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[For once in his life, Matt doesn't sound gloomy at all. Nope. There's no trace of depression in his voice. In fact, he sounds downright optimistic.]

It's been awhile, City. About a month on this end, and far, far longer on mine. A lot has happened to me, but I'd like to hear from you first. What's the good word, my friends?

[There's a lull in his speaking, a short pause before he launches forward again.]

And before you rehash what the papers have been saying, I know all about what happened at NOHoPE. Sounds like I got out of there just in the nick of time.

[No talk of surrender to authorities this time? Hmm. Curious.]
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[The connection is rough, muffled, and it's hard at first to hear because the words are spoken in a hushed voice.]

I'm in need of assistance. I'm being held against my will.

[The voice cuts off again and there's an unidentifiable sound in the background.]

Murdock. [ A second voice cuts through, low but clear -- and the displeasure in the tone is obvious. The noises get louder: firm footsteps and a vague rustle of movement that escalates. ] What do you think you're doing--?

[The rustling continues, followed by a low, sharp growl.]

I'm getting out of here. I'm going to turn myself in.

Don't be stupid. [A more drastic motion is betrayed by a rough rustle of fabric -- and then, the second speaker's voice darkens even further ] Is that transmitting?

[A snort, the voice growing suddenly louder.]

You bet it is.

Stupid-- [ several sounds form in a clutter: grasping hands, moving feet and clattering objects.]

That's enough, Frank. This is finished. I'm leaving.

[There's further commotion, perhaps a physical struggle? Who can really say at this point.

Some of the noise quiets, but only slightly. There is still a murmur of twisting fabric: a hand tightening its grip. The second voice is also calmer now.]
That won't do you any good.

[The first voice has gone quieter again too, though the frustration is still clearly present.] Anything's better than this hellhole. [A beat.] Try to stop me again, and I'll break your damn leg.

Hm. You'd try. [The sound of moving fabric ceases and footsteps grow quieter.] Go then.

[There's a moment's hesitation as the footsteps fade away before the connection is abruptly cut.]

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We've all been wronged at one time or another. People can be jerks and sometimes you're their designated punching bag. Sometimes the slights against are minor and meaningless. You got cut off in traffic. Someone poaches your cab. A friend says something unflattering about you, you get the picture.

But sometimes it's more serious than that. Sometimes people hurt you and it's malicious and meaningful. It can be personal or impersonal, but it stings you just the same.

So you recoil, retreat, and let it fester, or you forgive, forget, and let it go. Or maybe you do something somewhere in between. Either way, you have to deal with it.

Is forgiveness really possible? Is it better to forget the pain? Or should you keep it closer to your chest and keep it in mind? How do you deal with someone who has wronged you?

[ooc: Matt is in NOHoPE still, so he can't encrypt or private things. c:]
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Let's pretend for a moment that Santa Claus is real and that right now he's up in the North Pole surrounded by helpful little elves, diligently making his list and checking it twice. He's seen you while you're sleeping and knows when you're awake and he knows if you've been bad or good, and so on and so forth. You know the song.

When he gets to your name, will you be in the nice column or the naughty one?
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Three things. Firstly, Reilly Tyne has ported out. And before anyone asks, yes I'm sure he's gone. He co-owned the School of Thunder martial arts school and he's made arrangements for ownership to transfer to Laura Kinney. So if you're out there, Ms. Kinney, congratulations on inheriting a dojo.

Second off, Reilly's departure means I'm in the market for a legal assistant. I'd prefer someone with experience in the field or an interest in filing legal paperwork and assisting me with various tasks, but I'll train the right person. Feel free to spread the word if you know someone who may fit the criteria. Resumes can be brought to my office, located in the MAC.

Finally, this is just something I've had on my mind recently: on a scale of one to ten, with one being not at all and ten being absolutely, how much would you say you trust the government? Elaborate as you like, I'm interested in your thoughts.
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Time really does fly in this town. It seems like only yesterday that the president was ordering Los Angeles to be bombed off the map. It's hard to believe it's been nearly two full years since then. But then, I rarely hear anything about that business anymore, so I probably shouldn't be surprised. Out of sight, out of mind, I think is the term.

It's been a year and a half since five new countries appeared on the map and it's been twelve months since the City was attacked by swarms of crazed vermin. Two full months since the attempted Skrull invasion, two weeks since the night of the living vegetation, and twelve hours since a flock of penguins attacked the Human Torch. You get the point, I'm sure.

[A pause. Heh.]

Our long term collective memory seems to be rather lacking. People are in and out with too great a frequency that their experiences in the City are often left unshared.

So for curiosity's sake, I'd like to pose a question. If you had to tell someone brand new to this universe about the most horrific, tragic, humorous, or generally memorable event this reality has seen, which story would you tell? For the sake of show and tell, personal anecdotes are acceptable, but I'm hoping to start a conversation to spark our collective memories. Think of this as a gathering of minds, as a conduit for discussing the history of imPorts in this world.

After all, when we leave this place, our recollections of it's past leave with us.

[Encrypted to Renee Montoya] )
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I've heard people ask a few times about when this place stops being just a place and starts becoming home. It always seemed like such a stupid question. Who even asks something like that? Home is home, this is just a temporary situation. You have to get by here, you do what you have to, you do what you can, but in the end you still have a place to think about and hope to go back to. In the end, you still have somewhere else to go, someone else waiting for you.

[He's quiet a moment, then there's the sound of him guzzling something. Yep, Matt's drinking. And feeling awfully sorry for himself on his birthday.]

I just went almost an entire month without even thinking about my wife. [A beat, then quietly amending:] Ex-wife. Heh.

It's been even longer since I thought about my father, or my best friend, since I really thought about the people I left behind. Not just one of those passing thoughts, but a real trip down memory lane. Everything here gets priority now.  It's a waste of time to live in the past, but I don't want to forget where I came from, the people back home.

[He takes another swig of whatever it is he's drinking.]

Sometimes it feels like home is slipping away. It's just a fading memory, it isn't even real anymore.

... What a terrible feeling.
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[Matt's voice is slightly slurred. He sounds dazed, lost, confused, and on top of that, embarrassed.]

I don't know where I am. I think I've been drugged. I don't know... I don't know anything.

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So, it's the solstice. I've heard that in some parts of the world the sun won't set tonight.

Must be something to see.

[Private to May Parker] )

[Private to Gemma Doyle] )
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There's a corpse in the MAC.  It's in room [Gamzee's room number here].  It's been there awhile, it's decomposing.

Whoever's in charge of investigating this and cleaning it up, please just... get it out of here.
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[Matt's voice is completely devoid of emotion.]

Gemma Doyle is dead.

[And that's it. The transmission ends there. Any responses will be ICly delayed, if they come at all.]
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If anyone's seen or heard from Spider-Man in the last three days, speak up.
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[Encrypted to: Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Darkdevil, Black Widow, & Iron Fist]

Bullseye is here.

[Encrypted to Gemma Doyle]

Where are you? Is someone with you?

[ooc: feel free to reply or not. my replies will be slow also! merry christmas!]
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[The camera turns on to show Matt only partly in focus. He looks tired, worn out, like he hasn't slept in days, and he is apparently just walking down the street. He stops, pacing back and forth. He looks distraught.]

Aw, Christ.

[And like that, the transmission ends.]
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I'm trying to get in touch with someone named Soldier Blue. If anyone knows where this individual can be found, please pass the message along that Matt Murdock needs to speak with him.
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[ Private to the Avengers + Luke Cage, Thor, and Hawkeye - Encrypted but Hackable ]

This is Daredevil. Black Widow was ported out this morning. I thought you guys might want to know.

[ Private to Gemma Doyle ]

I heard Wanda is back in town. How are you holding up?
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Luke, it's Matt. Sorry to bug you, but there might be a situation. Do you know where Danny is?
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[The transmission begins quite suddenly with the sounds of static and silence being broadcast. Well, as much silence as can be expected from a city street corner. The sounds of the city manage to filter their way into the background for several long seconds before Matt finally speaks.  From the sound of it, he is not amused and quite obviously confused.]

Hi.  Hello.  Anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on here?  The brochure was, uh... less informative than I would have liked.  Anything you can tell me, I'd appreciate it.

For example, where exactly am I?


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