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Hello, this is Maggie Mui. Dr. McCoy has kindly offered me my old job at the Xavier Institute Library. Starting today I'll be there during school hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by appointment. [or whenever she falls asleep there and just ends up staying the whole night]

If you work at or attend Xavier, please let me know if there are any books you'd like the library to have.

[and some notes about Maggie the Librarian: her good trait is that she WILL find you the book you're looking for. Even if you didn't know that's the one you wanted. The books will be lovingly cared for and kept in tip-top condition. However, she will spend most of the time in the library reading. Stuff like shelving and database updating will always be behind (but a reminder, gentle or no, will get her working on it for awhile). And if you attack the school and she's in the library.... see subject line.]
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I know this is a weird request, but... after the last couple emergencies the City had, I've run low on paper reserves. Uh, it's to use with my powers. I've been restocking slowly, but... if you ever have clean paper you were planning on recycling or throwing away, could you please leave it on the 3rd floor of the MAC?

Thank you very much.

[almost shuts off, then stops to say something else] Uh... I'm not American, so Thanksgiving isn't something we do. People are talking about it a lot though. Talking how they get to spend time with family. [looks downward, pensively]

Is it weird, to miss your family for something you've never even celebrated?
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Under the present circumstances...

If anyone wants a bodyguard... for themselves or someone else, I'd be happy to help.
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[usual, slightly flat, glum tone] I am a detective. But I'm not very good at drumming up business. I was thinking... I'm really better off finding some partners. I can't just hope my sisters will show up.

Even though last time I tried to work with a partner here, it... didn't go well.

[pause. She's growing redder and redder as she speaks, as if to emphasize her discomfort with putting herself out like this]

Let me start over: I'm Maggie Mui.

My big sister and I were former field operatives for a Chinese covert agency. We decided to do civilian work and became detectives, along with our little sister--Paper Sisters Detective Agency. We focused mostly on finding documents, authentication, and translation, but have done everything from missing persons and kidnap victim rescue to bodyguarding. Really, mostly anything that isn't illegal. [there is in fact the tiniest emphasis on "mostly" for more astute persons to pick up] I want to continue this work.

As you might have noticed, I'm not really a "people person." Marketing and negotiation are not my strong points.

I'd like to find some people with complimentary abilities and discuss going into business together. [fully red now] Uh, please let me know if you would be interested. Thank you very much.


Jul. 12th, 2011 09:18 pm
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[staring passively at the camera is a tall Asian woman with reddish eyes and hair that may have never seen a brush. A pigeon is sitting atop her head. She speaks with a barely expressive, low voice]

I'm Maggie. I've been here before.

[pause, reaches into her pocket. The pigeon is disturbed by the movement and flaps away]

I suppose I should get some work. If you're in need of a detective, bodyguard, or freelance agent, please contact me. [holds up her business card to the screen]
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[this is apparently courtesy of...[A private detective]]

[Maggie seems to be wearing a sleeveless black body suit thing and nothing else, and looks lots more scruffy and paler than usual, her voice even lower energy and more depressive. Anyone trying to get in touch with her for the last day or so would not have been able to until now.]

I... have reviewed the last day or so's Network posts. I guess I don't need to warn you Oberon Sexton is... isn't.

I... [voice breaks] I'm sorry I wasn't available to help yesterday.

I'm sorry.

[pause. Was perhaps nearly on the verge of tears, then goes cold, and apparently clicks off (save to send this lovely private message!).]

PRIVATE to Cassie Cain )
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If it's okay, I'll be expanding my hours at the Xavier Institute library. If anyone needs additional help with anything else, please let me know. I'm not good at teaching but I could help with other things.

I know I've been poor at updating the card catalog database, but it is getting done... slowly.

Also, I need a new terminal still. [Echo blew up one of the computer terminals, but Maggie reported it as a "random malfunction"]

If anyone needs help finding a book--even if you're not student or staff at the Institute--let me know. I mean, you can't take it from the Institute, but I know other places you can find books too.

If you can't find me in the library, please check under the tables and in the reshelving cart.

[Xavier Institute folks should in fact know by now that more often than not, Maggie WILL be found under a table reading or somehow crammed--how does she do it at 6'1" I don't know--into the bottom of a reshelving cart. She's extremely slow to reshelve or update things, but if you ask her where a book is, she WILL know exactly where it is, even if it's not on the shelf.]
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A year ago last May, I found out many of my memories weren't real. My employer, Dokusensha, had experimented on me, erased my memory of the experiments and altered or erased the parts of my past that were inconvenient to them. My birth name isn't Maggie Mui; I have no idea what it is. The fact that they did this to me was confirmed by multiple, separate sources.

All of those false memories to this moment feel absolutely, vividly real. I know they're not. But I still feel them. Had the dossier on Dokusensha's project never been given me, I would never would have suspected.

I know the situation is not exactly the same. But I'm certain, based on my own experiences, that whoever has been brainwashed or controlled, it's unlikely they are aware of it.

It is going to take deep investigation to find out who else is affected. If there are any telepaths in the City who want to help, they need to begin immediately.

My abilities are entirely combat support and physical utility. I specialize in protecting other people. I can't do anything directly to undo what's been done. But I want to help however I can. I have no interest in recovering my own past, but I don't want anyone ever to go through what I did, to wonder who they really are. To wonder what their hands have done without their minds knowing.

At home we stopped Dokusensha, and then their rivals the British Library, from using their mental reprogramming abilities on the entire world, just me and seven other people against the world. I was the least of those people, but I know it can be done, and I will see that such madness is stopped again. Permanently.

And should it be proven that I am also affected by this, please dispatch me quickly. My powers are potentially quite deadly.

[in other news, the area in a widening circle around the MAC is getting cleaner, as all the paper trash is mysteriously disappearing. Any cheap used books are being bought up, any donated old magazines and newspapers are being taken, even paper recycling bins are being emptied before their collection day. Someone is gathering ammunition, and lots of it. Elsewhere, you may, if astute or lucky, see a man-sized paper bat/bird thing flying through the air, especially at night, carrying a six foot tall woman in its talons as she combs the city for unusual activity, although she keeps in air for brief periods of time, to avoid lengthy notice or to avoid being attacked mid-air. She is reading the police blotter daily and trying to trace patterns where she can.]
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I'm trying to rebuild my collection of books. I know most of the good stores in the city.

But would you recommend any place in particular?

Or any good books? Any language. If I don't know it, it's a good opportunity to learn.

[Private to Oracle] )

((I'll probably tag back in the AM if I don't catch replies tonight.))
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This is Maggie Mui.

I'm looking for information on someone named Echo, or someone named Caroline. Does anyone know if either has been Ported in?

((This post is congruent with this log))
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[a Chinese woman with crimson eyes and hair that has had only a fleeting relationship with a comb stares impassively at the comm camera eye. She speaks (and almost always speaks) in an extremely even, serene, almost toneless voice. She has a hint of a Chinese accent (Hong Kong Cantonese if you're that good)]

I'm Maggie.

I... think I was here before. [frowns, thinking of all the many things she wants to say.]

I guess I'm back.

[about to click off camera, then something else occurs to her]

I'm a detective. I would like work, please.

[holds up her business card to the screen]

[still almost totally monotone] If you're missing a person, book, or cat, need authentication, translation, or protection, we... I can fulfill your needs.

*sigh* It sounds better when Sis says it...

6. [voice]

Mar. 16th, 2010 05:18 pm
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[she sounds... well, even more understated and depressed than usual. Weak.] 'm not feeling very well...

Can someone look after Aki for a couple days? Please?

5. [voice]

Mar. 8th, 2010 02:44 pm
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[as usual, there's a few moments of nervous silence as she tries to figure out how to start. There's a few beats between each sentence as well, as she considers her words]

There's been a lot of threats lately from a few people. And that poor boy was killed. I don't know the people involved. It doesn't matter. We still have to look after each other.

I think some people here think they're invincible because they have powers. Or because they're well-trained.

Everyone here is well-trained and has powers. Ergo, no one is invincible.

Please... [can't come up with a more eloquent way of putting it] Be careful.

And if you've been threatened, stay with people you trust. Please.

Thank you.

4. [voice]

Feb. 24th, 2010 10:36 am
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[in which Maggie attempts to be social. It takes her as always a few moments to get started talking, but she's talking about BOOKS so it soon comes easily]

One of my favorite books is For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. For entirely different reasons, I love the works of Miss Nenene Sumiregawa. Maybe especially You Know All of Me.

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite kind of story?

3. [Video]

Feb. 14th, 2010 01:16 pm
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[the comm's camera is pointed to what appears to be an alley, possibly one of the ones outside the M.A.C. It seems to have had a pile of paper tossed into the middle of it. Some of it nicely colored origami paper, others old newspapers and wrappers and things, gathered from the streets (as an aside, there's a lot less paper litter around the neighboring blocks today). You can't see Maggie, but you can hear her slightly depressive alto, coming from beside the comm, a hint of nervousness in her voice]

It's not just Valentine's Day. It's another holiday today. I don't have my family to celebrate with this year. But I wanted to wish you all a year of health, peace and fulfillment.

[the pile of paper trash in the alleyway springs to life, warping and twisting to form the shape of one of the dragon puppets seen in Chinese New Year's parades. Even the inks in the paper are altered, to render the dragon in vibrant reds and golds. A "click" is heard, and a slightly warbled recording of drums and music begin to play, as the dragon leaps to life and begins to dance. These dragons usually operate by people moving them inside, but it's clear this one appears to be moving of its own accord. There's no one there but the paper.

The dragon leaps, colored paper flying about it in an added display of festivity. It turns then into a group of spindly paper-cutout humanoids, of different heights, cartwheeling and skipping.

The paper men take hands, and then the paper merges, again flying about in twisting forms, to form an ox. The ox slows, lumbers in a weary gain--and then suddenly leaps, the paper forming it fluttering and reshaping itself once more into a gleeful tiger cub, which leaps in seemingly youthful delight. The tape comes to an end and the tiger opens its mouth in a silent roar, its tongue expanding into a waving banner featuring (lunar) New Year's wishes in Chinese and English.

After a moment and the paper forms itself into a neat pile again, you hear Maggie speak tentatively again.

A-also, I made some sweets... so, you're welcome to come over and get some. I-if you like.

((ooc: pretend this is any time you like; come over to Mags' and/or talk amongst yourselves. Also, not to overshadow wondah's incredibly awesome Valentine's thread, this is just the time I could get on to post. I'll also note that I, the mun, don't know a huge amount about the Chinese New Year, so if I do/say anything wrong, let me know.))

2. Video

Jan. 18th, 2010 11:31 am
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Excuse me, e-everyone. [breath] I'm... I'm trying to find some work and I was wondering if you had some suggestions or...

I'm a private detective. But that's probably not unusual in a city full of crimefighters. Still, we... I offer some... if you're missing a person, book, or cat... [gives up, and then just holds her business card up to the communicator, flipping it over after a minute to reveal the same information in Chinese on the back]

Otherwise... I can cook. And I can carry heavy things. And I can drive. And... that's all.

[long pause]Thank you. I'm running out of money for books. [afterthought] Also, food.

1. [Video]

Jan. 11th, 2010 06:36 pm
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[A face appears on the comm screen, shaking and juddering a bit, as clearly she's still messing with the unit. She appears to be a young Asian woman (20-ish?), with semi-short hair that seems to have had only a fleeting relationship with a brush. She blinks in confusion at the device with crimson-tinted eyes, although the strange color doesn't do much to make her look very sinister. With a deep alto that only hints at expressiveness, she speaks in several languages--English, Japanese, Cantonese (that sounds native to those who can tell), Mandarin, a bit of broken French]

Hello? Who is there? Are you my kidnappers?

If you're the British Library or Dokusensha... [eyes narrow coolly] I WILL find you.

[at this points notices most of the signs around her are in English, and switches to that language for the rest]

I was on a bus to Tokyo a minute ago, so what's going on?

And what's M.A.C.?


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