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[ The feed shows just a bit of Kitty as she's sitting in her bed, lights off. Knees up to her chin, there's most certainly a frown on her face. ]

So I guess MJ was right.

[ A moment of silence. ]

Is too good to be true. All that's left once you get to know this place is frustration and regret.

[ And off the feed goes. She doesn't even know why she made the post. She just had to left that out. ]
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I'm leaving for a little while. Got things to do. I'll be back soon, but I can't say when exactly.

Try to keep the house relatively intact until I come back.

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[ Kitty appears on the scene, sitting on her couch. She's smiling a bit.

It's kinda odd to see her smiling a bit.

So I'm back. If the clock is telling me the truth I missed the prom. Can't say I'm entirely sad about it, but I guess it was a chance to meet more people. Well, whatever.

[ Yep, that's about it.

Okay, not really.

Oh, I'm wondering who's still around. You know, of the people that know me. I sort of have news about our world, so you might want to hear about it. It could be going better over there, but I think things are starting to change. A bit.

[ Again with that little smile. ]

Besides that...does anybody needs a roommate? Or wants' to move somewhere else? I have this entire suite to myself, and it's getting a bit depressing to live alone.

I remember that certain group of people I know were all crowding certain guy's place, so if anyone wants some extra space...or have some extra space, although I doubt it, I'm all ears. And beds.

Kitty out.
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[ The video starts with a pretty damn spartan looking living room, and the open door allows to peep into an equally barren bedroom. Kitty got the place for herself, and she hasn't done much in the sense of decorating. Heck, she even sent some blankets to Gwen since she had no interest on them -or in making things easy for new roommates, although she couldn't possibly imagine that happening, somehow-. There's a table on the living room, and what looks like Chinese takeout over it. ]

You know, this is when I wish I had learned to cook more extensively. I might need to get a book on the subject or something.

[ Kitty is holding the phone, so she's not visible at the moment. She sets it somewhere solid and moments later sits on the couch in front of the table, half visible now; most of her legs are torso are on the feed, but her chin is the only thing visible if she doesn't lean a bit more. She stays quiet for a while. Thoughtful, maybe. ]

I did say I needed to get back, but not that I really wanted to. [ A snort. ] Misguided sense duty, I guess, courtesy of the X-Men.

So, who of you want to get back, and who want to stay here? Futile as it is, I'm sort of curious.
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Okay, this?

[ The feed starts abruptly, with Kitty sitting on some table of some café with some drink next to her. It’s ice tea, because is getting hotter around here. She looks a bit perplexed, and a good deal annoyed. ]

This I didn’t see coming. It’s not that I’m complaining but I- I can’t be here. I’m needed back home, and I don’t care things are not, how did that robot put it? how things aren’t moving back home, alright? I’m in this- this mindset, I can’t be having a good time in a New York-not-New York that never got flooded and with people not trying to lock me up because my genes are funny. Or just shoot me down. It's just wrong all over, the niceness.

And I most certainly don’t deserve it.

[ And then she bites her lower lip. ]

So I need a way out, alright? I promise- I’ll come back. I will. Heck, I’ll, I will bring people with me if needed, but I can’t be here. Not right now. Not really.

[ A beat. ] Um, this is Kitty Pryde, by the way.

[ And she cuts the feed. Well that wasn’t awkward at all. ]


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