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[Ollie's somewhere outside. It's not forest-y per se, but there's definitely foliage. He can be too far from civilization though as the sound of cars are still present, as are the sounds of kids playing, perhaps on a playground set. He's wearing a white t-shirt with the number "34" mostly visible to the camera. He might be a little sunburned.]

You know, most of the time I spend my Independence Day sleeping in, making chili and tryin' to convince my kids that watching 1776 is a legitimate 4th of July tradition. Buuut, the filing deadline is the 15th, and it now takes about half the number of signatures to get on the ballot for City Council that it does for Borough President. I'm not gonna spell out the disparity on that one for you, just know that it's tough.

[He smiles, maybe a little bitterly. It's the sunburn, really.]

What makes it real tough, though, is that in either case you're looking at 900 or 2,000 signatures. And signatures that have to be from your district, and they can't make finding out what actually is your district particularly easy. Let alone dealing with people who think it's too mainstream to actually register to vote, let alone register with a particular party.

It probably would've been easier for me to stay home today and sleep in, make some chili, and subject my sons to a musical about the founding of our democracy, but I figured a better use of my day off might be to get out there and try to preserve it. So, hi, in case we haven't met... I'm Oliver Queen and, god willing, I'm running for City Council. If you're a democrat registered in the 34th, I'd be pretty keen on talking to you for a minute. Everybody else? Well, have a great holiday. Remember that fireworks are actually banned within City limits and they take that shit real serious.

[And with that, Ollie gives a little salute and moves to cut the feed.]
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People use this thing for questions, right?

Alright, well, I got a doozy for you. A few weeks ago, I started getting email on my personal account. Not the one I use for the magazine, I get junk on there all the time sent to me just because it gets published every month. Nope, this was all on my actual email. [He pauses for emphasis] Now I probably don't check that as much as I oughta, but I'm still unconvinced as to why people can't just pick up the goddamn phone if they want at me so bad. Anyway, after... A week, I guess, I get a series of emails that read kind of like this:

-- Actually, you know what, I'm just gonna attach it.

[Ollie pauses and presses a few buttons. Magically, there appears a text file.]

Hi Oliviar~~!! Luved ur profile hahahahaha!!!! Let me tell u abot myslef! Im a single mother of two, divorced (THANK GOODNESS LOL! ;D) I'm 5'1 (tiny + curvaceous) with blonde hairs and green eyes. my friend all tell me I look like a mix between Meg Ryan and Ann Bancroft, so picture that if you will lmao ;)

Now I make it a personal policy not to judge, but I gotta say I'm confused. At first I figured my email got hacked, but that's what happens when it sends stuff, not receives it. After that, I did some hunting around on the google.

So, herein is my question. How do I find the asshole who signed me up for Alrighty Aphrodite and put him outta his misery?

((ooc: I'm still getting notifs at either really bizarre times or not at all. I'm going to try and refresh this post as much as possible while I'm around my computer, but if you feel I'm neglecting something, feel free to ping me on plurk. I'm sorry for the weirdness. :( ))
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[The video starts up, showing a surprisingly bustle-y CVS. Or maybe it's a Duane Reade, it's hard to say, honestly. Either way, the familiar face most immediately visible is that of Roy Harper. He doesn't appear to know what he's doing.]

--No seriously, how do I get Bejeweled on this thing.

[Some ways away, halfway down another isle is Ollie. Roy (and thus, the video) move to follow him. He seems well... A little imbibed, but cheerfully so. He's looking over a the first aid stuff. Bandaids, ace bandages, that kind of stuff.]

Check this out, kiddo. You think this'd be good for James? I figure I gotta get 'im something.

[Roy's face is hidden from the view, but his sputtering can be heard.] How many months have you lived with this guy again? And wouldn't he already have one?

You know me, kiddo, I'd put Christmas off till January 15th if it weren't actually marked on all the calendars.

... That's still a really shitty gift. And I'm not helping you think this through without the benefit of Bejeweled. Besides, we're on a mission, old man.

[Roy grabs Ollie's sweater by the back, tugging him down several isles. It seems like a treacherous journey, from the camera work.]

How 'bout a can of Raid? That's always useful.

[When they stop again, they're by the refrigerated section, more specifically, the (rather pitiful) selection of beer.]

That's a shittier gift, unless you're actually looking to start a fist fight.

No, that's when you give somebody deoderant, boy. Haven't I taught you anything?

Not how to use Bejeweled, now shut up and pick your poison. We're supposed to get cookie dough, too.

[Roy starts pressing buttons again. First his hand covers the camera, and then it seems to go out altogether.]

-- I'm serious, these things have the dumbest--

We'll need organic milk, too.

If you wanna pay eight bucks for organic milk to go with your cookies, it's on you, old man. Freaking hipp--

[And on that note, the feed cuts altogether as Roy presses more buttons, eternally in search of Bejeweled.]
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There's a whole lotta stuff about this world I don't really understand. How exactly Nygma wormed his way into a civil service gig is definitely one of 'em. It's a mind boggler up there with why anybody would shoot smack, and our current president's views on the economy. But there is one thing I do get loud and clear from this place and it's that we, as Imports, need to stick together now more than ever. Even if that means we have to keep counting people like Nygma as part of the group. You win some you lose some, I guess.

That's why I'm starting on a campaign to feature a new Import innovation or public service with each upcoming issue of City Lights. I don't got money to throw at things here, not the way I did back home, but at least this way I can spread some information and hopefully, bring some people together. And why do I want you guys to know about it? Well, because I can only be so on top of anything, of course! If you have a good project and want some free press, let us know and I'll get one of my girls to look in on it! And if you want to read about cool, new-fangled Import know-how, pick up an issue of City Lights and look for the features starting in December. Remember to support the magazine either in print or online. We're a dying breed and we need all the touchy-feely print nostalgia we can get!

And remember, tomorrow is election day! Get to your local poll and make your voice heard. It's put up or shut up and if you don't vote, you don't get to complain for at least another four years!
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[There's some muffled moving around as the channel opens up. When Ollie speaks, he sounds happy. Much happier than he did when he posted a few weeks ago.]

I've heard tell there's an archery range in Queens. Well, I officially go the okay from the nice girl over at the hospital, and I'm ready to get back in the game. Speaking of which...

[There's the sound of someone fumbling around again, and the video feed clicks on. Ollie's in what some people might recognize as Zatanna's living room, wearing some basic looking civvies, and camped out on the floor with packing materials and brown wrapping paper all around him. He's also grinning like a kid on Christmas, while this is propped up on the bed behind him, along with several stray, brightly colored hunting arrows.]

This beauty arrived today for me. Not quite the custom rig I had back home, but she'll do in a pinch, seeing as my old bow didn't do as well as I did coming out of that fight.

So how 'bout it, Zee? Can I count on you for a lift over to Queens tomorrow? I'd go with public transit, but the carbon footprint of New York's subway system is kind of notorious and I don't want to count on an alternate universe to have fixed that.
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[There's a close-up of Ollie's face for a moment. Green eyes covered by a simple domino mask, then a handsome, if somewhat tired looking mouth with a well groomed mustache and goatee. The camera zooms out to show him from the chest up, clearly in full costume and on a rooftop somewhere. He's silent for a second, and seems to be looking for the right words to say whatever it is he needs to say.]

Crap... You know, you'd think with all my big talk, situations like this would be easy. Well, they're not and expecting bluster to carry you through anything is an oversimplification and a load of well-- Something not to be repeated in polite company.

From what the nice young lady at the hospital told me, I've been abducted into another world by a fascist robot who expects me to protect this City for her in exchange for a stipend and a place to stay. [He smirks, but it's humorless.] Obviously, that's not really on my list of things to do and I have an issue with being kidnapped out of my life.

This is getting long...

This is Green Arrow, classic edition, reporting in. I'm looking for anyone affiliated with the Justice League, but I guess the Tiny Toons versions will do in a pinch, too. And Team Arrow-- If you're around, sound off. Keep in mind that if I find out you're here and I don't hear from you, grounding will be the least of your worries. Yes, Arsenal, that goes for your grown ass, too. Don't test me, just trust it'll happen.

Right. On that note, G.A. out.

[And the feed cuts.]


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