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[Lila's new apartment. Specifically, the balcony. She's on a lounge chair in a neon-green bikini and a pair of fly-eyed sunglasses, because she's trying to hide that she's worried about this. But she is, and there's a whiff of desperation in her voice.]

I'm in a bit of bind here, Cityzens. I've been working my way through the stores of the City, and I've only got five left -

[Pawn stores, that is. She stops herself, because she doesn't want to spill all the deets of that, but she has to ask something. Girl has a birthday present to buy.]

Actually, no, that's not the problem. The problem is when I have to go to one that I've been in already. Here's the deal: what do you do when you've already done crying? I've really never had to come up with a round two, before. I'm thinking a wig and a wheelchair.

48 hours to Jessica Wakefield's party! It's going to be stellar.
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[Lila is leaning against the bunk of her cell. She is grungy, but trying to hide it by sitting in the shadow with her hair tightly braided. She's unhurt, but she's either got a raging case of seasonal allergies or she's been crying, from the pink in her eyes and nostrils. She's putting on her bravest bitch face though.]

Trust him. Ha.

This has totally been going on way longer than the last time, and the guards don't seem chatty. Anyone have any suggestions? Because right now, all I've got to keep me company is this communicator.

If the Reckoning is watching this, I'll say again that this is all a big mistake. I don't know any of you, or anyone that you want, or anyone here at this place. I just came inside because I thought it looked familiar. It's not. Oh, and I'm going to want my purse back.
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[ Shoes. There are shoes everywhere as the camera pans across the familiar basic set-up of a new room in the MAC. Lila has been coming to her room at the MAC almost daily - not to sleep there, but she's been busy. High heels, stilettos, strappy numbers, sensible pumps, cowboy boots - all footwear imaginable lie in a floor-swallowing jumble, piling up in shoe drifts against the furniture. The carpet is nowhere to be seen. The small wastepaper basket in the corner, for those sharp-eyed enough to spot it - it's overwhelmed by shoes, is full of small, colored stones. A young soprano voice is laughing heartily over this. ]

I have no idea what's going on, but this is outrageous.

[ The communicator is spun around, and a giggling Lila Fowler is sitting on her bed amidst several pairs of shoes rescued from the chaff. Her light-brown hair is loose and tousled, and her eyes are sparkling with tears from laughing so hard. But that's not the only thing twinkling in the feed. There is an intricate gold tiara atop that hair, with a single sapphire in it. She's holding up a black shoe with a rather iconic red sole. ]

I've never heard of Louboutin, but I think we're going to be good friends.

[She tosses the shoe over her shoulder for now, and it whumps of the headboard. The laughter finally stops, replaced by a tiny smile and a no-nonsense tone.]

Right. I'm getting out of this dump, and I mean now. Most of the shoes are staying - I am not a maid, this is not my apartment or my problem anymore. If anyone wants them, you're welcome to them, if you think can get your fat feet into them. I'll say which room they're in when I'm not.

[She turns the comm back around again, and the tips of her fingers can be seen as she fumbles to turn it off.]

Really, who wears cowboy boots?

[Snort. Click.]
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[The camera flicks on, showing two female figures huddled in a darkened room, one girl fumbling with the communicator. They're both panting hard, whimpering as they try to catch their breath, and outside the door, something distinctly not human is scratching, howling, and laughing at them.]

It's gonna eat us, Lila!

[Lila only stops making the high-pitched, continual eeeeee (which, really, isn't helping against members of the dog family) long enough to correct Jessica.]

THEY! THEY'RE gonna eat us, Jess! Didn't you see the other one? With the fangs and the slobber and I am too pretty to be puppy chow! That's what you do with used up hor-

[She cuts herself off in a loud shriek, and one hand flies up to cover her mouth. Now that she's hyperventilating under her hand, the communicator's microphone is picking up the distinct sounds of wood cracking.]

Oh my god!  Why is this happening? I want to live!

[Jessica wails loudly, before apparently having a bright idea.]

Hold them off for a second! I have to go get something!

[She accidentally kicks the communicator in her scramble to dart away.]

HOLD THEM OFF? Are you crazy? Why doesn't this place have a fire escape?

[A moment later, though, Lila crawls through the frame in her nightie, clutching a stiletto. After she's offscreen, there's thump and her legs return, bent as if she's sitting and bracing herself. The door is rattling less, but the laughter is getting louder.]

Get some hairspray and a lighter!

I've got something better than that!

[Jessica reappears, clutching what would appear to be a handgun. Yup, that's totally a handgun. And even in the dark, her devious grin can be seen.]

Okay! Open the door! And be careful, I've only done this once before!

[Lila starts screaming her head off at the sight of this.]

Open the door?!? What if you MISS?

[Except that there are wild animals on the other side of the door, and they can't stay here forever. The legs disapper as Lila gets to her feet.]

OK. OK. One, two... THREE!

[Lila wrenches the door open and can be seen throwing herself onto the bed. Meanwhile, Jessica has her eyes closed tight as she pulls the trigger and the gun fires.


Cue sharp yelping from outside the door for a second, followed by the earth shattering sound of silence.]

Lila? It's safe now. I think I killed them.

[She pauses, staring into the camera with a look of horror on her face.]

Oh gawwwwwd!!

[[ooc: Pink is Jessica, purple is Lila. This is in reference to the Jumanji happenings tonight!]]
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[The camera comes on, but all that can be seen is the pinkish flesh of a palm. Too bad the microphone is working fine, because the shrewish screaming is already in progress. Lila Fowler has been in the MAC for twenty minutes. With no answers or armed kidnappers, she's getting brazen.]

I am not wearing dog tags! These aren't even silver! I'm surprised they didn't come in a plastic egg!

[There's a clattering sound. The dog tags have hit something.]

So, what is this, really? It's a pathetic abduction, if you're just going to let me walk out. Answer me!

[But the communicator has gone sailing now, and the video clicks off and on again, as the comm bounces along the floor for a spinning, nausea-inducing feed until it peters to a stop. The new arrival is seen only from the knees down for now. A foot is stamping.]

- have any idea who my father is?

[ She's met with silence, of course, and Lila is out of potential projectiles. She takes a couple of steps to the side, and brochures start hitting the floor.]

What to Do When You're New in the City, How to Survive a Mac Attack - yeah, cause I eat at McDonald's, Welcome to the City, Hero...

[Sounds of ripping paper and little bits of paper floating downward follow the last title accompany the next line.]

What City?

[Five seconds of silence.]

You know what, I don't care. I am getting my Amex, I am - where did these come from? Huh. They're cute.

Anyway, whatever. I'm calling a cab and going home, and I'm taking the Walkman with me.

[The comm is finally retrieved from the ground, and the left side of Lila Fowler's face can be seen. She's flushed, and there's some evidence that the temper tantrum was preceded by crying.]

Woah, prototype.

[There's some examination and fumbling, and the feed ends.]


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