Jun. 3rd, 2013 10:06 pm
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(he has no idea how to ask this, so he's just going to go ahead and ask it.)

How am I to be sure that I am being courted? As "prom" approaches for many a school, I have begun to get asked to many of them. None of the Institute of course, though I have to ask myself why I am being invited. I have no title here, no connections and the name "Solidor" holds no standing in society.

So, I must ask you, what am I to do with all of these phone numbers?


Apr. 12th, 2013 08:26 pm
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Forgive me, it seems whenever I come to you all, it is for selfish reasons. Once again, I must ask for your assistance. In an effort to strengthen import-native relations within the City, City Hall has proposed a task force.

What, you may ask, would drive the need for a task force? Simply this: many imports are suffering from the prejudices of the people who live in this City. This is an effort to gather data in order to accomplish three main goals:
1.) The improvement of everyday relations between the import/native community, such as fair and equal treatment of imports regardless of powers and/or past history.

2.) The legitimization of import activities that are otherwise being considered as acts of "vigilantism" through appropriate, legal channels that include recognition by local enforcement.

3.) Appropriate countermeasures to external problems such as: Skrulls and Vulcanus.

There is an official proposal available here (link to a proposal written by one Larsa Ferrinas Solidor) at City Hall's website. We need as many volunteers as possible, should you feel that you can do good for this cause, I encourage you to join.


Mar. 5th, 2013 11:48 am
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Rare is it that I would come for advice, but I fear that I am at a loss. Many, I assume have once left where they were born and had to live in another country.

(which is an understatement for here, but it's diplomatic enough.)

I ask, how does one even begin to address cultural differences? Where long hair is a mark of status and a hallmark of culture, especially for one who is - (he stops, because really no one wants to hear about him being an emperor.)

I must confess, I am quite used to doing many things without the consent of an adult.
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(it's Larsa's desk at City Hall, but instead of the work he does, he has some paper plates and cups to make makeshift teacups and saucers and there are two little girls wearing disney princess costumes as well as some raccoons wearing boas and tiaras.)

I do hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if anyone happened to visit City Hall and lose two absolutely lovely princesses?

(he sighs as they drink some of his tea and make a face, because really what six year old wants to drink actual tea? he drops his voice to a whisper before he asks:)

Or, at least what are some other running themes in these "Disney" movies or Fairy Tales? There are only so many times I can refer to Zatanna as a "Fairy Godmother" or the Mayor as "King Hundred" - which is the grandest of ironies I must say considering who he is and where we are. Please, text me anything that could be of some assistance.

(shit they're onto him, he quickly flashes a panicked look before going back to pretending to have a tea party.)


Nov. 26th, 2012 08:50 pm
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(it's hard to imagine that larsa would ever get mad at something, but there he is at some sort of heavy fighter gym standing across from him that isn't that much older than he is. gabranth the cat, whom is treated like a dog (and does not appreciate it at all), must have turned it on while sitting with larsa's street clothes.

regardless, he's standing in front of this fighter wearing similar clothing: a tank top and long sweatpants with his arms at attention. he looks way more buff than a kid his build should be, but it comes with morning hand-to-hand training with basch.

Kid, I am not going to hit you.

(larsa shrugs, cocky in his own abilities to take down someone roughly the size of james bond.)

If you are afraid of your reputation. Worry not, no one will know that I was able to shake your resolve.

(the guy still hesitates as larsa simply punches him across the face, it isn't until that does the older boy takes him seriously and scares gabranth into turning off the video. but all that can be seen from the side is larsa and him grappling, and the next thing it's the other boy on the floor.)


Sep. 22nd, 2012 12:03 pm
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(it's rare that larsa would show himself wearing his full imperial regalia, he's sitting in the porter room and he tiredly pulls off the his crown before talking into the communicator.)

Last I was here was two years ago, was it not? I believe I was - (he purses his lips, trying to think about what he was doing here last. a lot has gone on in ivalice since he left here, he's so tired that it takes him several minutes before he starts to remember properly.) an intern for Mayor Mitchell Hundred, ward of Zatanna Zatara and ... and ...

(he just sighs, frustrated that he can't remember more at the moment.) a student at the Institute? Is this correct? Are these facts still true? Is Mitchell still mayor and is Zatanna still here? Two years is a very long time, from what I remember of this place it is quite volatile at best.

(he sighs, grabbing a bottle of exotic liquor.) I only have this to pay for your kindness, t'was to christen the Odin as a flagship of the navy, but I feel it would do more good here.
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[ look everyone’s it’s johnny and larsa! or rather, it’s johnny pointing his comm at larsa, while larsa examines tuxedos. ]

So me and Larsa are suiting up for the prom. You guys, tell him bow ties are stylish so he’ll wear one.

[larsa, on the other hand wrinkles his nose slightly at the notion of bowties, but he doesn’t argue. johnny’s hand appears onscreen, rummaging through the ties. ]

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this stuff’s supposed to match your date’s dress. What color’s your date’s dress?

[Larsa blushes before going to look at a silk blue suit (unironically), ducking to hide.]

I am simply going to participate. I doubt I know anyone well enough to accompany me.

[ he does look at johnny for a moment before asking him: ]

You are going with your beloved, yes?

[ WHOOPS... ]

Yeah. Yeah, of course I am. [ there’s a pause and then he flips the camera around so he can look into it. ]

So Jess, you’re coming to prom with me, right?

[ Larsa just groans from the background. ]

No, for such a grand event you have to be more...

More what?

More... romantic, mayhaps? She is no afterthought to be asked in such a manner whilst you shop for something to wear. She is the woman you love: write her letters, go on one knee and ask her permission, get her flowers at least.

[ johnny has obviously forgotten he’s filming. larsa just sighs, emerging from behind the rack with a small smile on his face. ]

You are hopeless, bro.

I’m so not hopeless. Forget the tie, let’s go buy flowers. Or something.

If you insist. I must say flowers are quite my forte.

Awesome. Let’s go, bro.

[ and the feed cuts. PREPARE YOURSELF, JESS. ]

ooc; larsa!
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I wonder if I could perhaps hear the advice of some of Zatanna Zatara's friends. If you have a moment, could you please contact me? It is about...something personal.
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Forgive me for my last...outburst. Thank you for all of you who were concerned, I ... did not mean to cause alarm. As soon as I am discharged I will work to clean and repair any damage I did to the MAC.

[there's a pause like he's considering saying something else.]

Had I known I was given other powers, I would have reacted in more suitable fashion. Odd how strange events can make you think of home, all I had to do was purchase Teleknesis from a wayward traveler from the Necrol of Nabudis and that was all. Though, strange things are not uncommon here, are they? No, neither are they in Ivalice; after all, the youngest son of the Emperor Gramis Solidor and the youngest brother to Emperor Vayne Solidor sits upon the throne. Who would have thought that the son not destine to lead the Empire would sit at her helm? Not many, 'tis the answer. Yet, I would much rather have brother or father, guardian or judge sit beside me now rather than an entire army and no family awaiting my return.

[oh dear, he's realized he's said too much and quickly turns his phone off.]


Mar. 4th, 2012 09:45 pm
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[ignore the fact that everything in Larsa's apartment is currently up in the air, including a Russian Grey cat with the most angry expression of them all. there's a crack in his window the shape of a TV, there's even swords in the air, rich purple silk and imperial seals.

larsa tries to nonchalantly hold his head while he asks in a low voice:]

My head... forgive me, someone had already asked about a remedy for their head but I fear- [there are tears running down his face, as if the pain is so splitting that he wants to tear his own hair out and scream.]

I fear nothing has been able to help it.

[his hands can't take it, they have to clutch at his head as his sword raises far above his head and Larsa just struggles to turn off the communicator before anyone else can see more of what's happening. the last thing seen is larsa's sword going out of the window too.]
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[sitting there with his very heavy crown and even donning the royal regalia that he wore when he got here.]

At first, I had lied about my identity thinking that perhaps this could be a political kidnapping. Thinking that they had stolen the Emperor of Archadia was a foolish idea, had you known whom I was, I t'would think you would have done better. The lack of respect, one assumes is the lack of knowledge that the masses would have. Had they known they were addressing royalty, I know that they would have behaved better.

Thus, I suppose a proper introduction is order: I am his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Larsa Ferrinas Solidor; 13th Emperor of the Archadian Empire and the 6th Solidor to hold the throne and I will be addressed as such.

[then, with a condescending leer.]

That is all.
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Would it be possible for directions to the museum? I seem to be absolutely lost, I took one of the subterranean trains to... [oh god, he's so lost in one of these terminals.] I was certain that I took the correct train, where did I go ... wrong? Perhaps I have been too spoiled by teleportation crystals or the flee- [oh he realizes what he's saying and changes his tone entirely.]

If anyone could tell me how to get there from [location here] to the museum, you would have my thanks.


Sep. 18th, 2011 01:10 am
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I wonder, who else here goes to the academy here in the City? I ask because I often times spend more time getting lost in the City itself than actually getting to know my fellow classmates. It seems very strange, where I am from, you can practically walk all across the entire world, but the idea of trying to get from the MAC to the academy seems to confuse me.

Regardless, I hope to get to know all of you, even if I do not get a chance to actually see you during our lessons.


Sep. 1st, 2011 09:38 pm
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Once more, I come to you all with a request for information. I ... need to find a secure location for something very dear and very important to His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Archades. Unfortunately, t'was placed in my care before I was brought here and it must be kept safe until my return. Please, if anyone knows the most secure vault in the City, I'd be forever in your debt.

1. video.

Aug. 7th, 2011 08:59 pm
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[See a young boy wearing an odd crown, quite perplexed (and looking straight out of a renfair) looking into the comm as if he's not entirely unfamiliar with it.]

T'would be strange if it were too simple, no? [then after some fumbling, he gets a proper grip on it and realizes that he's actually broadcasting.] Ah- forgive me, I was unaware it was on. I must apologize once more, I fear that my unfamiliarity with such a ... vast acropolis has left me quite confused.

Please, if you were able to offer me any information of where I am or lead me to anyone who might hold a significant position in office, I would be most in your debt. I fear this is a most pressing matter, there is no time for me to spare.


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