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[ Static-y feed, must be Electro. The picture's mostly clear though it jumps and buzzes now and then, little blips of audio more difficult to understand than others. It's not too bad, for him. As usual -- as of late -- he's wearing his jacket over his costume. There's some inaudible ambient noise in the background, mostly muffled by static. ]

So it's December. I don't like the snow or the rain, I don't mind the holidays that much. Aside from the corporate greed, that is. Don't anyone buy into their propaganda that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to celebrate something about--

[ He pauses for a moment because he was about to say something moderately (but very moderately) religious, oops. ]

... Family. Togetherness n' all that crap.

[ It's a halfhearted sentiment at best coming from Mr. Greedy Moneyhungry here, but he's sincere enough about the corporate greed part at least. Mostly, he has no idea what to get for his sort-of-girlfriend so fuck presents, right?? ]

It's not like anyone will dump you if you don't buy them a necklace or a car, you know? So anyone complaining about spending money this month oughta just shut up and take in a ballgame or something. If anyone keeps complaining about it I'll say the same thing, too. It ain't important, so relax a little and enjoy the fucking snow.

[ He scowls slightly, and then off goes the feed. ]
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[ The video is, as usual, somewhat static-y at first before it settles down. He fixes the communicator so it's pointing at a yellow Harley Davidson motorcycle, with white stripes of lightning painted on the sides. ]

You know how sometimes you feel like spending money you don't need to spend on things you don't need to own but you just know it's the right choice anyway? It's not even used. Didn't set me back that much.

[ AKA the spare cash he had from selling the car he'd stolen for Daken. He really didn't need a car. He sounds so fond.

He shifts the camera's focus from the motorbike, setting the communicator beside himself. It's visible that he's also wearing a leather jacket over his costume. Or it looks like leather. ]

You know, it's not so bad, buying yourself something nice. If the world ends at least you got something out of it. It's not much, but sometimes you just got to feel good about something.

[ A beat. ]

Or if the world just goes to complete hell. Never know around here, which is kind of the point. Gotta enjoy something.
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[ The video quality isn't great, kind of grainy and full of static. Still, the picture and audio are clear enough to see and hear what's going on, which is good enough. Electro is sitting on the steps of some building, the communicator off to his right. Though the quality isn't great it looks like he's got a bit of a tan. ]

Not to sound like a broken record here, and I'm even going to skip the "I told you so"s. I've wasted my breath enough talking about how we're being stepped on and used and no one's going to do a damn thing about it until we rise up and make our voices heard. We all have power, and even if the City won't pay attention, the world's afraid. As they should be.

[ He sneers and pinches the bridge of his nose. He takes out a cigarette and lights it with a snap, a spark from his fingers -- the feed flickers more just for an instant and then levels again. ]

But I'm not here to make a call to arms. Done that before, saw how well that played out. It's in each of your hands what you do, just know that.

Now I'm going to change the subject, because we all know what's going on here by now. Then again, we all know that New Jersey is a waste of land, too, but I was still stuck there on business for longer than I want to admit. Ugh. If you ever get stuck in New Jersey, stick to Atlantic City. Says a lot that I'd rather be in the city of exploding buses than at the goddamn Jersey Shore.
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That party I mentioned, for, y'know, it's still on, I've just been... [ He clears his throat, and breathes slowly. ] I'm going to say July 3rd. Just misses the holiday, come find me if you knew the Pro and like booze. Or just like booze. Whatever.

[ And a pause. ]

Has anyone seen the Hood? Or Piper, maybe?

If you can hear me answer your damn phone. Where are you?
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[ The video turns on, and Electro peers into the camera, looking a little troubled. The apartment visible behind him is not his own. ]


I know it's protocol to get all sad and dutiful when someone you know disappears [ He does look a bit sad, though ] but I'm going to be productive and use the cash my girlfriend left behind to throw a party instead. In her honor, I guess, but you can just come for the booze if you want.

Long story short, the Pro's gone if you knew her -- and if you did I don't wanna hear about the details -- I'm in her place right now. [ He pauses. ] I'm thinking in like a week will be the party, so consider yourself invited if you can hear this.

[ Another pause while he looks contemplative. He narrows his eyes. ]

Except the Mayor. He gets turned away at the door.
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[ This breaks through whatever the current 5-something PM TV feed is, crackling in through a sea of static. Electro's face is semi-visible in otherwise darkness, illuminated mostly by the screen of his communicator (from which he's broadcasting to TV) and the sparks buzzing out of his eyes. ]

How many of us are tired of being stepped on and used by this place? I'm not talking about just us being here -- this is about the natives of the City hiding behind us to catch their crooks and fix their problems, then spitting on us when they're safe again. This is about how they blame us for problems that the Porter brings in, for problems that we solve and we pay. Is it fair? Do we blame the people of this City for bringing us here?

We pay our dues. We pay taxes. Most of us have damn citizenships! We take responsibility for the damage we do here, but I don't see them taking responsibility for our lives, for the years we lose while we're here, for the mental anguish we have to deal with going back and forth, losing our loved ones, dying and coming back afterward. We aren't asking them to, but maybe it's time!

Maybe it's time we stood up and said something.

I'm in City Hall right now. I'm here because I could be anyone -- they give us powers, right, it's time to use them. You hear me, City? They hate us and they discriminate against us because they don't respect us, but any of you can do what I'm doing. This place is mine until I decide to go. All of us, any goddamn one of us can make a difference here and all it takes is the initiative to make your voice heard. We won't take this discrimination! We won't take this hypocrisy! If they're going to draw lines, step over them and show them what they're missing on the other side! They can't have their cake and eat it to. We're people, not guns! We can think for ourselves and we can fight back.

[ He takes a breath, eyes sparking more. ]

My name is Maxwell Dillon, I'm an Import, and I'm tired of lying down. We can charge. The rest of you can charge. Send a message, because you are all powerful.

(OOC: There won't be replies from Electro because this is just a feed, but feel free to react and such!)
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[ It's your favorite scarred up baldy, City. He's sitting on Parker's couch with his feet up on the coffee table. ]

So, St. Patrick's Day is in a week, anyone got plans? Because if you don't, I don't either, and I could use a little company barhopping--with-benefits. Doesn't have to be like a date or anything, just, you know... something to keep from getting bored. Drinking alone sucks and we all know it.

[ He shrugs, palms open, and grins. ]

Think about it. I'm great with crowd control.
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[ It's accidental voice, at that! The feed clicks on in a mess of static, and the picture is on the dark sky. Bright white sparks of lightning crackle across the screen and there's a yell: ]

--The hell did that puddle come from? Shit! I hate this lousy season.

[ The sparks fade and die down, and after a moment Electro's face is visible as he comes over to pick the communicator up. ]

Did I already break this thing?
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[ The communicator is quavering unsteadily as if the hands holding it are shaking; the camera focuses extremely close on the side of Electro's face, his eye (very bloodshot) and brow-area are in view but that's all for a long moment before he pulls it out slightly wider. ]

What's the best cure for when you wake up feelin' like you were hit by a mack truck but you didn't get drunk the night before?

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[ Electro's sitting in his fully lit -- though the lights flicker now and then, sporadically -- apartment, drinking a beer. His eyes are glowing and looks really annoyed. ]

Hey, a little warning next time, huh? I wanted to relax tonight. How am I supposed to keep my shit cold? [ He shakes his beer can, and the lights flicker again. He snaps his fingers and it steadies. ]

I'd offer to help you guys out, but -- y'know, I don't think I've got enough juice in me to light up the whole City. [ Kanyeshrug. ] ... Though some of you are welcome to come by and share the wealth.

[ One of the bulbs in the back explodes from too much energy and the other ones flicker again, though they stay on. Electro frowns again. ]
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[ Electro's sitting shirtless outside except for a bulky rubber jacket, looking fairly uncomfortable like he's itchy or something, but probably also because of that jacket and his fingerless rubber gloves. Lazily he draws a cigarette from his pocket and snaps his fingers to produce a light, zapping the communicator on while doing so. ]

Ain't it sad how once you're an adult, summer don't mean squat anymore except too many crowds, too much humidity, too much noise, and too many tourists? [ He casts an irritated look off-screen for a moment. ] And way too many kids. Barely any holidays, either, no wonder everyone goes so nuts for the Fourth.

For the record, my fireworks are better.

[ Drags on his cigarette and shakes his head. ]

If I were still a working man I'd take my vacations in the fall. I think the only people who like this season are the ones with three months of time to kill.
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Parker Robbins, I'm going to fucking kill you!
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... Hey babe. I was thinking since we didn't hook up for New Year's, maybe I could take you someplace. Dinner, y'know, something nice. Just pick the place.


You're welcome.
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Huh. It's really starting to feel like Christmas. Not in that hokey spirit of the holidays way, but I can feel the lights. Part of being pure energy, seems like I can feel every single light in this whole freaking city. It's the same all year round, but this is the time of year I feel it strongest. Kind of funny when you think about it -- I used to hate the winter because of all the damn snow.

... Still hate the snow, though. Don't know why people get so excited over something so wet, cold and useless. [ Does indeed sound annoyed. ] That's what I think about when it gets to be December. Anyone else feel it too? I mean aside from... [ Allison. ] the ones I already know.

Makes me wonder how bored does someone have to be to argue about Christmas. Seriously. Talk about having it easy.

[ Then a pause. He was waiting on the thing he really wanted to say, hope you enjoyed his Winter-talk filler. He switches to video. ]

Anyway, so, we got a new Mayor. I was pretty surprised they let us elect one of us, but I guess that's a sign the times are changing. Even the other residents of this city want to see something real that they ain't been getting otherwise.

I wonder, though -- the more they work on making us equal citizens, just how far are they gonna level the playing field? Does being "equal" mean we'll eventually lose our housing and our monthly stipends? I'm real curious about what kinds of changes we're going to see around here.
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[ Video turns on: Electro is still looking rather pale, his eyes still milky, but he's not sparkling this time since it's in the evening. He's got a bag in his hand and blood on his lips and chin -- someone may have 'borrowed' some 'food' from a Blood Bank. ]

Hey. Vampires can't get diseases, right?

[ A pause. He wipes his mouth. ]

I mean I'm a pretty careful guy, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe. Especially if I'm supposed to be immortal and all...

[ He looks a bit nervous. ]

Assuming it's permanent. You know I can't go to church anymore?

[ Slight laugh, that turns into a forced sneer. Then, after a moments hesitation, he disconnects. ]
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[ The picture is very grainy, like a television getting a poor signal. Electro's staring into the screen, pupils glazed the way they do when he uses his powers, his face pale so that the marks on it stand out in greater relief, lips redder in contrast. Actually, some of that may be from the fact there is something red on them... wine, surely.

Although the video is crackling, it's clear that there are flashes of light around him, like sparkles. These are actually sparks of electricity, which would explain the poor reception, but y'know. Details. ]

Forget hunger. How's someone supposed to sleep around here? I've been up since the [ static ] morning. Can't sleep. Can't rest.

[ His room is completely dark, the lights are off and he gets up to draw the curtains. He holds his head like he's in pain. ]

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[ screen flickers for a moment. ]

Aww man, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've gotta say, I kind of missed this place. [ He laughs. ] It always picks the best times to grab me, now don't it. All by myself, too. S'fine, I work better that way and I'd rather not deal with any crazy Russian broads.

[ He salutes the camera facetiously. ]

I'll leave you to your afternoon, folks, let's stay in touch.

[ He leans on a light pole for a moment, before disappearing into the light bulb by turning to pure electricity. ]
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[ He sounds very, VERY hesitant to talk. But he does, guarded and hesitant as his voice sounds. ]

So. This might seem like a weird question comin' from me. But—[ pause ]—... does anyone know jobs that would take a guy with a criminal record? I mean, nothing fancy.

... I'm only asking because it's important, not because I—[ ooh angry pause ]—actually want to deal with the corporate hypocrisy and consumerism bullshit. Let me get that straight. Don't no one go out of their way, or anything.

[ ENCRYPTED to Parker Robbins | hackable ]

[ More hesitance. ]

Are we cool? Did I—

You're not freaked out or nothing, are you? I mean. Badly freaked out.
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[ It turns on, and the communicator is set on something as Max walks away from it so he can be in view. He's addressing the people around him more than he is the Network, but is broadcasting nonetheless. ]

We all know what's been going on. At least, all of us should. This isn't about being political, not even about being good or bad. It's about fairness, something none of us aren't gonna see in a long time. It's so easy for us imPorts to be used as scapegoats when the word's coming from people who've -- guess what -- gone out of their way to ignore us every single time we could have used their help. So now it's our job to go over there and make peace because they realize they may need us? But no -- not all of us! They only want to talk to the rich guys. That makes them a lot more like the fat cats passing this garbage on, I'll give them that.

They're going to keep blaming everything wrong with their crappy world on us long as we keep laying back and taking it. I'm surprised they haven't started blaming you guys -- [ He gestures to the small group of ten, fifteen people standing around listening to him. ] for not moving out of the City! They're already saying we're a drain on their economy just by existing, how long until that extends to the entire City, and not just the imPorts? It's more likely than you think, people! It ain't long before they start passing laws against us!

Come on! Stand up for yourselves! Are we going to let them get away with this backhanded behavior forever? If they're gonna call us immigrants, why aren't they finding us a way back home? Huh? Come on! Power to the people!

[ Surge of electricity, and the communicator overloads -- screen going fuzzy -- and the video shuts off. ]

(ooc: Since this is broadcasting, replies will be sporadic/nonexistent. His riot won't be successful, but he's going to be causing power outages/surges throughout the block he's in, and probably a few sporadic buildings in surrounding blocks. Feel free to be affected, or even present!)
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Does anyone from the real New York know who this is? Like, who she actually is?
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Hey, I gotta question: what's the deal with petty crime around here? Is only murder illegal in this place or some shit? Seems like the smaller things get overlooked or people just don't give a shit. Maybe the cops look the other way. Dunno. Not complaining, of course. More like curious, seems like this place has a lot of robberies go down.


Hey uh... so, you'd be up for another drink or something? I mean I'm not like, alcoholic or anything (Stark's probably got a copyright on that by now) but I ain't got nothing to do right now, and it'd be kind of stupid to rob a bank after I gave a heartfelt speech on petty crime.
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[ Underlying static throughout. ]

Reading the paper, I think it's pretty interesting no one seems to object to the stuff that goes on here. No, I don't mean the explosions or the bank robberies, because damn, this is New York. Sure, I don't love it, but it's nothing new.

How many of you became heroes after coming here? And why? Is it something you wanted to do, or something you do because if you didn't you'd feel guilty about it? Did you think about why they might even be asking us to do this? Because as far as I know, the biggest disasters are coming from people brought here just like us. How the hell are we supposed to tolerate this hypocrisy?

Our mayor doesn't even want to deal with us. So what's that say?? They want us to be heroes, but our mayor can't be bothered? Shouldn't he be working on aiding more than just "his" people? Does no one find it appalling that he can't be bothered when they're dragging us by FORCE from our homes to fight their battles? I mean, how likely is it we're being used as scapegoats for everything wrong with this city? How long before we're collared, too?


Dec. 19th, 2009 04:48 pm
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[ There is fiddling. A lot of static. The video comes on, but it's still only static for a while, before the picture slowly comes into focus on a bald man with lightning patterned tattoos on his face. He's looking straight into the camera; every now and then the picture buzzes and gets grainy -- there is the overlying sound of buzzing throughout. ]

Fucking snow.

Is this some kind of sick joke? What are these? [ He dangles the tags in front of the screen. ] I'm not a soldier; that's what they mean by hero, isn't it? Why else go through all this trouble?

[ Electricity curls around his hand -- the video flickers again -- and he chucks the tags aside. ]

I don't know where I am or why -- seriously, is this a joke? It's not funny. No one ever calls me a hero. Why is that? Because I don't want to play around with your little leash-law? What kind of heroes do you want us to be? Because listen -- whoever is in charge -- [ Crackle. ] We are people, not attack dogs. Last time I checked, you can't instigate a draft for the war on crime.

… And if you can, you're really picking the wrong people for the job.

[ Electricity flares and the feed cuts off. ]


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