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[ see she-hulk. see she-hulk looking extremely apologetic and embarrassed. this is definitely a first for her. she's standing outside of the porter building, wearing some sweats and a muscle shirt like she had just been working out. she rubs her neck and then starts: ]

How do you tell a sentient, possible crazed machine that she might have an infatuation with you and that it's just not going to work out? And that it's not you, it's her, and she really needs to stop randomly sending you out?

[ she sighs and drags her hand down her face before her gaze moves to the side and then back to the camera ]

Two months. Two months. I wasn't even here for a month.

[ a beat and then: ]

I didn't even get a chance to ask last time. Who has my pugs? I know Doc must've handed them off to someone.
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[ the video turns on and it's late evening in Central Park. there's a strange, huge green woman dressed in this spandex number with her wild hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. she has ridiculous amount of Valentine Day's heart boxes stacked next to her. you know, these things and is currently munching on a chocolate, grinning. ]

Okay, so we all have your opinions on the big V-Day. You either love it or you hate it or you just don't care and are tired of those couples canoodling.

But, let's face it. The best thing about Valentine's Day is when it's over and you get to spoil yourself like no lover could. One word: Clearance.

[ she waves her little heart box around as a demonstration and grins, popping another chocolate in her mouth. ]

No man could ever make me feel as good as a chocolate lemon souffle.

[ click ]
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[ the video turns onto point at a busy City street before it spins around to show Shulkie, wearing her costume and looking a little annoyed and confused. ]

Well, alright. That's... something.

[ but she brushes it off, starting to walk ]

Gamma gamma hey, Network. You know, for as long as I've been here (and not as long as a lot of people, I know), I guess I'm not as surprised as I thought I'd be about how easy it is to just become used to the City being like a second home. Starting a real life here and everything. I mean, we all got taken here against our will -- kidnapping -- but it's kind of nice when you can just settle down, get a job, relationships, start a family, whatever. And when you blink and you find yourself here still, you can kind of go, "Well, at least I didn't end up in an alternate universe where I'm a chicken in a factory line, waiting to be processed!"

Am I the only person who thinks that?

There's still the actively trying to get home thing, of course, but hey, when this universe isn't so different from my own, I'm not missing out on too much. [ not that she doesn't miss her friends and family back home, but it could be worse.

she pauses and then yelps a little

Aw, nuts! I forgot to feed the dogs!
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[ there is She-Hulk. she is wearing a low cut blouse and some capris and sitting on the floor of a bedroom. there are some boxes beside her, and a laptop in her lap. also a pug at her feet. she kind of chews on her lip before actually speaking ]

You know, despite moving from California to New York and going through... multiple homes, I've never gotten the hold of moving. You know, renting an apartment, buying a house, putting down a mortgage, packing, the whole shabang.

It's like, what do you bring with you? Everything? Do you leave things you don't need behind and what about all the sentimental value and stuff? It's such a pain. [ she huffs a little and stretches. the pug just gets up and climbs onto her foot, laying there... like a lump. ]

I mean, I guess it all seems kind of pointless when you think about how we're all in this state of temporariness with the fear of being Ported at home at any second -- blah, blah, blah, blah. [ she does the talking gesture with her hand before rolling her eyes.

there's a pause:

Anyways, what's up?
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[ this is Shulkie sitting on her bed in the Avengers Mansion. she's in short-shorts and a tube top and her hair's pulled back and for some inexplicable reason, she's wearing glasses. there's a big pile of books beside her but their covers are obscured by the pug laying on top of them. ]

Gamma gamma hey, Network! [ she wiggles her fingers in a wave. ] So I heard there's a speed-dating thing happening soon, right? I signed a couple of people up that I figured could do with some romance in their life. [ she grins a little ] But who's actually thinking of going? And you know, find true love and all? Or just a really hot date.

And speaking of hot dates --

[ she props her chin up in her hands ] Hey, Avengers! Who wants to go the spa?

By the way, the answer's all of you and you can't say no.

[ she winks and cuts the feed. ]
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[ the video turns onto a nice boutique in what appears to be So-Ho. it spins to focus on not a grinning, green She-Hulk face, but a mousy Jennifer Walters instead. she waves a little before speaking up. ]

Okay, so Kate and I decided to do a “treat yourself” sort of day and that means clothes. Lots of clothes. Because clothes are great. Anyways, everyone, you guys need to see how great Kate looks in this.

[ the video turns again to focus on Kate wearing this sexy ensemble. ]

And beg for her to buy it and spend everyday wearing it because girl, look at that body.

[ Kate has her attention focused on a mirror to the side, but when she notices Jen is pointing the communicator at her she turns to face her properly. She tilts her head, eying the comm. ]

Is that on? [ She chuckles a bit. She doesn’t look the slightest bit embarrassed or shy, clearly comfortable in the dress. ] I don’t need to inflate my ego, I don’t think.

[ In fact, Kate is always comfortable and confident in whatever she’s wearing, even if it’s been a while since she’s put on a dress like this. ]

[ Jen speaks up again, laughing a little ] Whatever. You look fantastic and everyone needs to know that. Anyways, so this isn’t brag central, how do you guys treat yourselves?
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[ oh look who it is!! the one and only She-Hulk. she's turning on the video, looked a little ruffled, but nonetheless, fabulous as always. she's got a new costume and her hair is giant as ever. she's walking down the street, and there's a little half-smile and a wave. ]

Good morning, City. So it looks like I'm back. Did I miss a part two of the Skrull invasion or are we in our standby phase again?

[ she runs her hand through her hair and after a pause ]

Anyways, I need a drink. Anyone want to join me?

[ before she just disconnects ]


Feb. 4th, 2012 01:46 am
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[ oh look it's a video of Shulkie. she's dressed in her unitard and she does not look very happy. in fact, she looks pretty damn serious. ]

Hey. Hi. There, pleasantries aside, it looks like we got a huge problem. Apparently, an ally that we thought was on our side has been body-snatched by our friendly neighborhood Skrulls.

But, She-Hulk, what's a Skrull, you ask? Well, let me tell you. They're a shape-shifting alien race and pretty much almost single-handedly took over my world because they can be anyone or anything. They're so exact that you can't tell the difference. They'll begin to "herd" you. The best and the brightest will be snatched and taken into the D.T.V. where they'lll decide who's the lucky guys that gets to play host for them. You think that's your best friend? Your brother? Chances are, they're a Skrull and you won't have any idea.

Some of them can even imitate your powers, a la the infamous Super-Skrull. [ who she even struggled to take down. ] And if someone decides that they want to tell you that "He loves you", you better get the fudge out of there.

So what I'm saying -- and I hate to say this -- is that be careful who you trust. We don't know if they've completely invaded us yet or if this is just the one person. But if they've managed to infiltrate our ranks, let's just say, this isn't looking good for the rest of us.

[ god she really misses Jazinda right now. she hesitates, looking the least confident she's been since she's arrived here. ]

If this is bad end, we're playing Secret Invasion all over again, kiddos, and Bendis won't be here to save us.

avengers filter )
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( okay there is a lot going on this feed—the clatter of drinks and the murmur of various conversations, and also some music that sounds distinctly tropical. eventually, clint’s voice can be heard. )

So, we’re in Tahiti. We should be back in a few days, but I thought we’d ask if anyone wanted a souvenir, or something.

It's a well-deserved va-cay-tion. Don't miss us too much!

Happy New Year, I guess—see you later.

( and on that sheepish note, the feed cuts. purple is clint, green is jen, etc etc. )
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[ see Shulkie. see Shulkie sitting on the couch, one hand lifting a what is probably a four hundred pound weight or something with great ease. on top of the weight, sits a kitten, curled up happily. her hair's pulled back and she's wearing a midriff bearing Christmas sweater, shorts, and... uh... legwarmers........

anyways, she grins at the camera before speaking

Here's a question for you folks with super strength. And I'm totally counting you honeys that got Porter-granted. So do you have a set level of super strength with no power updates or do you get it exponentially? Like for me, I may be Hulk-strong, but I still gotta feel the burn sometimes. [ well ok shes leaving out the fact that she needs to be non hulk for it but w/e ]

Speaking of burn, how about those holidays coming up, huh? [ wow what kind of segway was that ] This is going to be my first Christmas here and while I got my mismatched family, what are the rest of you guys doing?

Any plans? Caroling? I will be severely disappointed if I don't get one caroler this year.
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[ the video opens to She-Hulk laying on her bed with a laptop in front of her, wearing some low cut, loose-fitting top and shorts. her hair's pulled back and she's absolutely beaming. ]

Guess who's big, green, and just passed the bar? If you guessed the Jolly Green Giant, you're close, but unfortunately, he only came in second.

[ a grey tabby cat climbs onto her back and curls up there. ]

If you guessed the fabulous She-Hulk, you are correct, my ladies and gentlebeans! That's right. This green Glamazon just got her results in and aced it. All I have left is to take my oath, pay a couple of fees, and I am on my way.

So here I am. Jennifer Walters, criminal defense lawyer, at your service. Or you know, public defender, but that team didn't work out for a reason. [ THE LAST DEFENDERS.... COUGH... ] I'll work on looking into an office this coming week because right now, I'm celebrating. Even if it means a bottle of Jäger and my fluffy bunny slippers.

And if any of you lawyer types need a partner, ring ring. [ makes a phone gesture next to her ear and cuts the feed with a grin ]
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[ oooof course, the video clicks on and there is Shulkie, sitting in a pair of short-shorts and a tank top, in the Avengers Mansion kitchen. she waves when the comm starts recording, grinning. ]

Yoohoo! Hey! Guess what! Tony Staaaarrk finally gave in and let me get a cat! [ she leans down and picks up a tiny grey tabby kitten who flicks his tail and mewls. ]

Right now, his name is Antonio, but I'm thinking about changing it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, also, guess what! [ she drops the kitten who just scrambles onto her lap and crawls onto her shoulder, shoving his face into her giant nest of hair. ] Don't think I forgot about you, Clint.

[ she's picking up a little pug now dressed in a beedog costume ]

This cute little guy is for Mister Clint Barton. Isn't he adorable? [ the pug just kind of... stares... ]

Aaanyways, I'm taking a break from studying and thinking about picking up some old, horribly bad habits, and going clubbing. I've found some pretty sweet places, and right now, am looking for some company to come join me. Any takers?
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[ there's our ever fabulous she-hulk lounging in a beanbag in what looks like a library. she kind of doesn't really.... fit in it since her legs are sprawled out, but she looks content.

she has glasses on and is dressed in just a pair of shorts and a shirt with a textbook in her lap. she waves.

Well, howdy there. So I should start off these things with something, right? Did you guys know that in 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child. Hope the pig at least got a decent representative in court.

[ she grins, ear to ear and flips a page in her textbook, sinking further into the bean bag. poor thing looks like it's flattened. ]

I didn't really have anything in mind when I turned this thing on, but hey, I'm known for being chatty, right? Help me out here, tell me something interesting.

I don't care what it is.

[ she points at the camera, finger gun and all. ]

Lay it on me.
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[ the video clicks onto a large, muscular green woman sitting on a deserted bench in a purple tanktop and matching pants. and she's obviously very, very tall.

there's a smile before she speaks up.

Alright, let me get this straight. I got taken away from my own "superhero" business to be one in another dimension? And here I left my heroing license in my other size fourteen pants.

[ she brings up a hand and waves ]

Hey. How's it going? The name's She-Hulk. Maybe you've heard of me. [ there's a beat ] I'm new.

[ and the feed cuts ]


Sep. 7th, 2009 03:09 pm
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[Filtered and Encrypted to: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Hercules, and...oh dear, Dazzler. Uh. Dazzler's been removed ...And then edited to include Deadpool.]

AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE. Hee I still love doing that.

What the heck is going on, guys? We get our dander all up, and then...sit for a week? Um. Call me nuts, but I think that's kinda unacceptable. We need that charter, for one.

I'm lighting fires under all your tushes. We gotta meet up and get this stuff moving or we're going to find ourselves living in Osborn's nightmares. And I, for one, don't want to even see who or what Osborn has in mind as my counterpart. If it's Betty I'm going to have such a temper tantrum, you don't even know.


Aug. 11th, 2009 06:22 pm
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[She's curled up in her own bed. She is no longer in the hospital. Across her (formidable) chest, a strange metal-and-plastic harness is bleeping and glowing quietly to itself. Those who spot these things can see that it's got all the earmarks of Starktech on it.]

So if I say "Gamma Gamma Hey" at this point, I think it'd be more out of a sense of irony than anything else, although it's tempting.

I'm home, I'm not doing my best Chernobyl impression anymore, and I'm feeling much, much better. Tony, I owe you one, big time. What've I missed in my durance vile? Well, aside from demons and stuff, leave that out if that's okay, I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down.

Bruce? Everything going okay?

((Sorry for the lateness...LJ kept giving me that "Connection Timed Out" error all through the day. SO frustrating.))


Jul. 19th, 2009 08:41 pm
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[Jen's propped up in a hospital bed, behind a heavy curtain of a very thick material. The video is wavy, distorted and off-color: every so often, her green skin flickers to red. Yes, this is the fault of the VIDEO and not her skin actually turning red. She waves sheepishly at the camera.]

So, um. Hi there. Good to see everybody.

I've got a teensy problem. I'm apparently still spitting out the bad juju radiation. Memo to self: don't tangle with radioactive monsters in the future, leave it to Silver Surfer.

And the really weird thing is that it comes in fits and bursts. It's not one steady output sort of thing. Oh, and apparently I should be dead. At least, the hospital staff says they've never seen anybody with a 112 degree temperature before.

So...I guess I'm hot? Which I already knew but jeez this is too literal.

Any suggestions from you science-types? I'm a little out of my depth here, I think.


Jul. 14th, 2009 08:59 am
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[After 12 hours of the occasional burst of static from her Comm, she finally is able to say something. It's slurred, and incoherent, though.]

Shh...night's ov'r...where am...?



[LOTS of static, and then a loud burst of feedback, and the Comm goes dead.]

((OOC: Jen is currently buried under about nineteen kerjillion tons of rubble in the Financial District. Where everything went down. Godzilla kicked her into a building, which collapsed on her. She's suffering massive amounts of radiation poisoning, as well...which is never a good thing when a Hulk is involved, now is it? A little help?))
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Welp, looks like it's time for me to don the official spandex again. Shoulda done this weeks ago.

Who's patrolling where, outta curiosity? Any neighborhoods I should focus on that don't have any coverage? Or does anybody want a team-up? Qualifications: Avenger, substitute Fantastic Four, Secret Wars vet, yadda yadda.


Jun. 24th, 2009 06:14 pm
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Hey, has anybody heard from Comm ID #6763793 lately? I...think I might have dropped a ball. Sorry, Theo. Contact me ASAP.


Jun. 4th, 2009 08:45 pm
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Hot tamales! Guess who just passed the Bar?

Not like I haven't done it before what seems like eight kabillion times, but it's still nice to know you got it.

I guess I'm hanging out my shingle. Jennifer Walters, attorney at law, specializing in criminal defense. I'd like to partner with somebody, too, if there's anybody in the market for one. You just better not mind that I need a corner office. Just because I need lots of space. You know how it is.


May. 23rd, 2009 06:24 pm
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I. Need a bigger room than the MAC can provide.

I'm feeling a tad cramped and why am I even staying there in the first place? Oh, right, it's free and I'm trying to pass the Bar again.

Anybody got a place where a gal can stretch out? I'm a little busted at the moment, but when the lawyerly bucks start rolling in again, I'll repay you. If you're a bad guy, don't bother replying; I'll just punch you through a wall.

[Private to Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man]
What's been going on with our Faux-Clint? And that animal who murdered the little girl?
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Gamma Gamma hey! ...Oh man, I can't believe I just said that.

So okay. Lemme make absolutely sure I've got this absolutely straight before we get all 'Hulk Smash' all up ins. Superheroes have been transported to this strange and brave new world to replace the police, and Tony Stark's behind it all? Tony, am I gonna have to take you over my knee and give you a spanking? You wouldn't like it. I wouldn't pull my punches. Mamma Shulkie leaves bruises when she spanks, honey.

I get why I was picked for this honor. Look at me, who wouldn't pick me? Avenger, Fantastic Substitute Four, yadda yadda yadda. Ain't none better when it comes to smashface, I get that. But I was kinda busy back home. I was in the middle of a case. Pug and I were about to get a guy off. ...NOT LIKE THAT. Get your minds outta the gutters until I tell you it's okay that they're there.

...Aaaaaand you can go there now.

Aaaaaaand...moment over. Moving on.

Lemme guess, we can't get home until certain impossible specifications are met. If this is some sort of sick joke by the Beyonder, I'm so not going to play. I'm sitting this one out. He can kiss my green You know.

I need coffee to cope with this. A latte. Or a mocha. Where can a gal get something hot and frothy around here?


Jan. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm
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Okay, I know I'm not crazy. Yet. I was talking to someone earlier about Iron Man, swapping hypothetical extreme theories about why he's acting the way he is, and I can't find where we were saying this. It's just not there anymore. So whoever that guy was, could you please introduce yourself here?

My crash course in this universe's legal system is almost complete. Luckily, it's like a few of the states in my universe, and you're allowed to sit for the MPRE and MBE without having a law degree. Therefore, I'm going to try and pass the bar next week. Can everyone continue not running afoul of the law until then? The way some of the public views us, a court-appointed attorney would probably advise you to take a plea.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to go cram.
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[The sound is scratchy at first, as she haphazardly fiddles with the setting. It gets stronger and clearer as it goes.Huh. Okay, that's not the Baxter Building or Stark Tower.

[*sound of several cars screeching to a halt, Jen grunting as she picks up a car that's spun out*]

Honestly, you'd think New Yorkers have never seen a pair of legs before. Maybe they haven't, on this world. Not green ones, anyway. Superheroes don't exist here. This is Alpha Earth, right? Maybe I should have lead with that.

I was trading places with my alternate self, due to general Weltschmerz and power problems. I'm not sure that I'm in the right place, because Beta Reed was sending me directly to Alpha Reed's lab, and, given the lack of Richards, I don't think that's where I ended up. Instead, Iron Man was waiting for me. I don't have the... patience for him right now, so I'd appreciate if anyone on this network could tell me what's going on. Like what this gadget is and if it's going to hold up better than my Blackberries. I could do with some explanation about how I'm hulked out. Does the teleportation process expose us to gamma radiation? That could nullify the nan---

[*general shouting and commotion, a woman screaming 'MY PURSE!' can be heard above the rest*]

I'll finish this later.


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