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[ Once the chaos has died down from the animals rampaging all around, Madoka finally has time to accept the reality of her empty apartment. When Mami left, it was alright because she felt herself eager to take up her work into her own hands to continue her mentor's greatness. When Homura left the City (ported out, that's what it's called wasn't it?), something tugged at her heart and made the space all around her feel more vacant. Something was missing now, but she's not sure what.

Madoka was hoping that when she made it home from those strange ships that her best friend would be here waiting for her with that fired up look in her eyes and a scolding tone to match. She wasn't though. No one was left here for Madoka other than the girl with red hair that was also a Puella Magi. No more than a stranger who can hear her if she reached out with her mind--that's all Kyouko was at the moment. When the still of night (as still as a busy city can be) finally hits her, she pulls out her device to address the network in the early hours of the morning. ]

Homura Akemi and Sayaka Miki have both left too. [ That's what people do whenever someone leaves, right? They tell everyone just in case there was something. In this situation though, the latter's simply only ported out for a bit. Madoka though is unaware of it, so it feels as though she's lost her best friend on top of it all. ] I thought--[ Sniff. ]--I thought it was proper to tell everyone.

If they had any jobs or duties, I can--[ Another sniffle, this is taking a lot out of her to not break out into crocodile tears all over again. The City's had enough crocodiles and gators to last them a lifetime. ]--I can do them, I guess. I'll just need some time to myself before it gets too cloudy.

I'm sorry for the trouble. [ The tone of her voice picks up as though she's about to cry and that's when she ends it. ]
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[ Madoka, unlike the last time she made a public call to the network, is in much higher spirits. While it took her a little while to gain her footing here, she's accepted the harsh reality no girl her age should ever have to: she's not returning home anytime soon. ]

Hello everyone. I'm Madoka Kaname and it's a pleasure to meet you each and every one of you. [ Really, it is. She's just that enthusiastic. ] Some of you may have known my mentor, Miss Mami Tomoe?

[ Her expression flickers momentarily as though the thought of Mami brought about tears and for weeks it had. Losing her had been one of the most difficult challenges this young girl's ever been through for she knew what fate was in store for her friend. In fact, if Madoka ever left the City herself to return home, well life sucks when you're a magical girl. ]

Um, but what I was trying to say was that she did a lot of work here. Fighting villains, stopping criminals in their tracks, all the stuff a hero should do. Since she's gone, there's really no one who stepped up in her place to accept responsibility, so...

[ She pauses as though to steel herself mentally. ] I'm going to do it! It might take me a little while to get the hang of it, but I'll do my best to be reliable! So if there's anything else she did, can you let me know so that I can start doing them too? I'll be a hero too, just like Mami was!

[ Honestly, Madoka doesn't look like much of a hero. Since she's prone to tears (are those some forming in the corner of her eyes already) and has the looks of an ordinary middle schooler, it seems she might even be biting off more than she can chew. ]

Thank you very much for your time! [ Click. ]
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[ Today on the network is a girl who looks like she fits right in with the holiday with her bubblegum colored hair and eyes to match it. What doesn't fit is the apprehensive look in her face to match the tears starting to form. With puffy cheeks red enough to match the bows in her hair, she does appear to have been crying recently. ]

Umm. Hello? Is this call going out to everyone right now? I'm sorry to trouble you, but is it really Valentine's Day?

[ Holding up her free hand to ball into a tiny fist in front of her month, her gaze nervously leaves the phone as she looks around frantically at her surroundings. There's silence for a few seconds, enough to be noticeable, as she mentally steels herself to continue. What strength she may have earned as a Puella Magi was sapped out of her by the unfamiliarity of a new area. ]

You see, it was nearing the end of spring just a few hours before I arrived here so this is a bit of a shock. Did I travel back in time or so much through the future that, um, I'm back to before I was? [ She may have been told certain things, but she was in so much shock that she couldn't retain the information. ] I've already missed school today, but will my records be transferred to a school in this area? I'm in the second year of middle school, um, that would be the eighth grade here... I can't afford to slouch in my studies, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

[ With a gasp, it seems she realized she forgot something important. ] S-Sorry, my name is Madoka Kaname and I'd like to return to Japan as soon as I can. I wouldn't want to worry mama when she's already stressed from work and papa does so much already...


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