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[ sulu's chilling on the roof of the mac. he's smiling, and when he speaks he sounds like he's about to laugh. ]

So how long has this place had a dick on the moon?
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[ there's a lot of background noise when the comm first switches on, clinking glasses, laughter, the chatter of voices. when sulu starts speaking, he sounds harassed. ]

I forgot it was Valentine's Day.

[ there's a splash, and sulu breaks off, cursing quietly in romulan. ]

I only wanted one beer and maybe some wings. I've never seen this place so crowded...

[ so much for a quick bite after work. 8c ]

And everyone here keep calling me Harold.
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[ so the opening of this post looks kind of like something out of blair witch. just a lot of jumbled camera movement, indistinct shapes, and the sound of running. there may or may not be some breathless giggling mixed in there too. finally, sulu’s face appears onscreen. ]

So I can cross cow-tipping off my bucket list now.

Told you it would be great! [ jim is maaaaybe a little high on adrenaline as he leans against sulu’s shoulder after he says that. he grins as he looks down at the comm, completely ruining his serious voice; that he puts on for a second. ] Kids, don’t try this by yourselves at home. … Not that there’s any cows in the City.

Also be prepared to run and run fast. Because cow-tipping is not something you want on your record.

[ sulu is full of good advice. and possibly worried that the owner of said cows was in possession of a firearm. he did not nearly die on that drill to show up here and get blown away by an angry farmer. ]

And cow hooves hurt like a bitch if they happen to stomp on your feet. So says the voice of experience.

[ god, he is such a farmboy. people, make fun of him. sulu looks like he’s considering it because lol jim what are you even. ]

So... [ crap what now. sulu really didn’t think this through beyond “i gotta tell someone i just did that” ] there actually is something to do in Iowa if you’re bored.

This is pretty much the only thing to do in Iowa when you’re bored, but it’s not like we’re a tourist hot-spot anyways.

There’s maybe a thousand people here. Maybe. It’s quiet. [ except for that shouting in the distance... ] Kirk, we should... [ get moving. except sulu conveys that thought with an eyebrow wiggle instead of using his words. jim nods, and then the feed cuts abruptly. ]

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[ this wasn't really meant to be video, but that's just the setting sulu left it on last time he used it, so hello, network, enjoy gratuitous naked sulu chest. he's holding his katana loosely in one hand, and his expression is somewhere between bewildered and pissed off. ]

Is there anyone on this thing that can tell me how I can get my shirts to stop disappearing everytime I try to use my katana?
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[ there's a pause, some cursing in quiet romulan. there's a metallic clink--the dog tags--before sulu pushes a few more buttons and the video feeds cuts in. ]

Alright. This is Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and I seem to be...misplaced. Unless we're kicking off shore leave early and no one told me.

[ there's a pause. ]

Scotty, if this is some kind of joke, I'm not laughing.


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