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Jun. 17th, 2012 12:40 pm
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So, uh. What sort of Father's Day card is best for an alternate universe version of one's father. Keeping in mind that you're not really close and everything before the entire deal with different universes.

And also that giving it to him personally is totally out of the question. So it's like-- his twin brother with less anger issues?

[ there's the sound of your generic drugstore going on in the background as the speaker is obviously contemplating cards. ]

Well okay, what about -- "This Father's Day - eat, drink, and be Murray"? I don't get it.

[ a groan, and the com switches off. she should have gotten Jen to come with her. this is a disaster. ]

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Jun. 2nd, 2012 02:53 pm
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[ there's the sounds of a brief tussle with the communication device until the video clicks on and the screen is full of green skin and red hair as lyra finally gets the thing working. ]

-- how hard can something like this be to work ou--- oh. Okay.

[ the frame pulls back to reveal the face of someone in their late teens, if said person in their late teens had a horrible green skin condition. her face is set in a frown, however. ]

If I do not get solid answers about where I am and how to get back, I will start punching things. But you can skip the entire 'this is another universe' explanation, I figured that one out. [ a pause as she considers what next to address. ] I am looking for any version of Jennifer Walters, if she is here. Or anyone with more than a passing familiarity with gamma radiation.


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