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[Water slides down in to a bathtub, swirls around as a grey hand messes with the flow, and two gators plop in while some bath salt gets very pointedly and slowly poured in.]

Wouldn't all be using that shit for my ownself any-


[The same moment he swears there's a very distinct horn squeak underneath his own feet. Only Feferi and Karkat will recognize it.

The crashing sound and the views tumbling communicator catch aren't so unique. The pink dress the camera settles on that's sitting on top of the sink might be though.

It takes Gamzee a few seconds but when he gets back up he sounds funny, might have something to do with the clown nose that has currently jammed itself partially up his nostril.


[His fingers curl as they start wrenching around in there.]

Do any of you motherfuckers got any understanding on

[God the mucus doesn't even look like a human's does. Is that natural? Is that just Gamzee's health showing itself?]

of biopumping combining with electronic shit? Need to finally

[Pop! The once red clown nose is now just kind of half black looking and being charmingly shook around with three now sticky looking fingers.]

up and replace this wicked shit.

[And "charmingly" he points with the nose to the stump that was his right arm well over a year ago.]
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[An incomplete gray arm hanging from a black sleeve and growing toothy frown are most of what's taking up this shot. The observant person might notice that Gamzee's looking younger once again and that the sleeve is where a robotic arm was attached to half a bicep. Someone even more observant than that will realize that this is being shot in, if they've ever visited it before, Ruka's home.

Gamzee's sibilating is certainly enough to distract from that though.

Karkat's gotten his disappear on again.

[Slight pause as he begins to snarl.]

And he went leaving his mother fucking communicator behind.

[Snapping at the camera there's a great flash of teeth against his gray mouth.]

Because it ain't all like any fucking thing has to stay right up in here.

[And just as he makes a more enraged sound he cuts the video off, though the audio feed is still going.]
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[Before the camera is the visage of someone not altogether unfamiliar. Where once there was a young troll with slight pudge left to his cheeks left, a nose with unsettled shape, and still grey eyes, there is an adult with purple irises set against yellow sclera, a much bigger and longer nose settled into something that's not quite Romanesque, and strong cheek bones with no fat left.

When he speaks between sharper and longer teeth a deeper and harsher voice comes rumbling out.

Which one of you mother fuckers up and messed with shit up in here this time?

[And when he moves to turn off the video the camera's lowered before his thumb clicks the right part of the communicator, it leaves a quick a view of a troll who's so tall and has such long horns that he can't completely stand straight up in a room with a seven-foot ceiling.]
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[Gamzee sounds better than the last time he made a post, but there's still an uncomfortable edge here like he's tugging something back behind his voice and its trying to claw a way out.

This sounds more like a question he's trying to use to distract himself than something wholly sincere.

Any of you motherfuckers know shit about heating water outside? Lots of that fucking shit more than one of them tiny bodies that just holds fish.

Something that can help things that need to live and not get on cooking them up like screeching crab fuckers.

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[Starting frantic, caught somewhere between despairing and enraged this comes out of Gamzee's mouth faster than a hummingbird's heartbeat:]

-need him right now. Can't fuckin' wait on this shit, but motherfuckin' can't find himself anywhere. Ain't nowhere, nowhere round here.

And the shit in my pan ain't got to stopping. Just keeps repeating like it up and did before. Don't want hear nothing about this war no more. And this motherfuckin' brother needs to get at out of here. Motherfuckin' spreading his blasphemy as hard as he all can. Needs to up and die.

Shit, shit, motherfuckin' shit this needs to get out. Last time things got on repeating like this up and murdered a lot of peopel and can't be doing that. Can't let Karkat down with that shit.

[The tiniest bit of a pause before he adds in a higher voice that sounds like its about to scratch out walls:]

The motherfuck does it mean by We have to bring war to the City. But we have to make the imPorts provoke a war, first?

Why the motherfuck would that all matter when we've up and done that shit before? Why's it all repeating up in my pan?!

Fuck this nosie, fuck all of it, even the shit that comes before these two fuckin' things.

Get it the motherfuck out, out out out out!

[There's a thump and it sounds like someone's still yelling, but they're not exactly standing for it.]
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[This starts out with a quickly strung together snarling and hissing in a deep tone.]

Motherfuckin' blasphemers, gathering up in one place. Spreading their wicked heresies. Don't matter if my shit was right or wrong they're still all motherfuckin' idolatmakers.

[Just a slight pause before he adds:]

Any of you motherfuckers can get to burning a shit place up at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois?
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Any of you motherfuckers know shit about keeping uhhhh, let's say meat, new like one of them pressed petal budders some of you all like?

Or them fucking stitched up animals that you've got to having in jars?

And say you don't got a lot of expensive shit for keeping it. And you can't get that wicked shit anyway. What'd you keep it in?
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[There's just a voice rippling onto the network this time. The light purple blood and other evidence of murder he's hiding for once.]

You want to know something real motherfuckin' funny? I know who all murdered the Mayor, Hundred, way back. Real funny thing is that it ain't me that did it.

It was that brinesucker, Eridan.

Got to doing a lot of other shit too. Like killing my motherfuckin' moirail.

[There's the sound of something unpleasantly squishing beneath fingernails. It stops.]

But he's going to be paying for it now.

[And he cuts the feed.]

A special addition to this post. A private message to Desire. )
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[Rage pours out of his lungs into the microphone and pools into his too tight pulling skin and sharply focused eyes, worry buries itself beneath the emotion and doesn't dare to take a place in Gamzee's expression.]

Which one of you motherfuckers last saw my moirail? And my motherfuckin' moirail?

[For a brief moment Gamzee holds up a picture of Karkat, it's crinkled and tearing where his shaking hand is. Anyone who's seen him though should recognize him immediately.]

That nubby horned brother that's got to be the last thing keeping myself from breaking everything up at in the universe? The one who all keeps me sane? I ain't got no patience trying to fuckin' find himself after this long when a briny brother has threatened his life!

[He doesn't turn the camera off, he's intently staring as though he can look right through the communicator at someone and haul them by their neck closer to him for the answers he wants.]
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[Rage and depression are curling into each other like old friends in Gamzee's voice as he spits into the comm:]

My bro Tavros is gone.


This motherfuckin' place just keeps scooping up motherfuckers like a fleshripper picks up lonely grubs.

Shit's not right.
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I'm not a truthspeaker like that what some of you motherfuckers are. Not got my sorry on about what shit I've done as I all said I got. Honk.

Cutting into motherfuckers and bludgeoning them bludgeoning and cutting them. I don't got my sadness on at that. Karkat and some other motherfuckers all falling down them sadtraps because of that motherfuckin' shit we did got me to be having reason to all stop.

Earned your shit though. Nightmares and a universe up and destroyed in kind for taking our religion for us. I'd motherfuckin' give John nighatmares what get to giving him bad ideas again, make sure Jack was still there for that hate.

Honk honk. Was the only thing I all had at then. Only motherfuckin' thing I all had at then. And your bro Dave got to taking it from us. Motherfuckin' still don't know what's real with all that if there was anything real with it and wasn't all just false like them lying messiahs.

OOC cut for mentioning level 1 Necrophilia )

Giving up they finally try to get at your pump biscuit.


Karkat's the only motherfucker what's been worth waiting for, he's closest to whatever got to being real about miracles.

Private conversation to Nepeta. )

Private conversation to Feferi. )

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[The background in this message is that swamp some people may have noticed before. It still looks like it'd smell a lot and be generally unpleasant, but it doesn't look quite as bad as the glare Gamzee's got on screen.

He doesn't sound as angry as usual, but there's still an growling edge to his voice as he asks:

Khisanth, what did you motherfuckin' all do with her face?
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[A growl like that of some carnivorous beast rolls into the post before the video even starts up.

When the video is up it's not focused on anything in particular, the angle it's resting at just catches Gamzee's hand digging into something that looks an awful lot like swamp land.

Karkat's motherfuckin' gone.

[And he stops there, unsure what to say beyond that.]
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[There's a grating to his voice that pulls along with his hiss.]

We're not supposed to motherfuckin' be up at in here. We don't need any of this poison.

[Sucking in air too quickly.]

We can get our thinkpan to being together without this motherfuckin' shit.

[Suddenly he just stops talking.]
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[The voice function is on, but for the first few seconds there's no sound.]

It was a motherfuckin' accident. We didn't all mean to -

[Pausing, trying to figure out what he should say.]

have what motherfuckin' all happened happen.

[It sounds like he's about to add a little something more, but the feed cuts off.]
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[A shot of a superjail uniform is on the screen for a second before there's a close up of Gamzee's sneering face.

The smeared clown makeup is quite sharp against his gray skin, but it's not quite as sharp looking as his teeth against his black lips.

We're motherfuckin' all sorry to every other motherfucker who has to hear this, but this shit needs to be done.

[There's only about a two second pause here before he continues.]

Kanaya, Terezi.

Where the motherfuck all do you get up at on threatening a motherfucker's quadrantmate? Don't you two think that it's getting to be outrageous with the things you've all been doing?

Do we need to get up at teachin' you two some motherfuckin' manners? Or do you all want to make another attempt up at Eridan's life before we have to teach you a lesson?
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[The video comes on to a scene of Gamzee sitting in prison. The usual toothy smile he's got is replaced by a strange look that could almost be something akin to serene.]

It's real motherfuckin' funny being up at in here again. Figures we'd only get to being here when were set to not all ripping a motherfucker's face off.

Maybe we'll just have to keep dreaming that motherfuckin' dreaming gets good behavior better rewards.

[There is a long pause before he says:]

I'm sorry for what all I've done at you motherfuckers at the end. And so the motherfuck am I.
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[Nothing but a black empty room is on screen for about five seconds.

Then the view switches to a toothy yet thin smile. The scars, the small amount of purple blood trickling down from the mouth, and the white makeup against gray skin are more than enough to tell that it's Gamzee.

Gamzee who is now opening his mouth and saying in what would be a joyful tone if not for the biting hiss in it:

You motherfuckin' know what's at being wicked funny? Motherfuckers who think they can get at touching what's at being close to your ownself without getting at paying. Them same motherfuckers are easy to motherfuckin' all a joke played on them, though.

[The view zooms out as Gamzee moves, there's flecks of teal on his hand.]

Mostly because they think they're on knowing all of what's up at with the world and it turns out they're not in knowing what wicked shit they're needing.

She should motherfuckin' have gotten in at her thinkpan how not to fall at tricks, but she did.

This is the bloody bit. )

Next motherfucker who gets at attacking Eridan gets motherfuckin' worse than this wicked shit.

[OOC: Gamzee's going to be gone before anyone gets there and Terezi will live thanks to Tavros and company.]
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[A spot of yellow and a smile is on Gamzee's gray face.]

You all motherfuckin' should get up at motherfuckin' keeping an eye out. If you all don't -

[As he says this he turns the camera on someone else. Someone who's all too still.]

you might all get up at being lead by the blind.

OOC cut for an eyeless corpse. )
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[ the video clicks on and the camera's floating, giving an aerial shot to a rather gruesome scene. it's on an indistinguishable street and it's the maimed body of a rather familiar clown troll. purple blood is blossoming around him and a few streaks of static ripple across the feed. Rose is standing before him, Thorns in her hands and grimdark aura strong (she's also covered in purple blood.) there's the sound of police sirens in the background and ominous thunder claps. the few glimpses of the horizon are dark and stormy.

she looks up at the camera, eyes glowing bright, licking some of the purple blood off her lips, and as she does so, a line of text appears at the bottom of the feed, like subtitles. one painstakingly letter at a time. it's painfully obvious to anyone who has a brain that Rose has gone completely and absolutely off the deep end.


[ she looks away, pointing her Thorn at Gamzee to strike the finishing blow. however, right before it this can happen, the video shakes and there's a glimpse of a twisted clown grin before the image goes black. ]


[ the feed starts up again, and where Gamzee was is a large pool of blood, with Rose shrieking, causing lightning to strike down in the background, tentacles reaching from the sky to curl around her. her grimdark aura expands, and the entire image goes black before everything cuts off. ]

( ooc: the climax of the Gamzee v Kids murder spree. Rose and Gamzee will both have escaped the scene of the crime but more information will come of what's to happen of them. replies from Rose and Gamzee will come sporadically and randomly.

your weather report for the day.
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[The first image on the screen is of Gamzee's closed gray fist, there's some blue and green liquid stained along his fingers. He slowly opens his hand to reveal the orange, magenta, and fuschia his hand's covered in too.

He switches the view to his smiling face.

Home was up at being motherfuckin' wicked.

You motherfuckers all miss me while we were all gone? We motherfuckin' all missed you motherfuckers.
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[Gamzee cannot use the private function on his communicator since he is in jail. Gamzee also cannot understand what Rose is currently trying to say to him while she's visiting, so there is only one solution to this problem.

He has to make a public post, so she can type whatever she's trying to say to him.

This will end well.

Try and all use this instead, Rose. Might all be able to actually motherfuckin' understand your motherfuckin' shit up at in here. Makes more sense than you all shouting gibberish at us while you bang on the glass on our motherfuckin' cell.
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[The video clicks on with a bit of a flare, focusing on a bare spot on a grey stone floor, splattered with blood. After a moment a hand appears, small, curled slightly, covered with both red and and purple blood, though it gets wiped off on a pair of jeans. The camera turns after a moment to reveal a figure sprawled out on a pile of garbage. A very bloody, injured, small grey figure, whom most people will recognize as Gamzee. On the floor next to him is a shattered bow, the string and the grip cut cleanly through.]

[Whoever is holding is camera moves in close, pointing the figure at the corpse...which groans and shifts suddenly, apparently still alive despite being absolutely covered in cuts and slashes. The blood is pooling in a few places, but appears to be the worst at his ankles, which are both caked in blood. Apparently whoever was attacking him had cut both his hamstring tendons. He's almost caked in his own oddly colored blood, really. His hand is still gripping the handle of his scythe, but the blade has been shattered, bits of it glittering in the blood stains around him.]

This is Gamzee.

[The voice speaking is quiet and female, and a few people might recognize it as Laura, though it's slightly muffled.]

I believe the authorities are looking for him. I have disabled him, but he is bleeding badly. I do not know how long it takes for a troll to bleed to death. You should come and retrieve him from [location] as soon as possible. If he dies, he will simply return to attack more people.

[After a few more seconds she tosses the phone on the body, it bounces off his stomach and clatters to the floor next to him, showing a shot of the side of his arm and face, blood smearing the screen now. There's the sound of distant footsteps, and then the video stays on, pointed at the unconscious troll until it times out.]

[OOC: Laura will probably not be replying to anyone, but if someone contacts her directly she might respond. Gamzee will probably not respond to anyone for several hours if at all.

Also Dalrint wrote this, so go give credit to Dal.
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[Gamzee is twirling around a very familiar looking blue and gray stripped hipster scarf; there are a few stains of magenta on it.

Gamzee smiles a bit at the communicator. It's a toothy and mean smile.

It's amazing how quickly a motherfucker's life can all turn around. Might even call it a motherfuckin' miracle how fast life can get up at changing on you.

A motherfuckin' small change up in something can turn a motherfucker's fortune around, and they can all lose some important shit pretty quick.

Any of you motherfuckers all up and get at losing something lately?

[It's almost like an afterthought.]

I all think I motherfuckin' like this scarf.

Private to Equius )
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[He sounds a little different than usual, like maybe he's higher than a kite. Somehow he still manages to sound kind of remorseful though.]

Uh, so I've not been up at being a good motherfucker here. I think, not all motherfucking sure about this shit.

Anyway, I'm all sorry about that. Hope none of you motherfuckers are up at in trouble 'cause of me.

[And then he stops his message there. Wow, Gamzee, what an informative and helpful post.]
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I all got a question for you City. How many times has someone kicked the wicked shi-died here before? What's the highest number at that?

Filtered to Jessica Wakefield )

Filtered to Equius Zahhak )
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[There's an angry set of yellow eyes on the screen. It's not entirely clear that Gamzee knows he's got video recording going, but it doesn't seem like he'd be in the best shape to know anyway. He's oozing purple out of some very long scratch marks on his face.]

This motherfuckin joke isn't a very motherfuckin good one.

[And just like that he switches to text.]

Troll text cut )


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