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[personal profile] redshifting, has anyone seen my cat?

He's black and he looks like he's filled with outer space and his eyes are like stars and he teleports all over the place but he usually always comes back! But I haven't seen him in a day or two.

His name is Dusty, so if anyone finds him, please let me know?
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[Charlie is standing in the center of the screen in her apartment when she appears, in a blue blouse and black skirt, and she waves, smiling brightly.]

Hey guys! This is kind of a ...public service announcement sort of thing but not really about something totally important! See this is-

[She frowns off screen.]

You have to actually be in view Kat!

[There's a groan off screen.] I guess I kind of have to, don't I...

[And then a girl with dark skin and blonde hair sidles into the frame, one arm reaching across her stomach to idly grab at the other arm. She seems uncomfortable, but manages a nervous-looking smile at the camera.]
H-hi there!

Right, great. This is Kat! [Charlie throws a hand out as if to indicate her.]

She's awesome and cool and everyone should want to be her friend. And she's pretty, and she has this really neat gravity powers.

But! And you may not believe this, she has never been on a date before! Ever!

[She whispers a bit too loudly.] You didn't have to be so blunt about it--

[And then she just looks at the camera and waves a bit awkwardly.]

Well how else was I going to put it?

[She rolls her eyes and looks back at the camera.]

Anyway! She's awesome and cool and needs a date? So who's interested?

[A beat.]

Oh right! We're pretty sure she's eighteen or so, so kinda around there's the age we're looking for here, and...uh, don't be a creeper. Or evil. Evil's a big turn off, okay?

Yeah, if I could avoid anyone evil that'd be really great.

[She takes a deep breath for courage and looks at the camera, her smile growing more genuine if no less nervous.] I like cats and stuffed animals and like high-up places with nice views, and taking long baths and reading magazines, and think that--

[Oops. She timed that wrong. The feed shuts off.]

[ooc: Blue is Charlie, Red is Kat, they'll both be answering this!]

Δ2 [Video]

Jan. 7th, 2013 08:02 pm
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*The feed comes on to show a dark-skinned girl with blonde hair and eerily red eyes beaming at the camera. You may remember her as the one crashing into all those buildings last month.* Um, hi! This is on, right? Hello, everyone!

My name is Kat, or I guess as I'm known here, the "Gravity Queen"!, but I was called that back in Hekesville too, so it's not like it's only my nickname here or anything. It's just sort of a name that kind of stuck, you know?

--ah, I'm getting off track. Anyway, I'm offering my services as a hero for hire to help out anyone who needs it! I can manipulate gravity on a personal level and create miniature black holes, if... if that would help with anything. Like, if you needed something brought from Point A to Point B, I'll just shift gravity, no problem!

No problem is too small! I'll help out with pretty much any problem anyone is having.

Um, payment can be money, or it can be food, or if you're a cute boy it can even be a date, hee hee... *She looks somewhat bashfully away from the camera.* --I mean, if you want to! That's just an option, you know? I'm really flexible about that sort of thing.

...I guess that's everything I wanted to say. How do I turn this off? Is it... this button? No, that's not it. Maybe this one wil-- *The feed cuts.*
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*You see a city from the air. In fact, some of you might well recognize it as the City, unparalleled in its grandeur. Of course, on the screen the City seems to be getting larger. No, wait, the communicator is falling-- and you might be able to hear a young woman's surprised yell right beside it.* Whoaaaaaaaaaah!

The ground is coming up pretty fast. And then, it's right there--* Oof! *--the feed cuts.*


*Hey, you. Yeah, you. Wherever you are in the City, walking around, minding your business, even inside at work or school... might hear the sound of someone yelling. A woman, if you're particularly astute. And it's getting louder.*


*The noise is coming higher up-- And the source? A young woman in a black leotard quite literally falling from the sky above you.

She shows no sign of stopping as she smashes into the ground nearby, quite literally bouncing once or twice from the impact.*

*Alternatively, if you're inside, she just smashed into the side of the building right next to a window. Same situation, really.*

Ow, ow, ow! That one really hurt!


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