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One room for rent in Brooklyn. Rent will cover utilities and will be further based income level. I prefer someone who knows how to act as a responsible adult. I'll be doing a check on the network on applicants, so criminals need not apply.

Fair warning: there are cats here.
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How many of you have found the nature of your abilities to have changed in this place? The powers you had back home or the ones given to you here. If they have changed, are they still related to what you used to be capable of? Or are they completely from the left field? 
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For those who knew him, Blue has been sent home.
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I'm looking for a job. I worked for Ms. Chase when I was here last, as a secretary of sorts to her building supply company. I've also had experience working as both a cook and waitress in a small restaurant.  I can get more training for a position on my own, if need be. 

I've been keeping an eye for openings elsewhere, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask all of you. At least when you work with other imports they understand when you can't come to work because of things like pigeon attacks. 
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I guess this is hello again, City. If the weather's any indication, I've been gone for quite a while. I'm kind of surprised this place is still in one piece. No more giant monster attacks I suppose?

Unless Yusuke has put another hole in kitchen, I assume we're still living at the same place guys? I'd hate to walk all the way there and find out we've moved.


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