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[ The video opens with Tonks sitting in her living room. She has her communicator perched on the arm of an over-sized and overstuffed armchair. ]

I've been doing some thinking. If you could redo your time spent in the City, would you? And if not your whole time here, would you change anything?
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Unless anyone has any evidence otherwise, it looks like all the Potters have been ported out. James didn't show up for his shift this morning and no one was at the house.
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[ The video opens with Tonks sitting in a break room. There are vending machines behind her and her hair is the same shade of green that matches the can colors of a popular citrus fizzy drink. She has her device sitting on the table in front of her. ]

A question for you lot... Say someone close to you has a birthday coming up, which of the following would you prefer to do?

Would you rather keep things simple with a gift and card or would you rather be obnoxious and send them a cake at their place of employment with an obscene amount of candles? Yeah, the number of candles would equal to the number of birthdays they've had. Or would you just invite a small group of friends over for a celebratory dinner?

I'm not sure which option I should go with. They all have their benefits. Hmm.

Oh! I'm also open to other suggestions that anyone might have.
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Just in case there's anyone else who doesn't know, Hermione Granger has been ported out.
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--- Private Message to Ginny Weasley ---

Ginny, please contact me as soon as you get this message.

--- Private Message to Fred, George and Ron Weasley ---

Have any of you spoken to Ginny recently?
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A question for you lot because I still can't make up my mind.

D'you pick the fixer-upper that needs loads of work or d'you go for the option that's ready to go but costs a bit more? Pros and cons, why or why not. I'll take any opinion that you might have.

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---- Message Filtered to Fred and George Weasley ----

So, I showed one of your Extendable Ears to my boss. I've never seen anyone be both disturbed and intrigued at the same time. It was adorable, really.

I was wondering, d'you two think you could come up with more clever things? Maybe put on a little show and tell? I was thinking it might help with your business.
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[ Tonks is sitting at a pub as she records this. She's had to go a bit incognito. It's not that there have been too many questions asked. No, she likes that. It's the bloody bizarre and downright invasive questions that are getting to her.

For her disguise, she's gone blond. Her nose is slightly more angular and her lips are thinner, everything else is mostly the same.]

Bloody hell! How do people come up with these questions? It was fine at first, really. It was even been a bit of fun. But then, well, I don't even know. What is wrong with some of them?

And if another bloody person asks me if I've ever or would ever turn into Sirius for Remus I'm not going to be responsible for my actions.
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[ The video opens with Tonks leaving her flat at the MAC. She has it on and recording before leaving. The feed wobbles as she turns around to lock the door before heading down the hallway. Her hair is lavender today. ]

I'm not sure that I quite get the concept of a labor day or why certain businesses get to have the day off but not all. And what does it have to do with sales? I must've seen at least a hundred different advertisements. It seems a bit contrary to me. Hmm, anyway.

I think I prefer the straightforward holidays like Christmas and Halloween. I love Halloween.

What about you lot out there that's listening in, talk to me please. D'you have a favorite holiday?

---- Message Filtered to Andromeda Tonks, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood ----

I've talked to an agent. She's lined up three properties for us to take a look at on Tuesday. I tried for something sooner but nothing was available.

Are the three of you going to be free then?
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[ The video opens with Tonks sitting in the living room area of her MAC apartment. It's quite a colorful scene behind her. She has placed her communicator on the arm of her sofa so that she can talk freely. ]

I need a bit of advice. I've come to the decision that it's time for me to move out of the MAC. I don't need much space for myself but I'm really at a bit of a loss of where to start in the City. I won't just be looking for myself. Does anyone have any advice or helpful hints?

[ For a moment, she looks a bit uncomfortable, perhaps even a little bit guilty. That look quickly vanishes, however. ]

Have any of you ever had family come through? Mum, Dad, brother or sister? How did it go?

[ Were you as big of a git as Tonks was? ]

---- Private Text to Ruka and Lily Potter ----

Are you two alright with Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and my Mum tagging along on our shopping excursion? How does this Sunday sound?
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[ Text to Lily Potter & Ruka ]

Would you two like to go out for an afternoon?
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[ Private Text to James Potter & Remus Lupin ]

I believe Hermione was ported out, just so you know.
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[ The video opens with a slightly-skewed, profile view of Tonks. Her communicator is sitting on a desk so that she might both talk and type at the same time. That is, if you want to call what she’s doing typing. What Tonks is doing is more akin to hunting and pecking. ]

So, I was wondering if any of you come from worlds and places that have shapeshifters? You know, people who can turn into objects, animals or otherwise morph their appearance.

I’ve googled it a bit. That’s what you call it, isn’t it? It’s a fun word to say at any rate. Google. Anyway, I was told me about Wikipedia but that didn’t help at all. There was a link and then another. I think I spent a good hour or so just following links.

So, that’s why I thought you’d lot out there. If you do come from a world that has shapeshifters, is it common? Are the shifters self-taught? I’m slightly curious if there’s a common thread or if it wildly varies.

[ Let’s pretend that she doesn’t have a personal reason for her inquiry and that a certain captain’s post hadn’t influenced her either. ]
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- Private Text to James Potter -

Hey. Do you want to go see a movie? My treat. I'll even buy the popcorn and all the sweets we can eat.
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This isn't fun anymore. The bad woman is here and I wanna go home now.
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Mum? Where are you? Mummy?



There's a strange lady sleeping here and she doesn't look like any of the other sitters. You didn't leave a note or nothing. I'm not staying here Mummy. I'm coming to find you.
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If anyone at the MAC needs help with repelling this bloody disgusting army of vermin, let me know. I'd be more than happy to set up a few repelling charms.
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[Tonks turns the video setting on and then sits the communicator on the stone table that she’s sitting at. The camera captures her profile and the trees beyond her. She’s in the park. Every so often she flicks a french fry onto the ground. The birds like them.]

You know, I think I may start my own club.

Are any of you frustrated by this country’s lack of decent chips? Are french fries just not cutting it? Then join the Displaced Brit Chip Society. We’ll meet once every couple of month to tell tales of chips from days gone by. We will gape in amazement should anyone find a decent chip place. Once a year, we will take a trip back to the motherland to experience proper chips, perhaps sooner depending on membership.

Eh, best not though. That sort of thing’s best for secret societies and I’ve done run my mouth.

[Tonks flicks a French fry towards a pigeon.]

I don’t really want to talk about chips. Mind you, I could but no, not just yet anyway. I want to ask the lot of you about your career choices after you arrived.

What did you do for job after you arrived? Did you stick with what you knew? Did you branch off into something different?

I worked in magical law enforcement. I was an Auror to be precise. I loved my old job. I’m going to miss it. I’m not sure if there’s anything like it.
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[The video opens with a young woman’s face in a close-up view. She has a pale, heart-shaped face, dark eyes, and shoulder-length pink hair. Her face is also upside-down. Tonks continues to appear upside-down even as she pulls back a bit to address the communicator. She’s outside and sitting on the ground with the communicator on the bench in front of her.]


[A look of confusion crosses her face. Something isn’t quite right. She leans in forward again to flip the communicator around. The view is no longer upside-down.]

Oh, that’s better. Like, I was saying, wotcher.

[She reaches forward and taps the communicator before continuing to talk again. Tonks is not very aware of a concept called over sharing.]

This is a bit brilliant, instantaneous communication right? A bit more advanced than a telephone though, I can manage those. Wizard folk don’t really have a way to talk back and forth at the same time. I can send an owl but that takes a bit. I have to write something. Then you have to write something. I could send a Patronus to say hello, and while I like showing off, that’s just a bit too much. Besides, the person might not be able to send a message back. Well, there is the Floo Network but I don’t fancy having to track down a fireplace and powder just to ask someone if they want to come over for tea or order takeaway or well, you get the idea.

Yeah, I think I’m going to like this---

[Tonks taps it a bit too hard and sends it skittering off of the bench and onto the floor. The video shows it falling and the subsequent retrieval. Tonks sets the communicator back on the bench and starts to speak again as though nothing happened.]

It’s sturdy too. That’s very good, at least for me it is. I’ve already dropped it twice. I will probably drop it again. I’m dead clumsy.

Anyway, I’m pretty certain that this isn’t a dream or an elaborate illusion. I have a new bruise that's purpling nicely and I don’t normally get those in dreams. My subconscious is usually nicer than that.

I’m also pretty bloody certain that this isn’t one of Mad-Eye’s elaborate training exercises. He’s had some bloody strange ones but this doesn’t feel like something he’d arrange. You don’t get to be called Mad-Eye if you’ve only gone round the bend once or five times even. He’s had some interesting ones, but no, I don’t think this was Mad-Eye’s doing.

To whoever is listening and I hope someone is, I have a couple of questions. What’s really going on? How can I get back? What’s the reason that I have been brought here?

You don't have to answer those questions in order. You don’t even have to answer all of those questions. However, some useful knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks.
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[the video screen flickers to life, revealing Tonks standing in a large crowd at what looks to be Trafalgar Square. Evidently, she's Apparated over to London for New Year's. She's yelling slightly so as to be heard over the noise the crowd are making]


[she looks around her, grinning contentedly as she says this next bit more to herself]

...Blimey, it's good to be back in London.
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[the video screen flickers to life, revealing Tonks sitting on her bed, a bright smile on her face and her hair a mousey brown colour] 

Wotcher, City! [she gives a little wave] It's me, Tonks. Remember?...Oh, you probably don't. Not with this hair, at least. Hang on... [she screws up her face and suddenly her hair turns a bright pink shade] There you go!

Anyway, I think it's safe to say, that I am bored stupid of just sitting around and am in dire need of getting out and doing something here. And, well, I've heard a lot of you talking over this network about having jobs and such, so I figured that would be a pretty good place to start. 

So, employment ideas? Anyone?

001 - Video

Dec. 6th, 2010 06:36 pm
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[the video screen flickers to life revealing only darkness for the moment. There's a lot of fumbling about before suddenly a female London accent filters through the comm]


Bit dark here, isn't it? Yeah, some light that's what we need. Lumos [light bursts from the tip of what looks to be a wand, illuminating the woman's features, in particular her bubblegum pink hair and the grin she's wearing.] There we go! That's much better, isn't it? 

Wow. Isn't this something? Strange, too, mind, considering that the last thing I remember is taking the kids to King's Cross and now suddenly I'm in... America, I think? But, still, this is pretty amazing! Definitely worth a look about!

[she's so busy talking that she doesn't notice the lamp post in her path until she walks straight into it. She takes a few stumbling steps backwards, rubbing her forehead]

Merlin's beard, that hurt. [her collision with the lamp post caused her dogtags to jingle and it's only then does she notice them. As she reads them, her pink hair turns a fiery red; clearly she's annoyed]  'Nymphadora Tonks'... Blimey, how many times do I have to say it?! Don't call me Nymphadora! It's bad enough my fool of a Mum saddled me with the awful name, I don't want it catching on!

Please, call me Tonks.

Now, would anyone mind telling me what exactly is going on?


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