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-- unbelievable.

[ there's the sound of clattering as the video comes on, like someone knocked the communicator over but is obviously too preoccupied to notice. even though there's only a crooked view of someone's feet, rictor's voice is raised and clearly audible. ]

What part of this did you think I'd be okay with, exactly? Or weren't you thinking about me at all?

I do not know. [shatterstar sounds defensive, but like he's rather missing the point:] Why would this upset you? You were not here.

Why would it upset me? [ there's a tone of incredulity in rictor's voice. ] Oh, wait. That's right. You wouldn't understand because you have no concept of what it feels like to only want to be with one person.

When I was not in your dimension, you were with others. How is this different? [a beat, heatedly:] And you also wish to be with Rahne.

Rahne is different. I thought she was pregnant with my -- [ hhurghh. ] That's not the point.

[ the camera starts to get unsteady, trembling a little at first, then more as rictor continues to raise his voice. ]

This isn't about me and her. It's about us, or if there even is an us at all --

Of course there is an- [and then, when the shaking becomes too intense to ignore-] Rictor? Julio!

What? [ the whole building lurches one more time.

then stops. because he stops. he realizes. dead silent and still for a long moment.

...That was me.

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[ glass clinking, the noise of rabble and pool balls. there's a scruffy-looking fellow idly tipping a mostly empty beer bottle back and forth on a bar counter with an index finger on the rim, looking most decidedly unentertained. ]

So, on top of the fact that I'm not actually the father of the baby I thought was mine, the guy I'm with apparently has the hots for Thor, and I'm still a useless depowered chump --

Apparently I've been randomly selected as the lucky winner for a surprise trip to the most uncreatively named place in this or any other universe. Great. Thank you, cosmic forces. Bueno. Really.

[ he rolls his eyes before rubbing a tired hand over his face with a heavy exhale. ]

I'd ask how it could get any worse, but then it might.


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