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I have seen much of this world now, and it is quite amazing. I do have to say that. There are things here of which no Pernese man has ever dreamed. Perhaps we never will. Our lives have been shaped by different forces. I can - and do - accept this.

But no place we have gone on Earth can take away our loneliness. There are no Pernese dragons for Lioth to speak with, and I find it difficult to adjust to the lack of Thread after 12 Turns of fighting. In fact, I believe I almost understand the Oldtimers in that.

Still, I should thank the Porter. Lioth has found his flame, and with no need for firestone.

[That laugh isn't quite as happy as his usual kind. At least he's trying.]

I can see that I am not the only one drowning in his own sorrows, today. There must be something to ease the sting of recent events.

Perhaps this City should arrange a Gather?

[And now, a couple of personal messages, because he's had time to learn how to make them:]

the mayor )

collette )

khisanth )
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[The first thing the camera shows is a big, faceted, yellow eye, before backing up to show it as part of the much bigger, bronze-colored head of a creature that definitely has no place on Earth.]

What did you say this one does?

It's video, man. You know. Moving pictures? And this one turns it off again.

People will be able to hear me?

Uh, they can kinda hear you right now.

They can? Ah. Let me see--

[Everything blurs before setting on a man who looks to be in his mid-20s or so. He smiles into the camera.]

Good. Hello, machine. I'm called N'ton.

I'm not sure I understand how you've brought me here, but your reasoning is sound. We've a bigger problem to address. You see, as tall as it is, my friend here still can't fit through the doors of MAC Hold.

[Which would be the building right behind him.]

I wouldn't mind some help. It has been [He pauses to consider the events of his own world, and the control he's barely keeping over his own fears, and takes a deep breath.] a very long day, and Lioth could use a bath.

[The dragon in question turns his head to look at the man, and an unseen exchange seems to take place, N'ton's focus briefly slipping as a smile creeps into place. N'ton clears his throat and nods.]

Transport won't be a problem.

[A few moments of silence pass by before he remembers what the helpful stranger had said to do and ends the feed.]


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