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[alright, so she's stuck here for goodness knows how long, and she's keen to get off and away. from the information she's already gathered from a number of people she can't just get up and leave whenever she wants to; she needs to know more, she doesn't understand enough. the explorer in her wants to test the boundaries. already she's setting up a quick public feed, pencil tapping against her teeth as she stares down at a large expanse of scrap paper spread flat on the floor of her room.]

Hhhhmm! Has anybody ever tried mapping this place?
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testing testing one TWO THREE!!!!
yo!! >:O anybody out here?
ive been trying this thing on and off for a couple of days and nothing!
diddly squat :( there has gotta be somebody out there
there is only so much exploring a girl can do before she goes CRAZY
and i can safely assure you i am starting to go a little crazy lol
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thats IT!!!
im swearing off idiot boys for good :|
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[Jade smiles at the camera as she adjusts the hood on her kigurumi frog costume.  She appears to be outside.]

I'm sooooo excited!  [She gives a little hop because she's really getting into the spirit of her costume.  And because she's excited.

I've never had the chance to celebrate Halloween like most people do!  This will be my first time and I want to do everything!  Sadly there isn't enough time in the day to do that so what would everyone suggest?

Trick-or-treating is a must but other than that I'm not sure.  So give me some suggestions!

Oh!  [She moves the camera about and turns them toward Kid House.  It's all done up for Halloween with a ridiculous amount of pumpkins all carved up to look super scary or super cute.  Really it just looks like Halloween threw up all over the front of their house.  Probably much of the inside as well.]  Aren't the decorations amazing?!

[She turns the camera back to herself.]  If anyone wants roasted pumpkin seeds I have well...a looooot.
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[Sometime really early in the morning.

Jade's somewhere off comm at the moment, she's fumbling around trying to find something that fits her.

Oh dear.  This is...this is very strange.  [The comm moves over on it's own to show Jade from the back.  Her ears are still there, her hair is much longer, and her pajamas are looking a tad bit on the small side.  After a few more moments of going through her closet she turns toward the camera and folds her arms over her chest.  She's suddenly very self-aware and trying to hide just how tight that shirt is on her.  Her face has thinned out a bit but it's easy to tell who she is.

She clears her throat and nudges the comm up a bit so it's only showing her from the shoulders up.

It seems I've grown.  A lot.  None of my clothes currently fit and my glasses aren't as useful as they should be.  Which is incredibly bothersome.

[She pauses as she adjusts her glasses.]

So is this the doing of Lachesis or something else?  Or do we simply not know yet?

And one last thing, would someone please let me borrow some clothes?  I have no idea what size I am now but nothing I own fits anymore.

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[Back dated to the last night.

The screen shows nothing but a sea of stars, perfectly clear in the night's sky so it's obvious Jade's outside the city.  The sound of crickets and the rustle of the wind in the grass can be heard.  It's all really, really peaceful.

Back home I used to stare up at the stars all the time like this.  Just me and Bec.  It was always so peaceful, sometimes I even fell asleep under the stars.  Although I'd always wake up in my bed.  Bec was good about that.  [She gives a small laugh.]

As exciting and interesting as the city is it doesn't have this.  This beautiful view of the stars.

Sometimes I think people really need to just put everything down and get away from it all.  Just relax and stare up at the sky.  Get lost in their thoughts or whatever.

[She reaches over and picks up the camera, giving the viewer a dizzying blurry view of the sky before it settles on her.  Her ears flick back and forth with every sound around her.  She smiles brightly and gives a little wave.]

Everything was so hectic when I arrived so hello again City.  I'm Jade Harley and I've been here almost a week now.  Although, from what I've been told I was here before.  So I'd like to say I'm sorry to anyone I was friends with before.  Sorry that I don't remember any good times we might have had.  But that doesn't mean we can't make new ones.

That was really it.

Oh wait...unrelated but uh, interesting choice of defacement on the moon.

[She sets the comm back down in the grass with the camera pointed skyward.  For a few more moments there's nothing but the sky and the sounds of an ending summer before the feed cuts off.]

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[Video flickers on for a few moments. Long enough for the viewer to get a good look at a confused bespecdled girl with...are those white furry ears sticking out of the top of her head? However, that's quickly gone and it seems she figured out to get the text function to work.]
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[ the camera clicks on to show kanaya, her glow slight and gentle, wearing something rather modest, considering the subject she'll be discussing today. she smiles as she begins her address. ]

You'll pardon the intrusion, I hope, but I thought I might share one of my own passions today. ...Ultimately to your enjoyment, perhaps, should your interests fall along similar lines. I'm speaking, of course, on the subject of fashion. And to that end, we've prepared a small presentation on the topic!

[ she turns the camera around seven girls fancily adorned, aradia, nepeta, rose, feferi, jade, terezi, and nill. she passes the camera down the line, then it moves to the side of a small pathway she'd laid out earlier as a makeshift runway and motions for them to begin their march down it. ]

ooc cut for length because good lord is this long )

So, I hope the show didn't too poorly occupy your time, and I'd like to take this opportunity to note that prom is only two months from now, I believe, and so I will be taking commissions for any outfits one may wish to have prepared for that occasion! I can typically be reached here over the Network, and my fee shouldn't be difficult to negotiate. So, I welcome any clients who may be interested.

[ and she walks back in front of the camera to shut it off ]


Feb. 4th, 2012 04:06 pm
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Hi everyone! So, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought I should sell flowers from my greenhouse. Kanaya is making bouquets, too. I have about a million different species, and they're way cooler than the ones you can buy in a store!

Oh! Also, Kanaya helped me pick out flowers that would work well in bouquets for other quadrants, too. There's no such thing as an actual black flower, but there are some varieties that are dark enough to look like it. There is even a flower nicknamed the ace of spades! [She laughs.] I thought that was kind of perfect.

So, if anyone is interested, let me know!
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[ the video clicks on to a ceiling many imports may have seen before, if they'd ever bothered to look up as they exited the porter building. after a moment, it's moved to the night sky ]

--Let them know we've returned. I'd hate to think that anyone was worried!

Okay, here! [ the camera pans down onto the two girls as kanaya realizes jade already turned on the comm she was holding. it's dark, given the hour, but the streetlamps and the dim glow kanaya's giving off provide enough light for the video to be clear ]

cut for mild length and lots of green )

[ ooc: as you can probably guess, lime green is jade, jade green is kanaya
also kanaya has a permissions post for her new power, please give it a glance!


Dec. 4th, 2011 02:20 pm
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[Jade looks distinctly uncomfortable today. She's put this off way too long, and she keeps chewing on her lower lip nervously.]

Um, I just wanted to... Apologize to anyone I worried or... Hurt. I know it wasn't me, but... I'm so, so sorry.

[This is so awkward, and she is so bad at this. So switching to a filter it is!]

Filtered to Eridan! )


Nov. 28th, 2011 10:35 am
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[Jade has her chin propped in her hands and, unlike Zee and Mitch, she looks pretty calm and normal. Those who know her very well will notice something... Slightly off in her voice and eyes, though.]

So! Let's say there was someone hurting your friends. Someone killing your friends, and the people who are supposed to protect you won't help! If you could do anything to that person... Anything without any consequences or anyone finding out, what would you do?

[She's totally looking for ideas.]


Nov. 17th, 2011 07:07 pm
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[Jade is grinning into the camera, looking pretty different. She's wearing fancy pajamas, just like John, except hers sparkle. She's also got white dog ears.]

Hi! Um, sorry, everyone. But I am back now! I hope I didn't worry anyone. Was I gone long?

[There's a pause, then Jade shifts the camera so that those furry ears are in full view.]

And look! Aren't they cool?
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[Jade and Dave are sitting together, facing the camera. Jade shoots it a smile before speaking.]

So! Um, as a warning, we have filtered this from Gamzee's and Eridan's communicators, but Gamzee has a second one whose number we don't know. So he will be able to see this. But someone has to do something, so I guess we should just get right into it!

[She glances at Dave.]

Who cares if he can see? Not like there’s anything he can do about it. [He pauses, staring into the camera... probably?? It's hard to tell with those shades in the way.]

Point of this is? There’s a juggalo on the loose. He’s completely shithive, out for blood and has been like that for some time while douchebags sit around and do fuck all. We need to get rid of him before he skins anyone else. And he will, because he’s fucking nuts.

[Jade gives Dave a look before continuing.]

A few of us have tried to stop him, but he is just too strong and too fast. And he is.... [She frowns.] I guess Dave put it pretty well! He has killed at least four people that I know of, and has hurt many more than that. And we have been letting this go on for too long! So we are asking for help.

We’re not asking for help, we’re telling you—yeah, you—to get the fuck up before we’re all gutted and mounted on strings as his voodoo playthings.

I guess that is one way of putting it. We can't stop him ourselves. And if no one does, then he is going to keep hurting people.

So, you’ve got two choices here. You can ignore this, let the juggalo run loose and inevitably become one of Jigsaw’s pieces—or, you can stand up from your shitty Ikea chair, say ‘hell no I don’t want to play a game’ and help us.


Sep. 16th, 2011 12:07 am
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[Jade is surrounded by fish tanks, filled not with water, but with brightly colored frogs. She's grinning, holding a fat, yellow frog in one hand.]

Isn't he cute? I think I am going to call him Sollux! The color isn't perfect, but that's okay.

[She sets him down in a tank and turns to another, fishing out a tiny scarlet frog.]

And this one will be Dave!

[Oops she totally didn't ask her housemates if this was okay.]

But I still need names for some of the others. Like that little green one!


Aug. 4th, 2011 10:54 pm
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Hi guys!

[Jade waves at the camera, grinning widely. It's clear she's right in the middle of the riots, though the area behind her seems much calmer than most, despite the entire street being covered in debris. Davesprite and John are visible behind her, subduing a few still unruly rioters.]

I just wanted to let everyone know that we've pretty much got things under control here! How are the rest of you doing?
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[ There's a small click as the video feed opens, Luffy's laughter is recorded as he swings the lens towards a wiggling Chopper on the floor... Fur is everywhere. They're currently in someone's living room while Jungle Book plays in the background! Oh, and Luffy has these hideous sunglasses on. ]

Nahahahaha!! Chopper's going bald! Velveteen fur is everywhere! [ there's a few thumps as Luffy gathers some of the fur, with his feet, into a pile.. and laughs CUZ IT TICKLES ]

I'M NOT GOING BALD! I'm shedding! Reindeer do that in the summer! [ trying to shake off more fur like a wet dog ghkdsj FILTH ]

Sorry we made a mess, Jade! We'll clean it up before we go, promise. [ The comm then swings to face Jade, sitting on her couch and wearing Luffy's trademark straw hat. ]

P-promise, sorry... I need a brush.

[Jade looks very pleased to be wearing Luffy's hat, and keeps reaching up every few seconds to make sure it's still there.] That's okay, Chopper! It's fine. [ Except that Rose will totally kill them all if she sees this, but WWHATEVVER MAN. ] Do you want me to brush you?
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[The feed clicks on to show a very, very worried looking Jade. She's a little out of breath, too.]

Excuse me! I'm looking for my friend, Rose Lalonde. She hasn't been home all day, and she isn't answering her communicator. I tried looking for her, but this place is just so big! I am starting to get very worried.

Oh, um, she's my age, with short blonde hair. She usually wears black and purple. I would really appreciate it if anyone who has seen her would let me know!

[ooc; I AM SPAMMING TODAY omg I'm sorry guys ;;]]
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[The feed clicks on to show the network a plainly freaked out Jade.]

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! There was...

[She takes a deep breath, trying to relax. It sort of works.]

I think my room is haunted! I woke up, and everything was floating, and...!

Oh no, what should I do?
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[The feed starts out as video, focusing on a young, rather dorky looking thirteen-year-old girl. Her brows are furrowed as she toys with the device.]

Hmmm, I wonder how I...

Oh, there!

[And then, it switches to text.]

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