Feb. 11th, 2012 06:34 pm
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[The easiest thing to notice, BESIDES the big shark-man on the screen, is the rather large cooler he has strapped to his back for some reason. He looks just a bit miffed at the whole situation.]

Man, this sucks royally. I haven't been able to find a decent place to make a home since I got here. Every ad I respond to, people just put me off. Or they shoot at me. Or they just run, screaming. Or they call the cops. Feels like I haven't stopped walkin' since I got here. Can't go underground, since the sewers here are too damned small and stench kills my nose. Can't go in the sea around here, because it's almost as bad as the sewer runoff. No decent wild prey around to snack on...

[He reaches behind him, patting the industrial cooler.]

If not for "Lucille" here, I'd have starved to death! I love these portable meat lockers. I'll have to remember to pay that restaurant owner back for takin' this thing. It's a real life-saver, and way less criminal than grabbin' someone off the street. Guess I'd better try to limit my late-night snacks to other bad guys.

On the upside, turns out I have some old buddies in this city. My luck ain't so bad, after all. I think I can make this work.


Feb. 8th, 2012 11:07 am
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Uh...Hey. HEY! Any of you fish-bait gettin' this message? Come on, answer me, damn it!

[He shakes the machine violently, like he expects answers to just spring right out of it.]

I know I've seen people on this...network...thing. Don't leave me driftin' in the current, here.

[After taking a moment to prop the device up on a table, he steps back, allowing everyone to really drink him in. There's an extremely unsightly beast.]

Alright, time to tell you people what's what! My name is KING SHARK! That's because I'm a force of authority in the seas, and I'm a shark! Not a lowly fish, not a man, not a dolphin, and not a movie cliche', but a SHARK! I just ended up in this place, and I'm not really sure what the point is. I'm not a very heroic kinda' ichthyoid, ya' know? I don't think there's much point to me bein' here, but thanks for the free get-out-of-jail pass, ha ha! I'll be sure to put it to good use.

So, time for the really important, hard-hittin' questions. For instance...Where can I find the nearest body of water? Big body of water. I'm a little parched from this sun, and I'd like to cool off a bit. Come on, do the new guy a favor. You get extra points if you can tell me where I can find some seals! Big fat ones! Elephant, preferably, but Monk also has a certain uniqueness that's very nice. It's more of a gourmet's blubber.


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