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Good day everyone.

I can't say I expected to be so removed from England against my will, let alone with super powers. I almost wish I'd paid more attention to comics when I was younger. Should I be thanking this 'Lachesis' for at least making sure I was unconscious for the journey? Air travel's abominable enough, I shudder to imagine what inter-universe transportation is like.

I suppose this is when we need to refer to the old adage and keep a stiff upper lip? Hopefully my employers won't hire a complete imbecile to take my position... It would be a nightmare to sort out the ruined systems on returning home.

By the way, does anyone know where I might find a decent cafe? I could demolish a city for a good cuppa at this moment. I understand you Americans prefer your coffee and don't know the first thing about brewing a decent cup of tea but surely you must have one place that serves palatable brews.

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Nov. 23rd, 2012 06:02 pm
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[By this point in time, Q has put in a solid three hours of work into research. He’s read every pamphlet, spoken to every person/computer/terminal/pile of papers he could approach (He’d even had a bit of a tiff with Lachesis in order to get his phone. The only name anyone was going to get was “Q.” Electric shock? Rude.) and came to the conclusion that this was Very Bad.

So that leaves the citizens. Contact via the phone he’d been given seemed the most efficient manner of doing a cursory sweep of intelligence gathering. There was no point in causing a scene (not yet, anyway). It would be counter productive. No, for now it’s best that he appears to play along. A power that could drag people away from their homes and assign them “super powers”? That was terrifying. If such a thing actually existed and this wasn’t some sort of unplanned descent into madness, it was perhaps fortunate that he’d been “grabbed”. M needed to know about this.

And so, he calls up the network (these phones were unimpressive, considering) and addresses the unknown for the sake of Queen and country.]

Hello. [Whoah there, City, is that a hipster? A British hipster? Check out his glasses! And have you ever in your entire life seen an uglier sweater? He looks like the kind of guy you would follow on instagram. He even looks hopelessly unamused. Damn. He probably drinks PBR in his loft while listening to vinyls of bands you’ve never heard of.] I have had the singular pleasure [Ha] of researching this place rather thoroughly, but have yet to discover a place where one might find a decent cup of tea. Might anyone have any suggestions?


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