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[April is leaning against the side of a craps table a party city veil somehow still clinging to her hair at a haphazard angle.]

Hey guys. I’m in Las Vegas. It’s okay, I guess. There’s like five million bars here. Which is stupid, they all have the same lame stuff and all the glitter is gonna be stuck in my hair forever. I’m gonna need a whole new closet worth of clothes or something. So. Make those the first gifts, I guess. And a PS3.

Oh, and I’m on my honeymoon. So Eddie and Andy, I don’t know when I’ll be back. When we lose all our money and have to walk back to the City, I guess. And I get a divorce because who wants to be married to a train hobo?

[She grins- really, actually smiles- over at the man next to her, who leans over and holds out the dice. His face is only partially onscreen, just half his face, and outstretched hands.]

I’ll forgive the disparaging comment about my wardrobe if you turn that off and pick a winning number, love.

God, I have to do everything. Kat, Terry. You’re in charge of the raccoons. Don’t let them starve. And the interns, I guess.

[And the feed ends.]
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i'm shocked the porter hasn't saddled us with some sort of chaotic easter egg hunt to celebrate the occasion.

just as well. i suppose at least one holiday should pass by in relative peace.
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such an exciting month we're having. thank heavens i didn't decide to take a vacation after all.

little green men who change shape. i couldn't have dreamed up anything better.
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since everyone here seems so fond of sharing personal tidbits, tell me about your scars, network.

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julian sark has been ported out.

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if anyone is keeping track of those recently murdered, add julian sark to your list.

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by show of hands, who here thinks this is real?

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