Oct. 10th, 2012 04:48 pm
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[Piper's walking down the street away from the Porter building, pulling his cloak a little tighter around himself]

I can't believe it's October here already. That's at least three months I could've put to good use--

Ah, who am I kidding.

Good to see all the old landmarks are intact - and I'm guessing, [or should that be hoping] that all the usual suspects are around.

Soooo... who's excited for Thanksgiving?
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[a small wooden flute is tapping against the hand in the shot, a simple four-beat pattern]

Useless philosophical question of the day. Do you think people can change? Completely? A little?

[tap, tap, taaap, tap.]

For good or bad. Whichever.

[Tap, tap, taaap, tap.]

Personal anecdotes are nice.
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[At first the comm records nothing but dead silence, then a soft squeaking and scraping noise that sounds like a rodent scritching and gnawing on the comm, huffing into the mic, and then there's the sound of it being picked up, a thoughtful noise...]

I'm probably the only man in town who doesn't mind when rats just saunter in and make themselves at home. Huh.

That's not the first impression I was planning. Hi, you can call me Piper. And I'll spare you all the "I'm not in Kansas anymore" joke, even though I really was just in Kansas. The border, anyway.

[rustling and more squeaks, a little soothing noise]

I wish that machine had let me pack a few more things first. Show of hands, how many of you could roll out of bed fully prepared for a trip to another universe? I'm just lucky I had my wallet and my--[beat]--"work clothes". You know. I can think of a lot of ways this system could be improved. ...Passport's probably out of date anyway...

[this is cool, he can do this, he's cool, he's calm, he's not panicking.]

And I don't mean to complain. It's not like I don't welcome a little excitement.

[he goes to turn off the comm BUT WAIT snappy one liner first]

I'll be seeing you.


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