Jun. 15th, 2012 05:37 pm
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[Up comes a screen on one fabulous individual, legs crossed, one arm hanging over a nice leather chair, all of it parked in front of a smooth, half-circle desk. Everything looks tip-top and professional, like he'd been spending the last week just decorating the place.

As ever, he can't seem to stop smiling.]

Good day, darlings! Nathan Seymour here once again, and I just couldn't resist getting back into the business game! But, I had to ask myself two questions. First: What did I actually want to do? And secondly, what could I do to help?

Well, I found my answer, and I've been spending my time, and what I had left over of my money, getting everything together for it! I am officially opening the Seymour Talent Agency!

Now, here's the thing - this is a talent agency of a different sort. While certainly, we could only think of finding places for actors and models, what we intend to do here is to make things much easier for imPorts. Looking for some use, a job, for your talents, your powers, and you can't seem to find anything that fits? An astrophysicist back home, but you don't have the papers to prove it here? From the future, or the past, or anywhere at all where things are so different, and getting on your feet here is a struggle? We'll take care of it!

You come to us? We'll help you get legally certified, and find just the job for you! Businesses with unique needs? We'll find the perfect person to step in.

Address is [youknowthedrill], or you can call us at [youstillknowthedrill], or of course, visit the Seymour Talent Agency website.

Hope to hear from you soon, sweeties!

[And he ends it with a blow of a kiss]
fireinthehero: (B-B-BOYS I'M HANDSOME AND TALL)
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[One hopes you like the color pink, city, because you're getting an awful lot of it right now. The camera is then pulled up, slowly, and also pulling out, eventually revealing...

...one fabulous individual who appears to have a permanent smile attached to his face.]

Well hello there, city! Oh, I've already checked the calendars, and its been entirely too long since I've seen you! I'd blame my workload, but you know how it is! Still, it's wonderful to be with you again!

Ah, but I get ahead of myself! Hi there, darlings! For those of you who I haven't gotten the pleasure of knowing, I'm Nathan Seymour, and I'm sure it'll be an absolute delight to get to know you! [He giggles, and grins a little wider.]

Now, don't just leave me out in the cold! Catch me up to speed, honey! What's hot, what's happening? I don't have long before I'll be back on a tight schedule, so I'd better put my self all the way in with cutting loose!


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