accusation, with unfortunate implications that reach beyond our little community of refugees, potentially even beyond the borders of this so-called nation.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I for one am curious to know what is going to be done about this. The rescue operations currently being planned should take priority, of course, but let us not forget that this event is far from being over. We mustn't let the rescue mission and the clean up distract us from the ever present threat these invaders and their keepers pose to us all. Once we've licked our wounds and returned the kidnappees to the planet, we ought to begin preparing ourselves for the worst, because I am absolutely certain it is yet to come.

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Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:19 pm
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It has come to my attention that there are those amongst our little group who lack the technical knowledge to program encryptions of their own. As I am skilled in this field and feeling mildly generous, I am offering my services to any interested parties... for a reasonable and negotiable fee. Each encryption code will be customized and personalized for you. It will not be shared with anyone by me. I will create a new code for each and every interested party.

[lol dukat's so nice amiright you guys!]

No reasonable offer will be refused. I do hope to hear from you soon.

[ooc: yep, he's offering to make shiny new codes for people! but there is a catch: dukat has a photographic memory and will not forget the encryptions he distributes. so he could potentially (with your permission, of course!) creep on your posts should you choose to take him up on his offer! c:]
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It seems that Mister Garak has been rather silent of late, hasn't he. How unusually out of character for him. Perhaps he's been-- what was that term again? Ported out?  Yes, I think that's it. I hope none of you are too disappointed that his stay in this dimension seems to have been cut short.  I for one am not.

On an unrelated note, I've read that today is an important day for the people of this reality, as it is the day of the all-deciding 'Iowa Caucuses'. How curious that such importance is placed on the outcome of a single electoral event. After all, the fate of the so-called 'free world' is at stake. A region with such a small, relatively homogenized population would not be the first choice to influence such a decision, one would think.  

But you humans were always such puzzling creatures. One might even say it's part of your charm.  I'm sure there's a perfectly delightful explanation for all the nonsensical procedures of your electoral process.  And it does make for fine entertainment in the mean time.
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From the looks of it, this would be Earth. It's very quaint, almost charming in a way. My guess would be this is sometime during the 20th or 21st centuries. So very primitive compared to where my people was during the same time period. Why, we were already traveling to neighboring star systems, expanding our empire. And you're still half a century from first contact with the Vulcans.

[He chuckles mockingly, but the jovial tone only lasts for a second or two before his voice grows stern and the video feed begins, showing Dukat's distinctively non-human face sneering into the camera.]

This is Gul Dukat of the Cardassian Union. I demand an explanation for this nonsense.  If this is some sort of holographic trickery, in which case, I'll advise you to terminate the program immediately. My patience for this sort of nonsense has grown very thin over the years.  

But if this is something else, perhaps a misguided gesture by the Maquis... Well, I regret to inform you that your extortion attempts will be for naught.  All this will get you is Central Command sending a whole fleet of warships into this sector.  You will be outgunned and you won't survive.  I personally guarantee it.


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