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...I don't get what we're 'sposed to be doing here. 
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[ The camera turns on to show a cobalt-blue eye staring directly into the lens. After a moment, the eye pulls back and reveals whom it belongs to: a teenager with lightly tanned skin, cornflower-blonde hair, and a duo of what look like three whiskers tattooed on either side of his face. On closer inspection, one can tell that they're more like birthmarks than scar tissue. ]

Oi! S'this thing on? Anyone home...?

[ The blonde moves back enough to wave at the camera. He's wearing a predominately dark orange and black tracksuit, and sports a dark blue headband with a metal plate tied around his forehead. Over the tracksuit, he wears a short-sleeved, wine red overcoat with a pattern of black fire running around its bottom hemline. He's obviously in the Porter arrival room, and looks none too pleased. ]

Oi! Tell me I ain't talking to air, here! I know the weird ghost...lady...thing... said somethin' about other people being here! I'm not stupid, yanno!  I know you can hear me!

[ At the corner of the video, there's a bit of movement. ]

--Any luck?

[ The blonde turns to someone off-screen and shrugs. ]

Thing's busted, 'tebayo. I got it t'record, but... [ The blonde fiddles with something on the comm, and the barest hint of someone else wearing standing next to him can be seen. Whomever it is, the hemline of his coat is oddly familiar. ]...Maa, maa; I was never good with this mechanical crap! Shikamaru's always been the guy who--

[ Someone curses off-screen, prompting the blonde to whip his head in the direction of the voice. ]


[ The blonde turns and finally shows the rest of the Porter arrival room behind him. There are about four other people in there with him, each of them busy doing various things that could only be described as annoying. The one who cursed is sucking the tip of his finger and kicking a console nearby. ]

The thing shocked me! [ The blonde stands up and laughs as the other person in the distance -- another blonde -- kicks the console in front of him again. ] Stupid whatever it is!

[ Someone laughs off screen. ] You're stupid for punching it, 'tebayo!

[ And back to the first: ] It's not my fault!

[ Followed by another voice: ] Yeah, lay off! Yanno that pressin' all these button s'gotta do something!

[ Upon closer inspection, one can tell that each of the four other people in the room appear to be copies of the first. And they're all pretty much messing with things they shouldn't be messing with...to no clear or distinct effect. The original blonde shakes his head and then looks back at the camera. ]

Listen, I don't know who anyone is here -- and I don't care, 'tebayo! This is so stupid! -- but I gotta get back to Konoha! There's important people counting on me to save them, and I don't have time to mess around here! Even if this place looks really cool! Send me back already!!

[ At this point, one of the clones -- the one who had been shocked earlier -- begins to loudly bang on the console in front of him. There's a moment where it looks like the original blonde is going to keep addressing his audience, but he instead chooses to turn abruptly to face his clone and yell: ]

Would ya stop that already?! I'm tryin' to get help from everyone else before we start breaking everythi--

[ And, suddenly, everything around the blonde jumps to the immediate left, and we're treated with three things in quick succession. The first is that the video is now taking place outside; more specifically from an altitude above the city that can only be described as pants-shittingly-terrifying. The second is that the camera is falling. The third is that the blonde -- now screaming and flailing like mad -- is not falling, but now seemingly hangs from a conveniently placed flagpole. Precariously. The camera catches snippets of his clones falling to their dooms before apparently being grabbed and having its video function turned off in the scuffle. ]

[ End Audio ]

[ Text; several minutes later. ]

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