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[The comm screen is covered in black as the video turns on, though a second later whatever was on it sort of...oozes away, and gives a clear view of a small jewelry store and  four masked men that are currently unconscious and in various states of being "webbed"  - one of them has his face stuck against a display case, and one is hanging from the ceiling.

Except the webs in question are also made of some kind of weird black material, too. COINCIDENCE??]

I'm sure the nice old owner and his wife who locked themselves in the closet when the fists started flying have already called the police- [The man speaking has a weird distortion to his voice, one familiar to anyone who knows what a person with a symbiote attached sounds like] -but I thought I'd throw in a tip: someone with super-strength might want to get down to [address] to help the cops get these assholes unstuck.

]He pulls at a strand of symbiote goo holding Mr. Faceintheglass down. It snaps back into place.]

Or maybe bring a blowtorch.
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[The view of this video is coming from a different angle than most, since the comm is currently resting in its owner's lap and looking upward. His wheelchair squeaks as he rolls it down the street.]

Gotta say, I've been in some weird situations in my time - supervillain kidnapping, bug men trying to kill me, cult leaders who shoot lasers out of their chest also trying to kill me - that sort of thing, but alternate realities? That's a new one on me. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what's going on since I picked up one of these-

[He holds up a newspaper that was folded up next to the comm.]

-And saw "The City" all over it when last time I checked we were still going with "New York". Oh right, and all the articles about aliens attacking instead of the millions of people turning into giant spiders. That was kind of a giveaway.

[The man stops, scratching the side of his nose with a black-gloved hand. He smiles down at the comm, his cheerfulness maybe a little forced.]

So, "The City" - this is Corporal Eugene Thompson, at your service. Call me Flash.

And if that rings any bells for anyone listening to this, get in touch. Oh, and if you know a way back then definitely let me know. I'd like to be home on time for once.


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