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[ Roman Emperors from a quasi-medieval realm don't understand how uploading and storing a video, as opposed to broadcasting it, works. The camera lens—one of its corners water-stained, distorting the image—opens to the scene of a toned, lithe man inside a bathtub, a thick, pinkish froth shielding innocent eyes.

And so many rubber ducks that the water isn't visible. ]
All the Septim Emperors kept diaries. Of course, I never ruled. Perhaps it is conceited for me to write, erm, record one. But hopefully recording my thoughts will help me make sense of this.

[ A cough to clear his throat. ] This realm isn't as bad as I once thought. I can read as many books as I like, without having to pay for them. The water is cleaner, the food is better, and bathing is less of a hassle. [ He picks up a rubber duck, squeezing it until a squeak comes out. ]

I would've loved to fill a public bath with these toys. [ A soft smile. ] They are adorable. It would've made bathing a lot less tedious. Though I suppose if I brought back rubber ducks to Tamriel, I would bring the balms and potions that make the use of a strigil obsolete.

That's right, you don't have to lather yourself in olive oil then scrape it off in this realm. They've invented something called liquid soap and, my favorite, moisturizing body wash. It leaves your skin clean and soft. Smells really nice too. [ Martin looks down, expression wistful. ] The lavender-scented version reminds me of the fields outside Kvatch.

...well, this was a lot of inane rambling, wasn't it? I promise my next entry will be more becoming of a Septim. [ And the feed ends. ]
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[ The video opens to the view of Martin crouching, looking bedraggled, shrubbery surrounding him. ] I need help shopping for clothes in this city. [ A nervous smile. ] I shouldn't wear a cassock when I'm not a priest anymore. An elderly woman was quite upset I prayed to Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time.

I've never bought clothes on my own before. I was handed what to wear. So, if anyone knows a tailor, or how I'm supposed to go about getting clothes in this realm, I would appreciate your assistance.

[ And the feed cuts off. ]
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[ The feed sputters then stills, the soft rustling of fabric barely audible before a resonant, virile voice begins to speak. He sounds resigned to his fate, but not defeated. ] If I am to be trapped here, I would like to be useful. I've never been much of a passive spectator...

[ He snaps back into reality, chuckling once in embarrassment. ] Ah, forgive me. My name is Martin Septim, and I'm a healer. Although my means of healing might prove... [ A pause for thought. ] primitive if this device is any indication, I would still like to work tending wounds.

And if that's not possible, a library or bookshop would be fine. [ This time he laughs genuinely, though only once. ] It seems I'm not the only person who's arrived in this realm against their will, but I like finding out things on my own, so I won't bore any of you asking questions that have likely already been answered.

Thank you for your time. [ And the transmission ends. ]


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