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It is customary to announce birthdays, anniversaries of one's arrival here, is it not? I have not felt much like festivities lately, as it stands. This place certainly has its ways of ruining one's mood, doesn't it?

[ There is a drawn out pause, before he sighs and speaks once more. ]

I apologize for being so maudlin. I have never been the glass-half-full type.
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As many students of the Xavier Institute may be aware, Ms. Roberts, the Health teacher, has suffered an unfortunate accident. [ Falling down the stairs in the school, for those gossipers out there. ] She is believed to make a full recovery. However, she will be undergoing surgery and will be in no condition to work for the next month.

Professor Xavier intended to take over her classes, though it appears that he will be unable to adjust his schedule to accommodate the increased class load. [ In other words, the sex-ed lesson he attempted to give on Friday afternoon was hideously awkward. ]

That being said, I have been asked to step forward to fill the position of health teacher for the remainder of the school year. Professor Xavier will continue to assist with the lesson plans and grading, though I will be the one leading the class.

I will see you students tomorrow.

[ A moment later. ]

And for the eleventh and twelfth year students, your reports on sexually transmitted diseases are still due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Do not think that this will get you out of the assignment.
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I know what many of you are expecting from me at this point. Perhaps an impassioned speech about recent events, and what is to come. [ The camera is angled to briefly show a newspaper article about a Vulcanus rally which boasted quite a turnout. ] But yesterday was Charles' birthday, so I will behave myself.

Instead, I have a question.

[ He sits back in his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment before continuing. ]

Am I really to believe that The Beatles became the most popular band in history?
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[ Erik is in the kitchen, apparently making some sort of pancakes. He's in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants, which is unusual in that half of the posts he's made to the Network in the past have been in a three-piece suit. But apparently spending almost two weeks unconscious in space is enough to warrant a casual Monday, even if he has been stubbornly refusing to stay in bed and recuperate. ]

I am sure it is public knowledge by now that I have not exactly been myself since the 14th.

[ The spatula seems to move on its own to flip the pancake as he pours himself another cup of coffee. ]

Charles has filled me in on the major points.

[ He glances somewhere off-camera, as though to indicate that the telepath is likely seated somewhere nearby. ]

But if there is anything that I have missed in my absence, I would appreciate if you took the time to enlighten me.
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[ Erik is seated in the living room of the house he shares with Charles. He takes one last drag on a cigarette and rids himself of it somewhere off screen, likely in an ash tray. He does not seem entirely focused on the communicator when he speaks. ]

Imagine, for a moment, that the people of this world grow weary of us. They come in the night with the intention of imprisoning us, experimenting on us, exterminating us.

What will you do?

Will you be prepared?
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[[ Purple is Erik, blue is Charles. ]]

[ When the video turns on, Erik and Charles are both visible, seated in the living room of their house.

Erik is frowning a bit when he speaks.

Alex Summers is gone.

[ Charles looks away from the camera for a moment, leaning back into the couch. Then he closes his eyes, breathes deeply. ]

I'm not quite sure what to say, to be honest. He'd hardly been here long.

[ Charles opens his eyes and faces the camera once more. Then, he's smiling; though it's a distant one. ]

I have faith that he'll be much happier, gone home.

[ Erik nods, though he does not seem as confident about that as Charles. When he speaks, he is adressing Charles more than the camera. ]

I hope you are right.

[ Charles only watches Erik for a moment, then lets another breath escape. Something just above a sigh. ]

I will miss him. We will miss him. For those that had known him in his time here, we thought you ought to be aware.

Your having listened is appreciated. Ah--thank you.
[ Click. ]
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I have reason to suspect that the individual known as the Major is not as deceased as he would like for us to believe, and operating under the alias "Thousand".

For those unfamiliar, he is a genocidal maniac with a history of violence against both imPorts and the natives.

Be cautious of any anonymous persons on the Network.

[ Filtered to both "Thousand" and the Major's communicator; spoken in German ]

I suppose I am doing you a favor. I am aware how much you hate hiding.

[ Filtered to Alex Summers, Raven Xavier, Tommy Shepherd, Pietro Maximoff, Angelica Jones, Hank McCoy, and Nepeta Leijon ]

[ He may have spent five minutes debating whether or not to put Pietro and Hank on that list. ]

Charles and I have moved out of the MAC. You can reach us at this address.
[ address encrypted ]
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[[Encryptions unhackable. Unless you ask really nicely I guess.
Or you are a certain nosy telepath who can just pick this information out of Erik's mind at leisure.

[Encrypted to Batman (Bruce Wayne)]

Any new information?

[Encrypted to Boyd Langdon]

The chemical plant job. The timing is suspicious. Do you think there could be a connection to other recent attacks involving imPorts?
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[The screen flicks on to reveal Erik seated in his apartment. If one were to look closely enough, they may notice a pile of books in the background. The titles primarily relate to the history of the past 50 years, though there are also several related to technology.]

I have several matters to address, so I'll try to keep this brief.

Most importantly, I would like to know if any of you have encountered a man in the City going by the name Sebastian Shaw.

[He does not seem as though he actually expects this man to be present, but he wants to confirm it.]

Failing that, I have heard of an individual going by the name of The Major. I would like to know more about him. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, if there is anyone else out there on the Network who knows me from their own universe, I would appreciate if you introduced yourself. I do not want any more... surprises. You may not recognize me, but you may recognize the name Magneto.
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[For a long moment the camera appears to be focused on the floor before panning up so quickly that the room is blurred. There is some muttering heard in another language, perhaps German, before the camera is suddenly turned around so that Erik comes into view.]

I do not know what the purpose of this... device is, but I have gathered that someone out there will get this message: I demand to know what is going on here. Being abducted against my will is not something I will stand for.

[He continues to frown, appearing both thoughtful and displeased.]

I have my suspicions about who is responsible for this. Though... this could be beyond their capabilities.

[There is another blur of movement as the camera is fumbled with before being suddenly turned off.]


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