Apr. 16th, 2013 08:50 pm
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[Hello, important people doing important things. Here to interrupt your life is what seems to be a seemingly empty hazmat suit with little nozzle fingers that occasionally dart through the screen. It's pretty weird and only gets weird when the thing starts talking in a distinct German accent.]

A strange concept, the superhero. In a dissection of the word, they are simply a hero with some "super" aspect-powers, perhaps, may be the prerequisite. But if that were the case, wouldn't someone like me have qualified for the term? With the things I am capable of, surely the phrase could be applied but it never has. [A beat.] Before now, of course.

[There's a pause while he thinks and in the span of his silence it's hard to figure out what he's trying to achieve with this ramble.] I think I would prefer to be a citizen [Great, Johann, no one cares.] I've never had much of a chance at that sort of life. Well. I did. But it was very long ago. I have forgotten what it was like. When drastic changes happen, forgetting is an easy thing.

Besides, it would be a good break. A vacation. Maybe that's the reason I was taken away. As a reward. After all, this place isn't permanent, ja? It is very likely I will be sent back. [At least he better be. He has shit to do. His hands, if you can call them that, weave together and pull apart in his nervousness before stopping in realization.] Oh. I'm sorry, I must be rambling. I meant for this to be a simple introduction. It must have gotten out of hand. I'm sorry. My name is Johann Kraus, I am a field agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. I suppose my job title takes on new meaning here.


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