Nov. 13th, 2012 01:21 pm
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[Oh, hey, look, it's Finn, and he's alive and not shot and he's sitting on the stairs to the porter building. He appears to be pretty put off, though, and maybe a little soul-searchy. He opens his mouth, inhales as if to say something important, but what comes out of his mouth is singing. Auto-tuned and everything, though oddly it seems to be coming from him already auto-tuned.]

Ohh-h, tell me why
Why I can fight dragons and ogres
and a giant fly
Always win never take it on the chin 'cause I'm Finn
But here there's stairs
and fingers that go bang
like this woorld just doesn't care--

[He seems to give up on singing and just flops over, forehead hitting his knees, all tenn angsty. He says, muffled:]

I'm back, guys.

☠ Two

Nov. 7th, 2012 09:52 pm
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((The feet starts up to a most joyous looking Jake English, leaning into the camera.)) Aha! Seems I got the gizmo to finally do what I wanted. ((He pulls the camera away, grinning at it a bit.)) Alright then! This is log, er, what was it again? Oh yes, Log five from the adventurers Jake English and Finn the Human! Completely confidential, of course, until the final video is released. Today we're exploring the dark and crypic abandon building on the south side of down where dangers like poisonous spiders and rabit squirrels roam the dark catacombs. I'm in charge of the camera this time, so let's turn our attention to today's star explorer. Finn, take it away!!

((Finn waves to the camera, stoked to be out on this nightly adventure. Because there's nothing like being 14 years old and out in the big city in a condemned building, right?? He's walking backwards, not paying attention to his path.)) Okay, last time I did this with someone we totally didn't find any ghosts, but we did find a raccoon, but I'm prepared for both this time! ((He holds up a plastic sack.)) Snacks for both ghosts and raccoons all up in this sackizzy. Now, we just gotta find the creepiest room and--OOF! ((He turns to walk into a room and runs smack into something that's blocking the entrance on the other side. He pulls off, and rubs his face, sort of pout-glowering at Jake in a way too silly to be taken seriously.)) Why didn't you warn me, dude?

Oh, heh, sorry about that chum! Guess I was a bit engrossed by your excellent insight. ((He turns the camera to him.)) Two seconds so we can get this triffle aside. ((He sets the feed down and on the count of three the two of the heave the pilar aside.

Finn looks at Jake with the eyes of fun and bro-affection , and Jake can't help but comment with a smile himself, flicking his fingers forward: ))
Hey, nice team work, buddy!! Nk-nkt!!

(( PCHOO!! Lights shoot forward and THROW Finn and his stupid friendly grin right out of the view, leaving a horrified and startled Jake.))

HOLY HORSE SHIT, FINN!!!! ((And he too speeds off.))


Oct. 1st, 2012 05:36 pm
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[Hi, network, here's a porkschop mouth and bear hat you haven't seen in a long while. He appears to be smiling, but a pretty strained smile.]

Yo, peeps! I guess I'm back! I guess that's okay! Not like I was busy or anything! It's pretty jumpin' here, lots of adventures and dance parties to be had, even if Peebles isn't here! Or Marcy! Starchy! . . . Jake! I can do this again, YEAH! If the City still needs me to be a hero, I can't really say no, right? That's so not heroy, and that's what I'm allllll about. [A little arm wiggle dance to illustrate that this is, indeed, fact.]

[Pause.] I, uh, didn't beef it down a bunch of stairs again, did I? That'd be so embarrassing. Ahem.

Callin' out for all my City bros, answer me so we can do sweet screen fistbumps and catch up! And a special shout out to Zizi, where are you, gurl! I keep calling you don't answer. Scamper your sweet unreadable teal text on over here.


Apr. 29th, 2012 10:37 am
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[Finn is sitting in darkness with a sort of spotlight shining down at him, this is some serious heavy mood lighting going on here. Did he purposefully set this up or something like a total dork or--who cares, it's solemn!]

I thought I'd eventually just get over it, but it's been months since I took that mad tumble down 300 stairs and I'm still all scared of steps! And the other day with all those monster plant attacks I saw a lady being harassed but she was at the top of all these stairs and I just couldn't! I had to run around till there were no stairs and when I got back to her she was being chewed on like a wad of fresh fruity gum! I saved her, of course, and she bought me some gelato afterwards as thanks but did I really deserve that delicious victory gelato?

NO!! [Fairly epic screech there.]

Dudes, help me out here! How do you get over stupid phobias so you stop being a poopie-diaper-googoo-baby?? Last time I tried with the ocean it didn't really work out, but I can avoid the ocean, but stairs--stairs are everywhere. [Spooky voice.]


Mar. 21st, 2012 09:20 pm
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[The camera turns on and it's in night vision oo how fancy. You know Finn somehow accidentally found that setting and never managed to turn it off and turned it back on for this very thing he's filming. And what he appears to be filming is a very, very abandoned building full of holes in every surface, broken timber, dangerously collapsed structures integral to the building's ability to remain standing--you know, the typical sort of place a ghost hunter show will go to hunt ghosts!

Which is what Finn and Terezi are doing! You can't see Finn because he's holding the camera, duh, but he's filming his gal scrambling up a particularly filthy and large pile of rubble. The camera pans in to her crazy close as he scrambles up it, too, and crashes into her.]

"Haha! Okay, found a creepy building, now what, Terezi? We don't have those weird boop-doop-boopy doohickies they use to talk to ghosts."

[Terezi stumbles forward, right into the camera's proper line of sight, and then spins around and laughs.]

"The answer is obvious, Finn!! We have to get onto the level of these so-called ghosts and draw them out by other means! Physical means."

[Boy, Zizi is so pretty all green like this! The camera tends to linger a little too much on her face, even as Finn leans down and picks up a board the proper size for whacking things. He waves it in front of the camera.]

"Like a ghost stick?"

"Uh, sure!" [But that small hesitation is glossed over as she hits her stride. Making things up on the fly is a hallmark of a good RPer!!] "Everybody knows ghost sticks are the most effective way to draw out a ghost! It is pretty much proven by movies and shit."

"The ghosts on my world are super friendly, I don't get why the ones here are all shy!" [And to help them overcome that shyness, you obviously jam a board into a large hole in the wall and thump it around, screaming:] "Come out! Come out, ghosts! I have cookies!!"

[Yes that is definitely how you lure out ghosts!! Terezi kind of smacks aimlessly at some part of the building with her cane, because that is also a tried and true ghost hunting technique!]

"Good one, Finn!! Make them think we're not going to capture them and do horrible things to them in the name of science!!"

"But I don't want to--WAIT, SHH, BRO, YOU HEAR THAT?" [He stops screaming and beating, there's a distinct scratching sound coming from his hole. He leans in very close, waving Terezi over.] "Zizi, c'mere, you hear this?"

[Terezi does indeed scramble over, and she can hear the scratching!! She slowly extends one hand toward the hole, drawing things out as dramatically as possible for Finn's sake.]

"I am not your bro, Finn! Now observe! Holes in stupid dank abandoned hives are a well-known hiding place for ghosts! I think we definitely have one here, all the signs are present."

[He pats at her mouth to shush her and leans in even closer with her, the camera showing both of them. The scritching noises coming closer, closer, Finn's eyes get bigger, bigger with awe, then--

Oh. It's just a raccoon barreling out of the hole to attack their faces.

Terezi squawks and flails in response to this unexpected attack, probably smacking Finn in the face in the process, but then she takes up her cane to try and counterattack!!

Finn was indeed smacked in the face, and down the rubble pile he falls, the camera flying out of his hand and shutting off, thus ending the first episode of the Finn and Terezi Epic Ghost Hunting Extravaganza Show. What do you think, audience?]


Feb. 11th, 2012 01:51 pm
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[When the camera comes on it's flicking out, and came in in the middle of Finn talking out loud:]

--neck's killing me, man--

[It comes to a stop on his face, and he looks quite well and alive and wearing the same stupid hat and everything! But he's rubbing his neck.]

Uh, dudes, is there some reason I'm back in this building with the robot princess?

[[ooc: and he's back alive yay]


Nov. 30th, 2011 08:17 pm
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[Have a Finn. He looks the same for the most part except his expression is most definitely dark and sinister and grumpy. UH-OH.]

So I get a totally fun idea that'd be a blast to do with Marceline! See how many little old ladies we could push over in an hour, a contest, right! Winner gets to have all the Werther's candies stolen from an old man's pockets! But I get to her place and she's not there! I look in all the dark, spooky places she'd be hanging up in and she's not there, either! I think she's been sent back home.

That's balls. Super balls. It's like a canvas sack full of soccer balls balls. Finally think of something she'd think I was a cool dude for and she's up and left me.

What do I do now, it's not nearly as fun on my own. JAKE. TEREZI. ANYONE. WHO WANTS TO PUSH OLD LADIES THE HECK OVER WITH ME!!


Sep. 18th, 2011 11:37 am
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Hey, anybody else gettin' these letters? [Waves some envelopes that clearly say CPS on them. He looks down at them all annoyed.] At first I was like, "Wowzers! Someone's writing to me for help, how special!" but then it was all talkin' about guardians and . . . junk . . . [He clearly got too bored to get beyond a sentence.] I thought it would be them asking me to protect children on a quest or something, which would have been so cool 'cause I've been soooooooooooo booooooored.

If I reply cordially back you think they'd knock it off with the letters and sending dudes to my door? But my handwriting ain't so good, I don't want to offend no one.


Aug. 22nd, 2011 09:02 pm
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[When the video clicks on you are met with a horrible sight of a young boy and his vampire queen friend covered in oozing pustules. Coming out of Finn's mouth are slug after thick slug, and Marceline's tongue is twice the size of her head. Basically they look like this if you dare to click to see an image )

And o how they laugh. This ain't no big thang, and they just laugh through their mouth issues, and laugh and laugh some more, the sight of each other sparking new rounds of giggles, till at least a minute or two pass. Finally, Finn gives a bit of free advertising:]

OH MAN, GEORGE! These candy things are so-so [hurgggh up comes another slug] blizznit they're off the charts into ploobity-bee!! Huh, Marceline??

[All Marceline can do is PBBBBBBT, but it's a good sort of PBBBBBBT, and they start laughing it up all over again until the feed mercifully stops.]


Aug. 11th, 2011 10:27 pm
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[The feed opens on Finn, who is standing obviously in a crowded Arby's. Both his hands are busy holding his shirt down which seems to be full of something alive, wiggling, and cooing desperately. He winces sometimes in pain, because scared pigeons don't know how to keep their claws to themselves, yo.]

Is it on, uh, Miles?

[Miles is apparently whoever is filming this, who answers affirmatively. Finn's voice goes into noble announcer mode:]

Good people of Eahr-th! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to do this, but I didn't know there was an initiation ceremony for visitors like me! [Lowers his head in a humble hero bow.] I beseech you to forgive me, I shall start the ceremony now.

[Clears throat, then screams with all the fury of a preteen boy as he flips open his shirt and releases four large pigeons that immediately begin to foul up the place with feathers and other...pigeony things. He spins around as he chants, revealing for some reason he has a British judge's wig pinned to his butt.]


[Then he stops, panting, posing for a bit as he ignored all the horrified, stunned people around him. Then whispers conspiratorially to the camera, as if no one else can hear it:]

Thanks for saving my bacon and tellin' me about this, Marceline!


Jul. 13th, 2011 06:44 pm
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[The feed turns on and you immediately are launched into a tween's voice-cracking shriek that started, oh, possibly 20 seconds ago. On the shaky screen there's a young man in a completely awesome hat looking this way and that, gaping in awe, pointing at things and clearly going through a whole gamut of emotions as evidenced by his changing facial expressions and half formed words scattered between incomprehensible screams.]

AAAA oh my gob oh my gob you're a human AAAAAAA you are, too!!! Oh, oh, so are--! [He's come across one of the City's finest and oldest hobos it has to offer, all twisted and dirty and a little frightening. He stumbles back a couple steps.]--oh, no, maybe not, nevermind.

[Dashes off to a group waiting at a corner to cross.] A WHOLE HERD OF HUMANS! Hi, I'm Finn, do any of you know me--oh okay, bye then. [The light's changed, they're crossing, so he continues running on, screaming until...] Oh, a hot dog! Thanks! [He reaches off screen as he's running and comes back with a hot dog, over his shoulder a fat vendor is shaking his tongs at him. If he knew he had just stolen something his world would come to an abrupt halt, but as it is he jogs on, talking and spraying bits of hot dog out.] Oh, man, where am I? This is so off the hook I can hardly stand it! The weird voice told me I could talk to others with this thing--[shakes comm, hot dog just everywhere]--you have one, too, Jake? Where are ya, pal?


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