Jun. 30th, 2011 12:54 pm
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There's a big difference, somehow, between just knowing that you're not going to remember being here when you're home and actually looking back on it all once you're here again. Just thinking about those days at home...all the things that could've gone so much differently if I'd just been able to remember are...kind of scary to think about, really. Which way'd have been better? I don't know. Guess that's why I like to leave the alternate realities business to the pros when I have the choice.

So, yes, I'm back. Happy first return trip to me. I hope we can keep this down to once a year...and that I didn't miss too much.


And you- you better be back, mister. How do you go a year- a whole year- without mentioning I might be a-a c...ugh, you just better be there.
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Darkdevil's been...he's gone. In that way the City makes you gone. 


And I was just thinking about the difference a year makes, too.


May. 14th, 2011 02:20 pm
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[The camera pans over what can only be described as a totally wrecked living room of an apartment. There are electronics pulled apart on the floor, pillows everywhere, possibly a scorch mark or two, and most of the surfaces look oddly sticky. Rock stars could have been staying there.

May’s voice sounds like she’s come to peace with it, though, as she turns the camera to face her. In fact it’s a little more than amused.]

Does it still count as Spring cleaning if you just end up throwing everything out?

Well. Good thing I wanted to move anyway.


May. 7th, 2011 08:20 pm
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This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I wondered whether I should do something for mother's day.


Is anyone still a grown-up? To anyone under the age of fifteen seeing this, my name's May. Please say Hi.


Mar. 3rd, 2011 05:56 pm
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I, uh- is there a way to find out if a person was recently checked into the as- mental health facility? Or does that fall under some sort of confidentiality rule?

Harry's fallen off the radar...did he tell anyone...anything? I know Norman's locked up, but-

You know.
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Alright, I think I've been totally more than fair here. The thing has come and gone, when are we picking you up? I'm free today.
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[This is filtered to Charlie, May, Ema, Anya, Cassandra and Dinah. Teenage girls, unite!]

[Charlie waves at the screen when it comes on. She's sitting in the living room of Oracle's Decoy House, and behind her May can be seen lounging in one of the chairs watching the television.]

Hey guys! If you can see this you are totally invited to the slumber party we're having on Wednesday night! It's just the six of us right now, and yes Cass, you're coming whether you like it or not. [Charlie smirks.]

We were thinking, if anyone wanted to invite any other girls around our age, that'd be cool? But let us know first! And like...no villains or anything that would probably be pretty awkward.

But yeah! We're gonna, you know, stay up and eat crap and watch bad movies and play games and...uh. Other stuff? I'm sure there's other stuff! So like...let us know if you're coming and everything or if you've got any ideas or stuff, you know? Or if you wanna bring something!

If you want someone to come too, lemmie know and I'll add them to the filter so they can see this, kay?

[She waves again and closes the connection.]
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[A young, female, faintly muffled voice comes over the network.]

Hoo-boy, and the hits just keep on coming today. I don't remember trying out for this- wait a sec. Something's missing... Whatever happened to user manuals? Just because I left my tech-guy in my other reality- Got it!

[Video flicks on to show a close up of the Spider-Girl mask. The white eyes are nearly all that’s visible for a moment before she pulls it back.]

H-hello? I’m not usually a show and tell kind of girl with a dimension I’ve just met, but, uh, this one’s not your typical in-and-out day job reality hop, now is it? No baddie to blame, no planned mission, no being home by curfew...

I don't know the rules around here, but it looks like my luck's holding true and I got here just in time for some major trouble. Anyone want to help a girl out with a little info dump?


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