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[ Have that one bright-green haired woman, network! Lorna's peering into her communicator and looking pleasant -- well, as pleasant as she can. She still looks a little bit like she's scowling with annoyance, but it fades from her features soon enough. ]

It kind of goes without saying that I need a job. This allowance really isn't doing much for me, here.

[ Then, she's gesturing with her free hand -- waving some knives in the air in a temporary dance, before she flicks her wrist sharply and sends them into the wall of her apartment with a loud thud! ] I'd say I've got a pretty decent resume. My degree is in Geology. I've spent countless years doing research...

Oh -- [ She raises her brows as though she's suddenly remembering this fact, and her expression brightens in a less-than-subtle act. ] -- and I can make a wicked frisbee out of a manhole cover. You know. Whatever bends your metal.

[ She smirks, then, before hanging up abruptly. ]
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( Someone doesn't look happy. But hey, she's not extremely pissed, so that should count for something, shouldn't it? )

There's really no better welcome than finding out that your "brother" and your "father" were really Skrulls.

Especially after you go and tell them all your deepest and most precious secrets. ( Alright, there's a bit of dripping sarcasm here. )

I'm going to cross my fingers here that this grand ol' City has more welcoming surprises up its sleeve.

For everyone, of course. Gotta be generous here.

( She rolls her eyes after a second, and the feed shuts off. )
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[ Facing the camera is one angry-looking green-haired woman, a fire of irritation in her eyes. Her communicator is obviously mid-flight, held suspended in the air with a lasting gesture of her dominant hand as she addresses the network.

Her voice most certainly illustrates her disdain. She leans forward a bit, narrows her eyes at the screen.

This is new, blah, blah, where am I, what's going on? Right?

[ A sigh, then she's shaking her head. She tucks a bit of her hair behind one ear and picks up a silver candlestick holder with nothing but a flick of her wrist, floating before her in the screen. Then, she crushes it, with a smooth gesture of her fingers clamping inward. ]

Nice digs. For now. All of this craziness aside… [ Lorna drops the silver, mangled sphere immediately and leans forward ever still. ]

Where's a good place to get a little bit pleasant?

[ Lorna flashes an expression as though she's daring someone to give her bad advice before the feed shuts off. ]


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