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[Pam leans back in her chair, clearly posting to the network from her desk, making the most of her work day.]

Unless he's run off to become king of the pirates again, I guess Archer got sent home.
Yaaaaayyy for him, she said with the least enthusiasm possible.

I mean, it was great working out all that aggression punching monsters and all. It really was. Buuuuuut, Sterling popping out of existence to go back to his McDuck pool of cash and the protective watch of his harpy of a mother does sorta leave my nights more open than I'd like...


Anybody lookin for a FWB situation with a BBW?
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[The video clicks on to show a curvy, round faced blond woman in the type of conservative blouse and skirt that says she either works a desk job or she's a substitute teacher. Also, between the outfit and her tight up-do hairstyle, she looks to be living in the mid 60s. She's sitting in a tiny MAC apartment with a bottle of cheap tequila in one hand. ]

So, isn't this just a kick in the baby maker? I'm gonna be so fired when I get back. The brochure says you go right back to when you left, but the brochures always say you just gotta go to one thirty minute seminar on time-shares an' the rest of yer vacation is free...so... I've been burned on this kinda thing before.

[She takes a few long chugs off the liquor bottle with no response to the burn or breaths in between.]

On the upside, this free apartment is way better than the rattrap I over pay for every month back home and the computers here? Ah-maaaaaaaazing! Even the rude one that gives you the skinny on this place when ya show up.
Guess things could be worse.
I don't suppose anybody is hiring a human resources director around here? I've got a great resume, but uh…no references you can contact, of course. And I'm real responsible.

[She takes another swig of the tequila and realizes she's on video, not just on the phone or something.]

Ah, shitsnacks….

[She sighs, shrugs, and finishes the bottle in a few more big, swift swallows.]

Don't judge me! ... I'm under stress.


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