Feb. 28th, 2012 06:39 pm
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[Sup, have a Kiryu. He's looking a bit tired, but not nearly as much as he has in the past few weeks, or even the past couple months not that anyone but Alastair would know that. He's sitting in a rather cluttered office and there's muted techno music playing in the background.]

You know, I've been so busy lately I completely missed my anniversary. When I first arrived here, when Saitou did, Saitou's birthday...I guess most of that doesn't matter any more...

I almost made it to three years without ever going home, too. Last year, I was sure I never would. I guess she had to prove me wrong at least once.

[he smiles a bit and drags a hand through his hair. he knows this is completely random and probably no one cares.]

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was this. [he holds up a flyer for Dancitron] If anyone out there's looking for a job, Dancitron needs a few more people. Most of the staff is pretty good at doing more than one job, and we're also pretty good at teaching what you need to know for a lot of them, so even if you don't have any experience working in a night club, we can probably find a place for you.

[he pauses and looks a bit thoughtful for a moment] We could definitely use a couple people with some security or management experience, though.

If you want to apply, you can either talk to me here or just drop by. I've been there most nights this month. Or you can talk to Alastair, but he'll probably just send you to me.

[and that...seems to be it. off goes the feed. why would anyone leave him this responsibility god Shockwave.]


Jan. 7th, 2012 05:01 pm
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--is this...?

[Kiryu's turning his new comm over in his hands, examining it with a look that clearly says he's never seen it before. He's noticeably paler and thinner than he was last time he made a post, and there's a yellow tattoo on his cheek where there definitely wasn't one before.]

What's going on? Where--

[And then suddenly he looks panicked and the comm is promptly forgotten, although he doesn't drop it.]

Nico?! West?! NICO! WE--

[He cuts himself in a sort of strangled sounding groan and drops to his knees, staring wide-eyed at nothing at all. And if you thought he was panicked before, then now he's more like terrified.]

No, no, no, no, NO, NO--



Nov. 29th, 2011 11:38 pm
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[The feed opens to show sky and the glow of the lights from the city below, and there's laughter. After a moment, the camera swings around, briefly catching one of the wings of this giant-ass dragon before settling on Kiryu, who is still giggling and looking quite crazy.]

What a week we've been having. Almost makes me feel like missing home~ All the chaos and destruction... [more laughing] But that was always more Rudger's thing. I never cared about the whole world. I only cared about one little group...

[he pans the camera around again and now you can see that he's riding on the back of that awesome dragon with eyes all over it, and they're starting to descend on the city now.]

It's been over a year since he left. [and oh god does he sound pissed about this] If he were here... [if Saitou were here, Kiryu would never hear the end of this and he knows it, but look at him care right now]

He was a cop, you know. [aaaand more laughter.] Or he was until you all turned your backs on him. He wasn't even the guilty one! He was lying the whole fucking time. That man didn't even stay dead, what the hell was the point in arresting anyone for it...

But you've never been able to do anything right. What's the point of a police force in this place anyway? What's the point of any police force? You're all corrupt in the end. Whoever got rid of the all the cops in the beginning had the right idea.

[and yeah, he is definitely headed for a police station--not their headquarters, he's saving that for later, but one not too far as the dragon flies from it.]

Where are you tonight, Security~? Satisfy me, if you can! Infinity Sight Stream!

[And there goes his dragon, blasting purple fire down an alleyway, pretty much destroying everything in it and cutting a nice ditch down the middle. and there's even more laughter from Kiryu as the feed ends.]


Jun. 20th, 2011 03:04 pm
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[there's a brief snippet of video as Kiryu messes with his comm, showing that he's inside Yuusei's MAC apartment and it looks like no one else is around, but the feed quickly gets switched to just audio. The whole network doesn't need to see how he's feeling about this.]

I think...Yuusei might be gone. Again.

[then there's the longest pause ever, but it doesn't sound like he's hung up yet.]

...When do you just...stop hoping for someone to come back? Or for someone to actually stay here once they have? Yuusei...and Crow...neither of them can just stay here. They still haven't both been here at the same time...

And Saitou...

[he laughs a brief, completely humorless laugh.]

Even now, I'm just waiting for one of them to post saying they're back. It's so stupid...

He keeps leaving every time I'm actually starting to like him again...


Apr. 11th, 2011 05:42 pm
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[PRIVATE to: Shockwave]

Hey, I just remembered I still have some stuff I bought for you in Japan. Teas and tea-flavored things. Where do you want me to bring them?

[FILTERED to: Alastair, Bakura, Yuusei, Bruno, Shockwave, Trowa]

It's my birthday on Friday, and I was thinking I might just hang out at Dancitron or [such-and-such arcade] all day. If you wanted to come. Or suggest something better.


Question to the masses. When was the last time any of you heard from our dear friend the 'Porter?


Mar. 1st, 2011 08:59 pm
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[PRIVATE to: Shockwave]

alastair and i are at [hospital] if you want to visit

[PRIVATE to: Spike]

fuck you. FUCK YOU. you're going to begging for death by the time i'm done with you

[filtered FROM: the Major, Joker, Ruka, Spike]

does anyone have any experience putting souls back in their bodies?
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[For almost a minute, the feed is mostly silent; there's enough background noise to tell that it's transmitting, but no one's speaking. Then there's the scrape of gravel and someone standing up...and Kiryu!]

Tomorrow, I'll have been here for two years. I've never left, except for one week when a younger me was here instead. That was back before the robot blew up and Lachesis became queen.

[pause] I've been here longer than I was ever dead back home...I still remember how that felt, but it's not really like it was yesterday anymore.

[and even more pausing!] Saitou came here the day after I did. He never wanted to be here. It's better that he left before he had to be here this long...

[and now sounding way more annoyed than emo] We didn't get to celebrate his birthday last year either. Tch.
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[Kyosuke/Stardust Knight]

[TEXT; filtered from: Alastair, Bakura, Hiruma, Trowa, Ruka, Joker, Major]

how do you know if you're in love

how do you know if your feelings for someone are too strong?

[VOICE; private to Crow]

[and sounding like he's completely wasted]

So, uh, hey.  I...mmm, can we talk?
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[and here is a very groogy sounding Kiryu!]

You know what really sucks?  Throwing up half the damn night.  Tch...

[sound of a door opening, and promptly slamming shut.] ...the hell is it so cold...wasn't that cold before...

So, whoever's responsible for this last stupid mess?  Thanks.  A lot.  I really love thinking I'm back to being dead when I couldn't be more alive. [/sarcasm]  Wasted a perfectly good week...

[and the feed clicks off.  Now if Alastair doesn't mind, Kiryu's headed across the apartment to crawl into a warm bed and try to get a couple more hours of sleep.]

[ooc: replies will ICly be delayed a few hours!]


Oct. 27th, 2010 08:09 pm
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 [FILTERED to: Alastair, Bakura, Hiruma, & Saitou (just in case) /sob one day he'll have a public post again]

[also there is a gigantic pause in the beginning. gigantic.]

...Have any of you seen Saitou lately?  Today.  Or yesterday.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 04:26 pm
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[well, he meant for this to be private to Yuusei, but that didn't work out. like he knows how to use the comm yet.

And boy, does he look panicked.  And very obviously still a Dark Signer.

Y-Yuusei?  You're here too, right?  That's not just...wishful thinking...

What's going on?  Why do I--

There's a real kitchen here...

My eyes are black and it's hard to breathe and this isn't the hideout.  What is going on?

[ETA: aaaaand this is retroactively filtered to Saitou, Alastair, Bakura, and Yuusei. but if your character saw it anytime within the hours of 6pm-9am, he certainly can't help that.]
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 [He at least looks a little hesitant to be bringing this up so soon; he's pretty pissed off and hurt by current events too.]

One, who's the lucky person who gets to burn alive for killing Starscream, and two... [sigh, he really likes this job] ...who's in charge of Dancitron now?
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 [FILTERED to: Alastair, Bakura, Yuusei, & Saitou (just in case) | Viewable to: Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave (just in case)]

[Kiryu's sitting in an airport terminal, smirking a little at the camera and looking more content with himself than he has in months.]

So.  Who's going to pick me up from the airport?

['Con Channel | Voice | maybe an hour later]

What the hell did I miss?
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[Wherever Kiryu is, it's nowhere near any cities.  The background of the video is almost pitch black; a few brighter stars are visible in the clear sky, and there's starlight and moonlight, but not quite enough.  The only light really illuminating Kiryu's face is the backlight of the comm.  But that's enough to see that he probably hasn't cut his hair recently and he doesn't look like he's feeling very good, although he's trying to hide it.]

I want to know what happened that night.


May. 12th, 2010 01:40 pm
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[FLTERED to Saitou, Alastair, Bakura, & Crow | VIEWABLE to Starscream, Soundwave, & Shockwave]

How do you feel about a vacation?
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 [Filtered to: Alastair, Bakura, Misao, Melee, Saitou, Hiruma]

Bakura told me there was an announcement over the network stating that Saitou is wanted for murder.  I don't know how many of you saw it; Saitou and I were blocked, and so was Alastair, Bakura said.  If you didn't see it, now you know.

Anyway, Saitou's fine.  I'm not going to say where we're staying, but we won't be here long.  Just long enough for things to die down a bit.  We have to be back by next Thursday, at least.

How are things looking at home?


Ravage, Aki, I promised I'd show you my power sometime, didn't I?
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[Decepticon filter]

Soundwave.  I have a favor to ask.  It's okay if you say no.

[private/encrypted to Alastair]

Saitou and I aren't going to be around for a few days.
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 [Looks like someone wasn't paying attention enough to private this.  Whoops.]

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So, those people standing out in front of stores, ringing those obnoxious bells...anyone else feel an urge to...encourage a few of them to find something better to do with their time? Or at least get rid of those damn bells...


Anyone know of a way to keep yourself from talking in your sleep? I don't care about falling asleep or staying asleep, just the making noise during sleep part.
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[private to Alastair]

So hey, I've been thinking...maybe we should move. Since the motel's...falling apart.

What do you think?

[private to Hiruma]

So, got any more room for two more tenants?
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[private to Mary Marvel]

I think we need to talk, Miss Mary.

[private to Optimus Prime]

Saitou Hajime was ported out Sunday night.  He won't be coming back to work.

[filtered to Alastair, Bakura, Sho, Soundwave, Shockwave]

Sorry if I worried you.

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--No no no no no not now please not right NOW

[a long pause of silence. a little too long. he's running over to pick up Saitou's comm where it fell next to his bed.




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[private to Crow]

Oi, Crow.  Where the hell are you?  If you're being an idiot like Yuusei and not responding to stuff for weeks, I'm going to kick your ass.

[after a few minutes, public]

Hey, has anyone seen a guy with bright orange hair wandering around?  He's pretty short, but he's loud so he's hard to miss.  You might have seen him sneaking out of a window or hanging out with a group of kids, stuff like that.

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[It's definitely not directed toward non-existent Crow or Hichigo, though.]

Hey, guys, is anyone in the house right now?

...For that matter, so we have any bandages in the house?  I don't know if Saitou stocks any...

Probably does.

Hey, Saitou, do you have any bandages stowed away somewhere?

[ooc: because of this craziness.]

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I just realized...I've been here for six months.  [laughs a little]  I can't believe it's been that long.  Six months...

I wasn't supposed to be around for even another couple weeks...

I feel like I should do something to celebrate.  Who knows what, though.

Sho, Alastair, Saitou?  Wanna go out and celebrate?

[private to Soundwave]

Dancitron's still standing, and it hardly looks like the earthquakes touched it.

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Anyone else feel that?

[private to Saitou, Sho, & Alastair separately]

Guys...we might want to get out of here for right now.

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[Decepticon Channel]

Are you all back in town?  I haven't had time to do more than scan the first page for ID numbers.  I have souvenirs.  Where do you want me to bring them?  I'll be out tomorrow delivering stuff.

And...do any of you know where I could deliver something to Megatron?


[Main Channel]

How is everyone?  I saw some of what happened yesterday...actually seeing some of the damage is something else.  [laughs] It looks like home~

I haven't had time to really look at posts to see what's going on.  I'm doing that now.  Izayoi-san, Alastair, are you okay?

Crow, Sho...we still have a place to come back to right?  And you're okay?

And I brought stuff back for people!  Namely Skyfire, Aigis, Misao-chan, Metabee, Del, Izayoi-san, and Sho. I don't think I'll get around to delivering it until tomorrow or after, but I'll try to make sure to get you all.

[ooc: And the delivery log is up, if you want to attack it.  And here's the coming home log, for when we get to it. <3]

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[Have a shot of a busy, noisy street that bounces about in a fairly regular fashion. This would be because Kiryu is holding his comm on his head.]

Status report~! We made it here okay, and we got to Kyoto last night! Which was probably early morning back there. I dunno; what time is it in the City right now?

Um, also, I locked this from Misao-chan, 'cause I heard he mention that she didn't want to see what this place looked like yet. Bakura, could you let her know I said hi?

I haven't had a chance to really look for stuff yet, but I think I saw some pineapple candy...if I see it again, I'll have to get some for you, Skyfire. And see if I can bring it back. I'll just...sneak stuff into my pockets and switch forms or something... OW! Saitou! Those rules are stupid anyway. I won't bring any diseases back or anything...

Oh! And Soundwave! You were asking about art the other day. I took a few pictures of some of the temples and buildings here for you. I'd consider them art.

[The image suddenly stops bouncing and Kiryu's silent for a moment, listening to something to faint for the microphone to picks up amongst the noise.]

Oh, we're going to go eat now. I guess I'll...shut this off...

[And the screen goes blank.]

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So hey, this time tomorrow I'll be on a plane, waiting to take off for Japan.  We'll probably be gone for a week or two...not sure yet...

Does anyone want anything?  We'll be doing to tourist thing, mostly; I'm pretty sure my hometown doesn't exist here.  So if you want me to get you a souvenier or something, just let me know.

I'll be taking my comm, if anyone needs anything while we're there.  I think Saitou might be too...ow...yeah, he is too.


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