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[Greg sounds oh so grumpy, but he feels entitled to some grumpiness after having been dead all week. Which he isn't anymore. As should be apparent by the way he's now sending a message out.]

Someone please tell me you've finished all of last week's paperwork.
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Jesus Christ-

[It is evening. Greg is in the police district and he's just heard about the blood bath going on in Union Square.

But he has to focus and get this message out. His face is grim and his speech is noticably devoid of his usually sarcastic remarks- a sure sign to anyone who knows him that he is under considerable stress.]

For all of you who don't know me, I'm Detective Investigator Lestrade, with the City Police. The police are doing what we can against these monster, but our priority is the safety of civilians and imports without adquate powers to defend themselves. Please understand we cannot be everywhere at once, and take proper precaution while out in the city tonight.

If you or if someone you know needs help we've a number set up you can call. Try to keep this for real emergencies- people's lives are on the line here. Call your friends, work with the people around you and stay calm. If you need a clinic or medical help- call beforehand to see if they're open. Again, avoid using the Emergency systems unless it's absolutely necessary.

The Police Communication's Center is collecting what information we can about where the fighting is most concentrated, so if you're the superhero type looking to save some people or chop some monstrous heads off get in contact. We'll do our best point you in the right direction.

While I'm here- any tactical information about how to best fight either vampires or these hound things would be really appreciated. The more we know about what we're fighting the better and we'll definitely pass it on. [He looks down at a piece of paper in his hands as offscreen someone starts to call for him. He looks back up and sighs.]

Right. With any luck I'll see you all tomorrow.

[The feed ends.

There are a list of links at the end of this transmission.
[1] The number of the Police Comunication Department set up to deal with the situation. It will be hit as miss as to how fast a call goes through.
[2] A map of known locations where fighting is happening, though the accuracy will be around 60%, as they're relying on hearsay.
[3] A list of known hostages / possible missing persons. This will be updated through the night.
[4] A list of known weaknesses the vampires and hounds have. Again the accuracy will not be 100%.]

[[ooc note: any suggestions to add to the list of documents are welcome! Also the comms department is staffed entirely by NPCs, so abuse the hell out of it if you need an excuse for your character to have some information about being in the right place to save someone/fight monsters/etcetc.]]

Encrypted to Sherlock, John, and Molly )
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[The face appearing on the screen looks disoriented, tired, and very fed up with life in general and the City in specific. Greg's on the footpath outside Porter tower, apparently having just arrived and gone through the entire welcome-to-the-City procedure.]

Does our lovely overseer do this often? I've just been dragged home and back again. I can't say I enjoyed the experience- I don't think I was there more than five minutes. [He sighs, shoulders drooping, and runs a hand over his face.] If you're listening, Miss Lachesis, a bit of warning would be nice. We're not all as young as we used to be.

John, you all right? Must've given you a bit of a fright, dissapearing like that. [Greg was last in the city over a month ago. But it's only been five minutes to him.]
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[Greg's terrible enough with an ordinary mobile phone to begin with, so there's no way he's even touching anything other than the text function for now. Shaky handicam footage just isn't him. He's understandably pissed off, but ranting and raving won't help him now.]

I've been meaning to visit New York for a while now, actually. Nice of this Porter chap to facilitate it like this. Just how I always pictured. And adding super powers to the deal too? It's a wonder they are marketing the hell out of this kind of adventure back home.

In the unlikely event that I'm not actually turning into a lunatic, I'd be grateful if someone could let me know where the nearest police station is. I'm afraid I left my map of downtown New York in my other jacket today.

Or the nearest One-Stop. I need a cigarette or ten.



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